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Introduction: AC Infinity’s Axial 1225 Cooling Fans

In the world of cryptocurrency mining, keeping your GPUs cool is a top priority. One company has recently released a new cooling fan, which could be a game changer for miners: the Axial 1225 cooling fan from AC Infinity. In this article, we will dive deep into the features and performance of these fans, along with a comparison to their GPU risers counterparts.

The Scarlett Witch Mining Rig

The test subject for these new cooling fans is the Scarlett Witch mining rig, a somewhat problematic setup that includes an XFX 570, three MSI 570s, a Sapphire Nitro 570, and two R9 380s. This rig is currently running GPU risers cooling fans, which do a decent job, but it’s time to put the Axial 1225 fans to the test and see how they perform in comparison.

Unboxing: AC Infinity’s Axial 1225 Cooling Fans

Upon unboxing the Axial 1225 cooling fans, one notices the build quality right away. These fans are made from metal and have a good weight to them. They are AC-powered, with a 110-120 volt, 50-60 hertz, 7-6.5 watt rating. The fans come with two types of grille, connectors, mounting hardware, and long bolts for attaching the fans.

The AC Infinity fans differ from other cooling fans by including an outlet plug on the connector. This is a small detail that makes a big difference in the setup, as it means you can plug the fans straight into a power strip instead of needing a separate Adapter for each individual fan. This is incredibly useful for a miner, as it simplifies the setup and saves space.

The Axial 1225 fans measure 120x120x25mm, with a CFM rating of 51, noise level of 30dB, and speed of 1800 RPM. In comparison, the GPU risers cooling fans measure the same in size but run at 1500 RPM, have a noise level of 23dB, and a CFM of 38.

Upcoming Review: AC Infinity’s Axial 1238 Cooling Fan

In a future article, the Axial 1238 cooling fan, with a CFM of over 100, will be tested. This fan is much thicker than the 1225 version, and it occupies the space between a traditional cooling fan and a server case fan.

Installation and Testing: AC Infinity’s Axial 1225 Cooling Fans

Installing the Axial 1225 cooling fans is relatively straightforward, with some minor snags involving long screw lengths and managing the excess cabling. A molex cable option would be a welcomed addition for miners who prefer simplified setups.

Once installed, the mining rig is placed back into the mining room. After running for about 15-20 minutes, the temperature difference between using the GPU risers cooling fans and the Axial 1225s is checked. The results reveal a noticeable 10-degree difference when using the AC Infinity fans, with lower temperatures across the board for the GPUs.


The AC Infinity Axial 1225 cooling fans offer a substantial improvement in GPU cooling when compared to the GPU risers cooling fans. While they come with a higher price tag and some small installation snags, the build quality and additional cooling power make them well worth the investment for those seeking the best performance for their mining rigs.

If you’re interested in purchasing the Axial 1225 cooling fans, use the code “the hobbyist miner” during checkout for a 15% discount on your entire purchase at the AC Infinity store.

Ultimately, the decision comes down to individual preferences and priorities when selecting the right cooling solution for your mining rig. Whether you choose the Axial 1225 fans or stick with the GPU risers cooling fans, don’t forget to consider the importance of quality, as investing in the right supporting products can be just as important as investing in the GPUs themselves.

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  1. You can’t plug in ac fans to dc through molex… 🤦🏻‍♂️ you can get dc powered fans that do more than 100 cfm… that plug into 12 volts dc.

  2. I've been running those fans for years I think 3 years now and what you should get is they have a fan speed selector and it comes with two connectors so of course you only need to get three of them and much better airflow a lot more powerful than those other case fans any case fans pretty much unless you want to go with the really loud ones that will chop your fingers off these push more air and more efficiently I think I have bought a lot of stuff from AC Infinity

  3. Well, I had before classic rig , but open wire rack/hanging GPUs is so much better concept for home miners. Air flow is much better , you can place cards in two lines so that every one suck clean air with no turbulence(Rx 6600 in wire rack-GPU temp 40C, fan 34%) . Those extra fans use power, cost money , make more noise. For "classic" rig one big fan is much better solution.

  4. I've been working on vertical mounting of the cards, since heat rises, and cross airflow or vertical airflow. Versus these examples of blowing wind across and UP. Also, why isnt anyone designing the most efficient fans as the centrifugal blower fans often found in HVAC as well as bathroom ceiling design. They have crazy airflow, low noise, and could cool a wall of GPUs with one fan. I used to use one for entire walls to dry paint, imagine these fans doing that.
    Definitely a challenge to cool things.

  5. I use the antec p12 120mm case fans and they are 60cfm my cards dropped 3-8 degrees from my 36 cfm fans I use to have on my rig. But the bonus is they have normal 4pin fan connectors and I have them on a 4 channel variable splitter so I can adjust the speed if I need to

  6. Hi, sorry but you said, measured after 10-15 minutes, but you compared it after 90 seconds, and i did not see ambient temperature before and with new fans. I am using 140x140x25, 10USD china fans around 200 m3/h . They are noisy but temperature is down .

  7. Very cool. Those fans look built for AC power. So without adapters, I doubt it will be able to run from anything else. DO keep us posted. Thanks for the info!

  8. To each their own but cheap box fans are pretty good. Not pretty for videos and nothing for video content but for effectiveness vs cost, box fans are probably better and cheaper than what is advertised in this video.

  9. Ac infinity has great fans for home theater builds but mining – we could use a molex or three pin daisy chain like system would be amazing!! Else I don’t see why not go noctua over these fans, think they maximize cfm per dollar over these more home theater like cabinet fans

  10. I’m running similar fans that put out 2600-2900RPM or ~110 cfm. They are pretty noisy but the best solution for my 3090’s. Great airflow and significant temp change from my 1800RPM artic fans.

  11. MOLEX won't be any good for mains AC, as it's already part of a standard that supports 5 and 12Vdc, you don't want mains on the same plug type as mistakes happen.
    What you need is a way to effectively string the fans together. That could be a custom molded cable with multiple connections.

    The question I have is about efficiency. Having powerful available is good if you need it but why waste energy on moving an excessive amount of air if it's not needed.

  12. There is also a filter available for these. I wonder how that would effect things? It would maybe help keep some grime build up down, but how often would they need to be changed before the benefits of higher CFM and a good price become mute.

  13. Or if you could piggy back all 5 fans on one cord. But 75w max for a molex cable. So in theory this could support 5 fans yhrough molex. I wouldn't trust that though.

  14. Box fan on main rig. I have found the box fan to be much better than the (cheap) fans that were installed on the frame. It doesn't looks as nice but gets the job done perfectly fine. I have the rig on an Ikea wire rack with the fan zip tied to the rack, pushing air through the rig. 8 card msi 1070ti rig, cards tightly packed, had a drop of 10C-15C switching fans. If you are going to cheap out on fans, buy a box fan.

  15. I have my first built game rig/miner with 4 GPUs at the moment, there are bonuses to being completely deaf (cannot hear at all) can’t hear anything 😁 …. That being said, my rig is filled up with delta fans, no “quiet” adaptors to slow them down.. straight up balls to the wall… I don’t care for noise since I can’t hear anyways so cooling is all that matters to me.

  16. GREAT VIDEO. These are still cheaper than the Noctua 3000 RPM (plastic) fans that run $28/each, and require other adapters to link together (again, added cost). I returned my Noctua’s after watching this video and I’m going to try the 110 CFM / 2600 RPM AC Infinity 1238 (for just $18 minus your 10% discount).

  17. I have been wondering if you were to close in the area where the GPUs sit on the frame, top sides and underneath. This would make it more like a server case and focus the airflow.

  18. My OCD kicked in an immediately noticed 2 of your AC fan's washers are over the grate instead of under it like the rest of them lol. Otherwise fantastic video. Been using AC Infinity for 2 years now no complaints

  19. Parallel miner fans, 265cfm. Put them on a noctua fan speed controller and a fan hub, turn up and down the speed on 20 fans with the turn of a knob. Could also hook them up to AC infinity temp fan speed controller

  20. I use the arctic fans. Amazing value. I spent a lot of time getting the exhaust right in my mining room. Just started adding fans to rigs in case my room exhaust every quite. My rig fans are just a back up.

  21. it sure LOOKS nice. In my experience though, a $20 target or walmart boxfan outperforms these things in terms of cooling/airflow though- by like an order of magnitude, or even more. It's not without downside though- as the boxfans tend to 'wobble' so you don't really want them hard mounted to anything that's also holding your rig- yet you still need them really close.

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