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The World of Crypto and Politics

A Conversation with Hawk Crypto Mining

It is my pleasure today to be joined by Hawk, my fellow crypto expert. We continue our discussion about crypto and politics. As we have previously noted, we live in interesting times where crypto mining is perceived as the end of the world. Some cryptocurrencies are not following market trends resulting in an unpredictable market.

The SEC has been attacking everyone who is related to crypto, suing companies like Binance, Coinbase, and Crypto.com. While this could be damaging crypto in the short term, Hawk strongly believes that long term, crypto and decentralized exchanges are bound to thrive. He pointed out that the government can’t stop crypto; it’s too big and even if they try to regulate or tax it out of existence, people will find ways around it.

Decentralization and Anonymity

We all agree that the appeal of cryptocurrency is decentralization and anonymity. However, the trend has been shifting with KYC spreading faster than most of us would have expected. The process is moving backwards and is creating a giant mess. A regulation at a coin level that requires projects to become registered would help the situation, so there’s proper definition, clear regulation, and clarified tax rules.

The Future of Crypto

We are all wondering where crypto mining is going to be in five years. But one thing is clear; AI poses a new threat. The adoption of AI will see crypto take a back seat, but the market will be fine, and crypto will still strive.

Many young politicians are embracing crypto and mining, knowing it brings in revenue. There are even a lot of current candidates who are intelligently speaking towards or supporting crypto which is in stark contrast to the older generation of politicians who see crypto as a threat to their established system.


With the younger generation politicians embracing crypto and crypto becoming more mainstream, the future of crypto looks promising. The next ten years will see those who have been exploiting the system finally phased out as the world adopts a more decentralized form of currency. In this era of awakening, people are tired and are embracing crypto. Despite the challenges, crypto will continue to thrive because it can’t be stopped. The future of crypto is here.

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  1. Here is a scenario: 1 CBDC to 100 fiat, you have 30 days to convert and prove that you earned that money legally. Unconverted balances must be due to illegal activities and will be forfeited. Sounds far- fetched? This is a go-to scenario for some 3rd world countries (just substitute new paper money for CBDC) to keep control over population and obscure inflation in the name of uprooting "corruption". I just hope that it doesnt come to this, not because I have anything to hide, but because it will be the end of our freedom. Exercise your right to vote, get lunatics out of our government.

  2. THM / Hawk awesome content, they are also many different levels of KYC, Bitmain KYC is a picture of your passport or driver’s license and it does not matter if it is valid or not lol, however KYC with like coinbase requires real KYC with your SS# etc.. but yeah at the pool level that’s getting crazy! Because does that mean you have to be at adult age to be mining?

  3. 100% Correct Fact 💯 "Proof of Stake" was absolutely created, endorsed and weaponized via Propaganda by Institutions in order to compete with "Real Crypto = PoW" and shuffle people into Centralized Control Networks based in "Fiat Principles" controlled by the same old guard of Legacy Wealth & Inequality, and functions almost identically to Fiat Monetary & Liquidity Structures. The concepts in PoS are NOT CRYPTO FUNDAMENTALS.

    Finally a YouTube Channel that addresses this FACT and gets it RIGHT ✅️

  4. Venezuela and the Bolivar is the southern nation reference, however they haven't officially converted to Bitcoin or a Digital System, but BTC is widely used in upper segments of society for exchange. So far El Salvador is the only nation to truly "Adopt Bitcoin", and Nayib is a visionary leader. However it's a long list of Central & South American nations moving to Adoption. Panama, Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, and Chile are working on Legislation of Adoption. Im actually IN Central America myself working on these initiatives.

    Per your 3 letter agency, your referring to IMF (International Monetary Fund) = Reserves/Monetary Fiat Valuation, and also the BIS (Bank of International Settlements) = International Trade Settlement, which are also the 2 single most corrupt and evil institutions in the entire world, and the Control of "International Purse Strings" and DeFacto governments worldwide. Which is what Crypto is Destin to eliminate if we structure correctly into Decentralized People governance entities with International Nation State Recognition, Settlement & Adoption. WE are working on it 😉

  5. The World is Waking up on the FACT "The only true Crypto is Proof of Work Concepts" EVERYTHING ELSE is nothing but a "Fiat Based Fintech Security" NOT CRYPTO. Proof of Stake is a Threat to True Fundamental Crypto Concepts, and needs to be DUMPED industry wide.

    Eliminating PoS in Layer 1 Consensus is the BEST thing we could do as an industry together, PoS in Base Layer is Unnecessary & OBSOLETE with coming PoW Tech. Eth, xrp, ada, sol, avax ALL to $0 would be the best outcome in Crypto.

  6. You talk about tin foil hat like its a bad thing. Its merely critical of the mainstream narrative. If your in crypto you all wear tin foil hats. Congratulate yourself for not taking the status quo bag of shit we get dealt.

  7. The ENTIRE crypto 'industry' is worth less than Apple.. and if you exclude stable coins – it's laughable how much attention you guys pay to such a tiny space. Crypto is NOT too big to stop at all. Crypto is a rounding error.

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