End of an Era: Bitcoin ASIC Hosting Services Discontinued

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Welcome to the Hobbyist Miner Community

Welcome back Miners to the Hobbyist Miner Channel. We are kicking off our Mining Disrupt pre-event coverage, an exciting initiative that aims to explore and share the world of Crypto Mining with enthusiasts just like you.

On Location at Mining Disrupt – A Sneak Peek

We are currently at the Mining Disrupt venue, where preparations for the events are in full swing. It might still be day one- the pre-event day, but the scene here is electrifying. The exhibitors are working tirelessly, getting everything set up and in place. Where we are right now is the heart of the mining disrupt event, and we’ve managed, with permission, to give you a sneak peek.

The Asic: Majesty In Full Display

The first sight that greets you is a massive Asic. It’s a splendid sight, and there’s no guarantee it won’t leave you speechless. The size of the fans on this Asic is enormous, something we’d never seen before, and trust us when we say we’ve looked at many Asics before. This big, bad boy really stands out and it’s easy to imagine what it’s capable of, dwarfing its counterparts in its presence.

Special Mention: DJ Mines

This brief tour wouldn’t be complete without a shoutout to DJ Mines, who’s here with us. He’s a helping hand, working tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure that everything goes smoothly.

We have an exciting day ahead at Mining Disrupt, with a lot more coverage coming your way. The actual day one begins tomorrow, and we can’t wait to bring you even more updates from Miami, Florida. Stay tuned!

Today’s Sponsor – Musk Miners

This venture wouldn’t have been possible without our sponsor, Musk Miners. They have been the backbone to our journey to and at Mining Disrupt. Musk Miners offer Asic sales, so head over to their website, muskminers.com, for your Asic purchase needs. They also provide hosting—your one-stop solution for all your mining needs.

An Interview With Dennis Porter

At the event, we had a chance to speak with Dennis Porter, a prominent figure in the Bitcoin mining industry. Based in Washington, Dennis is part of the Satoshi Action Fund, a unique body that advocates on behalf of Bitcoin miners.

About The Satoshi Action Fund

Satoshi Action Fund is an advocacy organization that promotes the value of Bitcoin mining technology to policymakers and regulators. They encourage these stakeholders to embrace and understand the inherent value of this revolutionary technology. In addition to advocacy, they also help craft public policies that could help attract Bitcoin mining to various states. An integral part of their work involves traveling across the country for their advocacy mission.

Cryptocurrency and Crypto Mining Scene In Washington

According to Dennis, Bitcoin and digital assets, in general, are in a great spot currently, despite some policymakers’ opposition. The increasingly loud advocacy for Bitcoin mining is a silver lining. A recent op-ed by Byron Donalds supporting Bitcoin mining in Florida is a case in point. Despite the need for more education and awareness in the legislative circles, the progress is promising.

Meeting Tobias – Running the Bitcoin Mining Museum

In another fascinating conversation, we met Tobias from the Bitcoin Mining Museum. Strangely, the concept of a Bitcoin Mining Museum elicits a lot of surprise. After all, Bitcoin mining has only been around for a decade. But in the fast-paced world of crypto mining, a decade is equivalent to three ordinary years. Within the museum, we can trace the journey, the evolution, and the narratives surrounding Bitcoin mining over the decades.

About The Bitcoin Mining Museum

The Bitcoin Mining Museum essentially houses a collection of mining rigs from over the years, gleaned from clients who didn’t care to retrieve them. The museum has been built as a tribute to the legacy of Bitcoin mining, capturing the evolution, and contributing to preserving miners’ experiences and stories that might otherwise get lost in time.

In Conversation With Ben From Sunnyside Digital

Last but not least, we had an engaging chat with Ben from Sunnyside Digital. As an A-to-Z digital Mining and data center wholesaler, Sunnyside Digital offers everything one might need while setting up a Bitcoin mining facility. The company boasts a ‘white glove approach,’ wherein they offer end-to-end solutions based on customer needs.

Stay tuned for more content and do check us out on our YouTube channel if you found this tantalizing glimpse engaging. See you guys tomorrow as we dive deeper into the world of mining!

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  1. I see the s2 with the blades. They were supposed to be upgradeable. Bitmain never did end up going through with it. I’ve got nov 2013 batch s1. How cool man. Ahh man friedcat. Brings back such memories. Where ole spoondoolies tech lmao. I’ve got a butterfly labs. The little one. Can’t remember the name. Gonna have to go see this guy museum.

  2. Hobbyist. Hook me up with Tobias email please or a way to get ahold of him. I can help him fill in some gaps. I’ve got some old stuff he may be interested in. I’ve been mining since 3/2014. I took a bunch of it to a scrap yard. Kinda kick myself now. I think I still have one of each. I do have old videos of my farm. I had 400 amp service. 5500$ power bills. We had 80ths sha256 and 1 gigahash of scrypt on ltc. Took two locations maxed out 200 amp and 400 amp service. Those were the days!

  3. Looks like there are so many booths and so much going on. So many interesting things to see. Sad I'm missing out this year. Next year!!! Great video Hobbyist!

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