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Crypto Mining Basement Transformation: A Comprehensive Update

The journey of turning an unfinished basement into a fully functional crypto mining space has been an exciting one. Over the last six to eight months, we have made incredible progress, and with the spackling and sanding phase underway, it’s time to reflect on the changes and look forward to the future.

From Storage Space to Mining Haven

What started as an unfinished basement filled with junk and storage has now become the perfect space for crypto mining. Wrapped in protective coverings, the mining rigs await their new home. Although they are currently out of commission, one rig—the flux rig—remains operational and is heating a spare bedroom.

The Perfect Multi-Purpose Space

As great as the mining-focused changes are, this basement transformation goes well beyond that. In addition to the crypto mining area, the basement will feature a workout area, complete with a treadmill and a Peloton exercise bike, and a living area with a couch facing a TV for relaxation.

A unique storage solution lies in a custom-built sliding door system, hiding the furnace, fridge, and hot water heater from view while still providing easy access. Catering to a love of all things Harry Potter, a dedicated reading nook will also be added. Complete with themed decorations and comfortable seating, this area will be perfect for kids and adults alike.

Efficient Office and Studio Setup

The basement will also house a home office and studio space, complete with a standing desk, dual monitor setup, and convenient access to network connections. A wall-mounted TV displaying live mining stats will be easily viewable, and ample electrical outlets ensure all devices stay powered.

A Fully Networked Space

With an emphasis on connectivity, the basement features ethernet cables run throughout, enabling quick and easy access to the internet no matter where you are. This includes the mining room, which boasts a staggering 36 ethernet jacks. No need to worry about plugging and unplugging—everything will be ready and wired for use.

An Ideal Mining Room

The mining room itself is a testament to thoughtful planning and preparation. Doubling up on insulation helps to maintain an optimal environment, while the AC Infinity six-inch inline fans provide necessary airflow. Passive ducts are also in place to maintain positive pressure, and the room even has vents for heat and air conditioning.

For improved airflow, plans are in motion to replace the current six-inch fans with eight-inch versions, despite the duct size limitation. The additional CFM this provides will help to combat the summer heat and maintain optimal operating temperatures.

The room also houses an impressive array of power outlets, with a mix of traditional 120V, as well as 30-amp 240-volt configurations. This ensures that each rig will have the power it requires to run smoothly.

Looking to the Future

With spackling underway, the next steps include choosing paint colors, installing doors, and working on trim. Additionally, quotes are currently being gathered for a potential drop ceiling installation.

The progress made so far is astounding—what was once an unfinished basement has transformed into a multi-faceted space with a dedicated mining room. The journey has had its challenges, but the end result will undoubtedly be worth it.

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About the Author: Mike Izzo


  1. As much as I am in to cryptomining and excited about the up-coming finished product…can I just say, I went full on geek-out mode when you talked about your wife's idea for the children's reading nook. I think I'm more excited to see that finished! 🙂

  2. This will be a nice house setup. Nice work on your basement!

    I use 3 desktop pcs with 2 cards each spread through different rooms to heat my house during the winter, and then a larger rig heating our sunroom to keep the plants thriving. Up here in canada and haven’t needed to use my electric heat this year yet

  3. damn bro offline for a week? i would be sticking a rig in every room of my house while i wait lol. if the wife bitches, "u like spending money dont u?"

  4. Thanks for the update, this is going to be awesome when it's all done! I am working on moving my mining operation to the garage. The rigs are all there, now I'm just waiting for the "bench" to get delivered so I can finalize the location of everything. I am looking forward to seeing your basement when its all finished! Sorry to hear the farm is down while the work is being done

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