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The Gold Shell X5

Today, we are taking a look at the Gold Shell X5. This script miner might be older, but it is a powerhouse when it comes to mining Dogecoin and Litecoin.

A Used, Yet Efficient Unit

The unit I have here is a used and refurbished unit from the team at Coastal Crypto. Even though it is an older script miner that has been around the scene for quite a while, it is fascinating to see this, and the L3, making a strong comeback due to their price point and efficiency.

The X5 still has a devoted community that enjoys overclocking and undervolting it. This practice allows the machine to achieve impressive hash rates with a limited amount of power usage. This practical feature makes the X5 stand out in the current market of used and refurbished script miners.

Three Different Hashing Modes

The X5 is equipped with three different hashing modes. To give you an idea of the power and efficiency, let’s talk about the lowest mode. This mode uses about 600 watts and gives a 600 Mega hash output. This efficiency might sound trivial, but it is crucial during the bear market when every watt counts.

Although I will not cover overclocking and undervolting in detail in this article, it is worth noting that these practices are some of the key strategies that the community employs to make the most out of the X5.

Peak Potential of the Gold Shell X5

As per the tips from Coastal Crypto, the X5 has the potential to reach an impressive hash rate of almost a gig. Overclocking and undervolting can be interesting aspects to experiment with, aiming to increase hash rates further while using less power.

Configuring the Unit

Once the unit is set up and ready to go, there are some additional settings to explore. Remember to modify the default admin password. Unfortunately, independent third-party firmware options like Hive OS are not yet available for X5, but rumor has it that support may be coming soon.

Mining and Pool

Setting up the pool is quite straightforward. I use DX Pool, which is a handy tool for managing my mining tasks. All I need to do is copy-paste the pool info and set my account name and worker ID.

By monitoring your hash rates on the interface, you can see how effectively your X5 is operating. Overclocking and other advanced settings can further optimise your X5, which I will cover in a future article.

Performance and Power Consumption

In my testing, the X5 was slightly loud but performed extraordinarily well. It roared along at full capacity, delivering an 850 Mega hash rate. The power consumption at this rate was about 1380 watts.

Using DX Pool, I could validate that my mining operations were matching the expected results. Of course, these are early results, and it will take some more meticulous tweaking before achieving optimal operational efficiency.

The Convenience of Overclocking and Undervolting

Overclocking and undervolting the X5 isn’t just about improving efficiency – it’s also about convenience. As miners, one of the significant benefits we crave is the ability to have greater control over our units. Traditional overclocking gives you the power to push your miner’s hash rate higher, while undervolting helps reduce power consumption.

Workflow becomes significantly simpler with units like the X5, which comes with simple-to-adjust settings. And hopefully, with third-party firmware options coming in the future, we can see even more control and convenience.

Wrapping Up

The Gold Shell X5 is a robust and efficient miner that offers substantial control over its performance. Despite being a bit older, it holds its own against its more recent counterparts, especially when overclocked and undervolted.

It’s worth noting that while the X5’s efficiency and performance are impressive, the unit’s noise level might not be suitable for all users. However, for those who can overlook this minor hiccup, the X5 stands as a top contender for mining Dogecoin and Litecoin.

Stay tuned for future articles where we’ll dive into overclocking and undervolting the X5 to see just how much we can squeeze out of this robust unit. Happy mining!

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  1. I'm not allowed to rewire my apartment. Can I unplug my stove and plug this thing in to the 240v outlet I assume is back there? I never liked cooking anyway.

  2. I love that you're sharing your experiments and tips with the community.
    I'm really interested in that 3d printed shroud you have for the S19 as well. I might order one when my S19pro arrives

  3. Is there a way to convert a Bitmain L3+/++ to mind only doge…possibly load firmware to run Goldshell instead? I have a bunch of these units that simply aren't profitable to mind LTC ATM, but it appears if dedicated to DOGE, could be a better arrangement.

  4. Awesome video! I'm eyeballing one listed on Mercari that includes one mini doge. May pull the trigger after watching this video!

  5. New sub here. I have an L3++ that I picked up cheap, but this X5 makes it look extremely inefficient!! I may need to save up and grab one. 🚀

  6. I have found after 2.2.1 you can't access the oc menu. I have all my box miners capped back to 450mhz and under 145w. I don't trust high power on 6 pin connectors, and the efficiency is a little better pulled back (still unprofitable) good stuff. The dual pool mining truck works funny too, you can divide hash between LTC to btc and straight mining somewhere else to be weird lol

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