Revolutionizing Crypto Mining with Immersion Cooling Technology

crypto mining immersion cooling

Welcome To The World Of Cryptocurrency Mining

Our world constantly evades traditional forms of profit-making and leaps into unknown waters. Currently, cryptocurrency is ‘popping off’, and a growing number of people are diving headfirst into this bustling world, seeking to understand and earn through cryptomining. Welcome to the Hobbyist Miner channel, where we focus on the ins and outs of cryptocurrency for hobbyist miners. This article explores our recent experience building a mining rig for Ravencoin inside a grow tent.

Understanding Cryptomining

In the heart of the cryptocurrency world lies a mechanism known as ‘mining’. A miner needs a high-powered computer system (a ‘rig’), using its processing power to solve complex mathematical problems. One such cryptocurrency that calls miners today is Ravencoin, an open-source blockchain project designed for the transfer of digital assets from one party to another.

Our Mining Rig: Brief Overview

The subject of our current project is an array of Radeon (RX) graphics cards, 11 RX 470s, and one 570. Due to the immense heat generated, particularly given the summer weather, these cards require specifically designed housing — essentially, they need a ‘home’.

Our Solution: A Unique Partnership

Interestingly, our solution comes from an unconventional partnership with the brand Vivio Sun, a traditional grow tent and company generally seen in the indoor vegetable gardening market. The same ideology used for indoor gardening applies to our cryptomining purposes. Hence, we plan to relocate our entire Ravencoin setup into a grow tent stationed in my basement.

Setting Up the Grow Tent

After preparing the location by making necessary modifications, such as removing the AC unit and preparing a wooden board with two vents for intake and exhaust, we proceeded to setup the huge grow tent supplied by Vivio Sun. The tent measuring 48 inches long, 24 deep, and 60 tall accommodates our mining rig perfectly. We installed a turbine fan inside the grow tent for proper ventilation and heat management.

Crypto Mining With Vivio Sun Grow Tent

After some effort, our Vivio Sun grow tent for cryptomining was finally set up. The tent itself features openings at multiple points that allow us to channel our wiring conveniently. The tent doors and windows further make access to our rig easier and provide optional coverage when necessary.

The Mining Rig: Inside the Tent

Post the setup phase; we placed the mining rack inside the tent. The cards will hang inside the tent, with the wiring being brought in through one of the many tent openings. In the next couple of weeks, several other components will be installed, including the motherboard, power supply, and electrical system. This creation is expected to produce excellent Ravencoin mining results.

The Future Of Cryptomining With Grow Tents

The use of grow tents like Vivio Sun’s poses a great advantage for hobbyist miners who don’t have dedicated space for their rigs. The tent’s heat management features make it ideal for a basement setting. The upcoming videos on our channel will cover our experience and progress with this unique setup in great detail.

Get Your Own Vivio Sun Grow Tent For Cryptomining

If you’re interested in getting your hands on a Vivio Sun grow tent or any related products, we have arranged a discount code for our readers. When purchasing through Vivio Sun’s website, use the discount code ‘Miner15’ to enjoy a 15% discount on all items. We’ll provide links to the exact grow tent and mining kit we used below.


There you have it, our unique journey of setting up a cryptomining rig inside a grow tent. We anticipate that this space-efficient, heat-controlled solution will deeply impact our Ravencoin mining efforts and will highly encourage cryptocurrency enthusiasts to try out this innovative approach. Stay tuned to our channel for more updates and insights into the world of cryptomining.

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About the Author: Mike Izzo


  1. Thats awesome. I may need to get that wire rack. I the same exact grow tent. I use a 8" 807cfm exhaust on it. My testing was during the hotter day the room would be about 90f (I have other rigs not in the tent) and in the tent it would be about 96-98f. Currently my room is 88f and inside the then is 90f. It definitely helped with keeping the room cooler. I like your cutout too for the window. Mine is not as nice. I would recommend getting a 8" fan for it to get more negative pressure. I have 20gpus in mine currently but my rack is not as big and airflow is not as efficient as your will be. But man I cant wait to see your updates and your results. I have a box fan shoved in to mine too but I really dont think it does much. I have a playlist on my channel of setting it up and getting it all together I just need to do a final video of my result after weeks of use.

  2. I have an old 2'x4'x5' grow tent I keep in my basement, currently unused. The ac unit is in this area and is cut off from the other half of the basement… The temps stay around 66f due to the ac unit being in there, keeping ambient temps low, even with all the vents closed to this area. That half is also completely underground keeping the temps stable no matter the time of year. Winter def gets colder. Ultimately, perfect for a mining rig!!! Like a fridge for my rigs! And it would heat my house in winter, right on!

  3. Thank you HM!! I've been planning to set up a grow tent in my garage. I need this bad since my guest room has become a sauna and we have guests coming over. LOL Your video is perfect timing and got me going in the right direction. I just placed my order with Vivosun. Thank you for the discount code too!!

  4. I knew when I saw all these miners setting up open rigs in their basements it was a bad idea because it winds up heating the whole room and making everything in the room hotter. You'd have to have a tremendous amount of expensive air ventilation equipment for the room itself to dissipate all that residual heat. Great find THM.

  5. Can you believe that I was considering this option today’s afternoon at home, checking different models online and also watching an old video from Redpanda? 🤣. I will watch now yours😁

  6. Very interesting video. How often do you need to change the thermopaste. I have been looking for a good way to clean GPUs. So far with no solution unless pull them apart. Cheers mate

  7. Good stuff.
    Interesting to see how you are going to place the intake fan, filter and the rest of stuff inside or outside of the tent.

  8. Intake in the bottom exhaust out the top and don’t put exhaust and intakes by each other otherwise it will intake your exhaust 8” fans will work better than those 6” fans seriously you will definitely need 8” fans

  9. Im also using a grow tent for my rig in the garage but im actually using a portable ac unit. The fan exhaust wasn’t enough to deal with the dessert heat.

  10. Nice choices, have the 8" 740cfm on my 24×24 tent, using a BITMINER V8 frame(tower) 2x 200mm intake temps never go above 46c, exhaust is set to about 60% nice neg pressure.

  11. Just a heads up low your rack or you have to put the exhaust fan on the top of tent. Also if you venting outside like it looks like your gonna do 1 heat from outside will get sucked in an 2 moisture so if it rains

  12. I just picked up all this stuff , my tent is just a bit bigger at 36x36x72 but it works amazing. to bad I didnt have the discount code , oh well next time. I am not using the filter I am trying to sell it now

  13. I live in Texas and it's like 105 outside. I'm just going to have it pull AC from inside my house with a couple box fans inside and let it exhaust outside. It's all I can think of myself. I got two rigs mixed with 3070tis and 3080tis and some 3070s.

  14. Seed and vegetable growing??? LOL! I gotta say this is a monumental waste of money. Just use an appliance box – like a washer, dryer or dishwasher box (FREE!) to contain the heat, and cut out a hole to install your intake and exhaust ducting to your basement casement window. TRUST ME! It works GREAT! And free is always best. In the alternative, build a box with cheap plywood and do the same thing.

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