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Introduction: Optimizing the Cooling System for the S19j Pro

As cryptocurrency mining continues to grow in popularity, miners are always looking for ways to improve the efficiency and longevity of their mining equipment. One of the ways to achieve this is by optimizing the cooling system of the mining rigs. In this article, we will discuss how we removed the cooling fans from our S19j Pro mining rig and share the results of our experiment.

Why Remove the Cooling Fans?

Improved Airflow

The main reason to remove the cooling fans from the S19j Pro is to improve airflow. By doing so, we can avoid hot spots on the mining equipment and help keep the overall temperature of the rig down. This can provide significant benefits in terms of energy efficiency and component longevity.

Lower Noise Output

Another advantage of removing the cooling fans is that it can reduce the noise output from the mining rig. This can be particularly helpful for miners who are operating their rigs in a residential setting, where the noise from multiple mining rigs can quickly become disruptive.

Test Setup and Methodology

To test the effectiveness of removing the cooling fans, we first set up our mining rig with the following components:

– Intake air filter box with a temperature probe
– AC inline fan (eight-inch, 800 CFM)
– Shroud system
– S19j Pro mining rig

We then monitored the temperature at various points in the system, including the inlet, outlet, and outside ambient temperature.

Results: Temperature Monitoring and Analysis

With our testing setup in place, we were able to observe the following temperature readings:

– Inlet temperature: 50 degrees Fahrenheit
– Outlet temperature: 67 to 64 degrees Fahrenheit
– Outside ambient temperature: 70 degrees Fahrenheit

These results indicate that our modified cooling system is effectively cooling the mining rig, with a noticeable temperature drop between the inlet and outlet points.

Implications for Energy Efficiency and Longevity

While we cannot provide exact figures on how this modification may impact the energy efficiency of the S19j Pro, it is reasonable to assume that an improved cooling system will contribute to lower operating temperatures. This can help to reduce power consumption, as well as the wear and tear on components, potentially extending the mining rig’s lifespan.

Other Considerations: Fan Speed and Build Video

It is important to mention that during our tests, we were only using our AC inline fan at a speed of 800 CFM. To truly optimize the cooling system, miners may need to experiment with different fan speeds to achieve the desired temperature control for their mining rig.

For those interested in replicating this build for their own mining rigs, we have provided a comprehensive build video showcasing the entire process. This video can be found by following the link in the first pinned comment below this article.

Conclusion: Optimizing the Cooling System for the S19j Pro

In conclusion, our experiment with removing the cooling fans from the S19j Pro mining rig has proven to be successful in terms of temperature control and noise reduction. This modification has the potential to enhance energy efficiency and extend the lifespan of the mining equipment.

However, it is essential for miners to carefully monitor their mining rig’s temperatures and adjust their cooling systems accordingly to ensure the best possible results. We hope our experience and the information provided in our build video will be helpful to other miners looking to improve their cooling systems and overall mining efficiency.

Interested in learning more or checking out the full build video? Be sure to follow the link in the first pinned comment below for all the details on how we optimized the cooling system for our S19j Pro mining rig. Good luck, and happy mining!

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  1. Looks good brother. Wanted to tell you that before lol. I'm a miner also since 2020 and I'm trying to build a power box to reduce electricity consumption. So far my prototype is going good 👍

  2. How many watts is that online fan? The stock fans may be loud, but I have a feeling they pull less power. Guess it depends on what you need more… Sure is way quieter!

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