Bitcoin ASIC Mining: A Profitable Venture or a Thing of the Past?

bitcoin asic mining A Leading Cryptocurrency Mining Equipment Site

Experience the New Generation of Cryptocurrency Mining

For years, cryptocurrency has taken the world by storm, providing innovative solutions in various areas, including investments, business finance, and transactions. In recent years, cryptocurrency mining has emerged as a popular trend. Today, I’d like to spotlight, a newly adored site that has taken my cryptocurrency mining activities to a higher level.

Why Choose offers an advanced solution to the age-long challenge of selecting the finest Asic miner units for cryptocurrency mining. At, users can quickly predict the true profitability and Return on Investment (ROI) rankings before executing a purchase.

All it takes is entering your current electricity rate, and instantly, the most suitable Asics are displayed, tailored for your specific needs and capabilities. Are you interested in finding the most profitable Asic miner for Litecoin? Merely select your preferred algorithm and, voilà, the Bitmain L7 details are visible immediately.

Harness the Power of

At, unexplored profits await as personalized data guides users to the most suitable cryptocurrency mining equipment. It’s incredible how much detailed information you can access. From an overview of miner statistics and historical miner prices to the daily and 30-day mining revenue, trusted vendors, and much more, is the ultimate guide to a profitable cryptocurrency mining experience.

Discover ipolo X1 – A Revolutionary Mining Equipment

The ipolo team generously sent over the early model player of the ipolo X1 for us to test. With a hash rate of 300-330 Mega hash and six gigabytes of memory using ethash, this mining unit looks promising for mining ethereum classic, especially with a power consumption of just 240 Watts.

What Makes ipolo X1 Unique?

The ipolo X1 stands out from other standard mining pieces in design, almost resembling a graphics card. Laden with cooling vents, heat sink, a sturdy chassis, and several fans, ensures it overcomes the heat issues often associated with miners. The cooling design, coupled with its substantial weight, also gives the ipolo X1 more stability during mining operations.

Powering Up the ipolo X1

The ipolo X1 comes with a power supply unit, although you could choose to power it up with a server PSU and a breakout board for more comfort and less heat. Besides, the ipolo X1 is equipped with an orange pie that acts as the mini-computer for the miner. Connect the miner to the orange pie via a USB cable, and you’re set to mine!

Top-notch Performance of the ipolo X1

Upon powering up, the ipolo X1 has demonstrated impressive mining capabilities. Despite operating at 280 Watts, slightly higher than the 240 Watts indicated in the specs, the unit performs incredibly well. Its hash rates peak at 357 Mega hash, and it can scale up to 450 Mega hash, hinting at exceeding the manufacturing hash rate parameters of 300-330 Mega hash.

Pre-sale Incentives with the ipolo X1

Ipolo is currently offering a pre-sale deal on the X1 model until the 26th. A free orange pie, an essential accessory for the miner, comes with every pre-order. The orange pie serves as a standalone operation interface, which can connect to a network via Ethernet to allow easy access to the mining system from any location.

With, the world of cryptocurrency mining becomes simpler and more profitable. With exceptional products like the ipolo X1 and a wealth of information to optimize your mining operations. Make your purchase today and join the new generation of successful cryptocurrency miners.

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  1. THM I got some information for you, in the box you should have gotten a PCIe connector, to put it on you have to remove the case and their is two open screw hole for you to install the PCIe connector, so you can put on a riser for mounting into a open air rig or even case.

  2. maybe my math is wrong please let me know if it is, but is this not spending $500 to make $2 a month ? that a 20 year ROI if I am right why would this be promoted ? And that 20 years is if nothing changes. like I said I might be wrong but if im right this is the biggest issue I have with crypto youtube. shilling because they give you a free sample is running rampant. I see chia miners every 6 months no one is making money with those , oh well not sure I would do any diffrent if I was the one getting free stuff but im not so I complain

  3. I'm confused, why would you have a gpu bracket on one side and then the power and usb hookups on the same side? It seems impractical. You could only put it in an open air rig or on the table like you displayed. Its an interesting concept though, I'll give them that. I don't plan on getting any of them this year. I'm still hemorrhaging from the latest crypto "crash".

  4. Do you remember USB asics for litecoin / BTC? They were basically the raw asic itself, and then the computer you plugged it in used to control it.

    This is basically the exact same thing but graphics card shaped for practicality, and the orange pi as the computer/controller, i'm guessing the benefits of using it comes when you have one PC controlling multiple asics, so you get efficiency gains.

    A bit of a weird product to release, but still very cool!

  5. This product actually makes zero sense. Basically a gold one, redesigned and more complicated. If I should choose between this and the gold one, I rather choose that.
    It’s really not efficient, compared to x4/x16/se plus or even E9 pro.
    And the problem is, that they had one year to upgrade and nothing happened.

  6. It would be interesting to see if it could run off a CPU mining rig. The question would be what software would be needed and if it could be run via HiveOS.

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