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Introduction to Helium Mining: A Two-Week Journey

Welcome back to the hobbyist miner channel! It has been two weeks since we unboxed and set up our Rack Wireless Gold Spot Miner, so it’s time for an update on our journey into Helium Mining. As a beginner at Helium Mining, our experience over these last two weeks has been full of ups and downs, with many setbacks and frustrations along the way. Keep reading for a detailed account of our experience, tips on how to navigate the process, and our future plans for optimizing our Helium Miner’s performance.

Initial Setup and Challenges

We installed our miner in a spare bedroom above the garage, on a windowsill on the second story. The connection to the miner was solely wireless, with no Ethernet cables involved. Upon setting up the miner, problems began to arise. First and foremost, it took a few days for the miner to even be detectable in the Helium app. Once it was finally visible, it appeared as a relayed hotspot, meaning that the miner’s connection to the network was inefficient and indirect. After researching the issue, we discovered that port 44158 needed to be forwarded on our router to improve the connection. Despite making this change, the hotspot continued to display as relayed. Eventually, we discovered that information on the Helium Network can be slow to update, leading to inaccurate reports of the hotspot’s status. Patience, it seems, is key when dealing with the Helium Network.

Two Weeks In: Improved Connection and Witnesses

After allowing the miner to sit untouched for some time out of frustration, we were pleasantly surprised to see that our hotspot was no longer relayed. It took two weeks for the blockchain to update and reflect the accurate connection status, but our patience paid off.

In addition to the improved connection status, our hotspot has gained several witnesses – other nearby Helium miners that can attest to the validity of our miner’s work. This is a great development, as it can lead to increased rewards and growth within our network. As more miners pop up in our area, we will continue to watch how our network develops and adapts.

Profitability: A Work in Progress

Assessing the profitability of our Helium miner at this stage is challenging, as the miner spent much of the initial two weeks in a less-than-optimal relayed state. However, over the last seven days, we have made $10.26, and $15.10 in the last 30 days (keeping in mind that we have only been mining for two weeks). It will be interesting to see if profitability improves now that our miner is no longer relayed and has established witnesses.

Future Plans: Optimizing Performance

With two weeks down, we have some plans to improve our miner’s performance by increasing its elevation. Moving the miner to our attic will increase its height by 10-12 feet, which may have a positive effect on signal strength. We plan to let the miner run at this increased height for another two weeks and report back on the impact it has on performance and profitability. Furthermore, we are looking into upgrading to a 5.8 dBi antenna, so it will be placed at the highest point on our roof for optimal signal reception. We’ll update our miner’s performance after implementing these changes and will continue to learn and share our experiences with the Helium mining community.


Helium mining is not without its challenges. In just two weeks, we have experienced slow updates, relayed hotspots, and connectivity frustrations. However, persistence has allowed us to improve our hotspot’s connectivity and gain witnesses, potentially increasing our network and profitability. As we move forward, we plan to optimize our miner’s performance through elevation adjustments and potential antenna upgrades. Stay tuned for future updates on our Helium mining journey, and leave a comment below with your own experiences and tips!

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About the Author: Mike Izzo


  1. I have two of the black ones and I typically make $800 a month with both of them earning together give or take. Many people think they need to upgrade their antennas. in my experience, I have literally made thousands with these miners with just the stock antenna.

  2. I'm having the exact same issues right now, one week in. Hoping this gets better after two weeks. Your map here is just north of Kansas City along the Missouri River. Weston, Missouri and the Kickapoo tribe reservation on the Kansas side of the river. 🙂

  3. the hex plot in my area looks pretty good there's no one directly above me but plenty around but when i looked at the rewards the other guys were making was only $0.20 to maybe $1.00 a day. is that typical returns for a miner like that?

  4. I can't find any info on this how do "users" actually connect to these hotspots? Every single video on youtube is about setting up these hotspots/mining, but how do people actually connect to the network and use the internet? Isn't that the whole purpose?

  5. Please help me to understand: What's the actual benefit per se, to buy a Helium hotspot ranging from $400.00 up to over $2,300, when you can only make $14.00-$20.00/day (if you're lucky). Please bear in mind that I'm a complete newbie looking into mining. Thanks a lot in advance for details when replaying!

  6. You are on the right path. Lightning arestors are for safety when grounded correctly. If you want to give up ill take it off your hands, you might need an 8 dbi, there are cheaper antennas than on amazon. You made $10 on $1 electric cost, profit looks good

  7. I’m loving your channel!! I just started mining not even 2 days ago. Using the bobcat. Using the antenna that came with the bobcat.. It’s working GREAT!!! I’m not in the city either. Mine started saying relayed. So I port forwarded it…It’s still says relayed.. but it’s still making really good money so far. It takes time for the relayed to go away. I have a friend that lives up the street from me. He purchased the 8dbi from Rak. and just put in in his widow. He double if not triple his earnings…

    Word of advice. You can’t go by the reviews on Amazon. Most of them are fake/false. Please let us know how you do with the antenna and a wire that you purchased from Amazon. I’ve heard some negative things about the antennas and wire that’s sold on Amazon.

    I just purchased the 8dbi from RAK last night. I can’t wait to see what my earrings will be after I install it.

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