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Selling my Original RX 470s: A Move Towards More Efficient GPUs

All right, the time has tightened its grip around the inevitable decision that I’ve been pondering over – letting go of my original

RX 470s

! As the four gig models, these Graphic Processing Units (GPUs) have had their share of the limelight, mining Raven coin during the previous bull run. However, the prospect of embracing change beckons and it’s finally time to sell these GPUs.

Intrinsic Differences: Beyond the Superficial Similarities

At first glance, they might seem super similar, but these GPUs indeed have their distinctions. On one hand, we have the ones embellished with a backplate and equipped with an LED, an additional feature added through an LED button until BIOS. On the other hand, there are the plain Janes among them with only a DVI port, devoid of a backplate and LEDs.

The latter might lack aesthetic appeal, but they are unquestionably the workhorses of the lot. Delving deeper into these differences is essential to evaluate their performance and ultimately their sellable value.

Valuation: Utilizing eBay as a Guide

Opting to use eBay as a framework to determine their worth, it appears that

I could get anywhere between 60 to 100 for these GPUs, based on the demand and the discerning eye of potential buyers.

Essentially, the price one might get for these GPUs hinges broadly on who is on the lookout for them.

The Game Plan: Sell 11; Buy More Efficient

Mapping out the plan from here, I am setting my sights on selling all 11 of these GPUs. While eBay is an option, I am also considering selling them locally for potential better rates. Letting go of these original, faithful RX 470s is not about admitting their redundancy. It’s a strategic move towards more efficient and updated technology.

My long-term perspective is geared towards the upcoming bull run, and for that, I am looking at building a robust army of RX 3070s. The RX 3070s are an improved, more efficient version, bound to navigate the waves of the next bull run more adeptly.

Discussion: Your Investment Decisions

As I set out on this unplanned yet inevitable journey of tech transition, the question that naturally arises is,

What are you doing in respect of your GPUs?

Are you considering selling or buying? Or are you intending to hold onto your existing models for a while longer? What are the parameters guiding your decisions?

Each one of us, being stakeholders in this dynamic digital mining industry, are strategizing based on personal leanings and market assumptions. As fellow navigators of this venture,

let’s share our thoughts, plans, and anticipations in the comments section below.

Deep dive into your tech reservoir, evaluate your standing GPUs, share your analysis, and enlighten us with your future course of action. Let’s stimulate a constructive discussion that could offer varied perspectives and potentially lead us to make informed and profitable decisions with our GPUs. After all, the beauty of this digital mining venture lies in its continuous evolution, and tapping into shared wisdom could pave the way for innovative breakthroughs.

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About the Author: Mike Izzo


  1. I have sold my gpus but sadly i had taken a loss based on what i previously pay. honestly it is better to buy a miners that do not consume much electricity even if it takes a couple of years recuperating the investment

  2. I sold some on ebay, but it's 13% sale fee which is quite a bit. I was able to sell more locally through facebook marketplace for more. Also built some "budget" PC's with rx 580 8gb.

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