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what's going on everyone Rabid here you know what 
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the rx 6600 non-xt has been released the other day   so we're gonna look at some hash rates uh roi 
on this card and see if it's actually worth it   depending on what you're mining and how you're 
mining it everyone's view on the situation will   be different so i'm just gonna give you my take 
on it you guys have been asking me to do a video   in emails of all things so i figured i'd just do 
it i do not have one myself but other people have   tested this card links will be in the description 
for anything used here uh first sources i'm going   to be using dizzy mining he always gets cards he's 
first in line so if you're looking for the fastest   updates on a hash rate for ethereum check out 
dizzy mining again link in the description as well   as chump change who did a video on that earlier 
today as well he was testing out a rig and he also   had a watt meter hooked up so we're going to be 
looking at that as well and again if you want to   check out all those straight videos for yourself 
a link to each specific video and their channel   will be in the description below first up here 
we do have courtesy of dizzy mining who always   gets gpus like right on release so he'll have a 
hashrate video day of release no matter what so if   you don't know about his channel be sure to check 
it out looks like he is getting 28.97 mega hash   in windows here with an afterburner oc of 1900 
on the mem and he's doing a 1305 core so i think   he's using the voltage design or something here 
in order to do that because obviously he has a   way down below in the minuses and it's not saying 
minuses a lot of people say use the amd software   for this uh you can and you can't depending 
how you're running your system if you're using   cpu mining as well or something you're operating 
through ryzenmaster the amd gpu software conflicts   with ryzenmaster so if they don't like to play 
with each other you end up with system crashes and   all sorts of other things so they don't like to 
play well together so depending what you are doing   yes the amd software is okay for windows by itself 
but not if you're mixing with other amd software   for some reason they're just glitchy and they 
don't like to play with each other i don't know   if it's two different software departments that 
don't get along and they're always fighting but   that's almost the way it seems so here we are 
uh windows 28.97 mega hash and it looks like the   power draw here in the software is saying about 
55 so that's not too bad we do know that software   power lies a bit but it seems with these newer 
gpus it is a lot closer than what it used to be   okay guys next up we do have mr chump change 
xd here and it looks like he him in hive os is   getting 28.91 mega hash across the board on the 
majority of the cards here and then 28.89 on the   bottom it doesn't really matter 28.9 doesn't look 
like a nice average here but as for the watt meter   it's doing 309.5 watts total system with all five 
of these cards so that is pretty insane i kind of   broke down the numbers here uh looking at 309.5 
watts that is 61.9 watts per gpu so that's divided   by five now there's still a little bit taken off 
the system here i didn't calculate that into it   based my numbers off that number so we're looking 
at 61.9 watts it could be down depending on the   system of possibly 10 to 20 watts even less than 
that it's hard to say because then that would be   lower than the software numbers but we have no 
idea what's going on here uh so that works out   to be a .46 mega hash per watt per card so that 
is extremely efficient that is better than a 30   60 ti that's pretty insane here but looking at 
the price of these cards we're looking at 589 usd for one of these and this is the 6600 mac 
in canada listed at memory express and this is   like the bottom grade of the cards now your aim 
i recommend xfx uh you know your sapphires are   the top of line cards pulse and nitros and they 
all have dual bios switches when it comes down   to it i recommend dual bios switches that way you 
can play around possibly we could uh flash the xt   bios onto the 6600 like we did with the 5700 
who knows but i wouldn't play around with that   unless you actually do have that switch 
so highly recommend it to buy the version   that does have the dual bios switch that way you 
can do a lot more tweaking and playing around   and not have to worry about breaking it too 
bad because it's very easy to fix i threw   these numbers into ethereum just to check out 
what kind of profitabilities we are looking like   and it is looking like dollar 99 after power these 
things don't use that much power at all 214 before   1.99 after so quick two dollars i have to swap 
that over to canadian so i can see what that is   so i can look at my roi that is two dollars and 
47 cents per canadian dollar so two dollars and   47 cents uh divided by 589 that gives us an roi 
of about 238 days so about two-thirds of a year   that's not too bad but think about it six months 
from now you are looking at ethereum 2.0 possibly   unless it gets extended again and even longer and 
that is only like 160 some days so you may not   roi this card in time for ethereum 2.0 but you can 
mine other coins check out that chump change video   he does some ergo hash rates he does some 
ravencoin hash rates so you can kind of see the   performance across those other coins as well but 
what is this card really it is most likely in my   mind it is an overpriced rx 580 that is a lot more 
efficient so it uses about half the power of an rx   580 but it gets about the same amount of hashtag 
this is actually a little bit less than a 580   but again half the power you can find the rx 
580 for like the same amount of hash rates for   a lot cheaper than this newer card but you know 
you may get higher resale value down the road   other things that does come with owning a 
newer version of a card then a lot older   one now is it worth it i guess it would depend on 
availability they're probably all sold out right   across the board right now because everywhere 
i look in canada they're gone either we just   didn't hardly get any in we don't usually get too 
much stuff in canada so maybe you guys in the usa   you probably do have lots of stock or something 
but most likely everything is out of stock i'm   seeing amazon already has them listed for like 
a thousand dollars but here we are at best buy   a 30-60 ti so it is uh slightly less efficient 
not by much they're pretty close i think 0.42   is the efficiency hash to what ratio on a 30 60 
ti but we're pulling 62 mega hash here at about   130 to 136 watts but we're actually a little bit 
cheaper if you can get this out of best buy drop   and again the founders edition 360 ti 3070 and 
3080s are all non-lhr but you can only get them   from a best buy and you have to get them at a drop 
so that means standing in line so this is what i   do this is the only way i get it because these are 
still the best bang for your buck and performance   but availability is really low amd raised all 
their prices i don't know what happened there they   market it as being cheaper than nvidia but now 
everything is higher msrp standpoint so it's   pretty insane what's happening there so let me 
know in the comments guys what do you guys think   are you going to be getting these 6 600 cards 
are you going to be waiting you're going to   be standing live for best buy like i 
do i don't really think uh the 6600   xt and the 6600 is really worth it in my mind 
because it's just an overpriced newer version   with more efficiency of an rx 580 card so 
again let me know in the comments guys hit   that subscribe button thumbs up button like 
button i'll catch you on the next one rabid out   thank you for watching everyone if you haven't 
please comment subscribe and like this video   as well as check out one of these other 
videos if you have not seen it yet i do   try to stream every saturday and sunday 
so stay tuned for more future content

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