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Enter ASICPrices.com: A Creation Born out of Necessity

Today’s video is proudly sponsored by ASICPrices.com. It is one of the new favorite sites that many potential crypto miners visit before they make their next ASIC purchase.

ASICPrices.com’s Unique Offerings to the Crypto Mining Community

ASICPrices.com allows me to input my current electric rate and instantly provides a list of the most compatible and profitable ASICs for my specific conditions. This provides a fantastic opportunity for miners to understand the real value of their investments before making the plunge.

In addition, let’s say I want to find the most profitable ASIC miner that would allow me to stack Litecoins. All I have to do is select the algorithm that matches my mining plan, and instantly, the Bitmain L7 miner profile appears with comprehensive data and forecasts.

Rich and In-Depth Information

The information offered when you select a miner on ASICPrices.com is remarkably detailed. From miner statistics to historical miner prices, daily and 30-day mining revenue data to trusted vendors listings, it’s all easily accessible.

Mining the Cryptocurrency Current

Having these accurate and in-depth insights is essential in today’s rapidly changing crypto mining landscape. Joining me as a special guest on the channel is Mr. DJ Minds, a fellow crypto enthusiast. As we delve deep into our topic for the day, which is post Ethereum merge GPU mining, DJ and I will share our thoughts on student trends and future predictions.

The Crypto Mining Scene Post Ethereum Merge

The Ethereum merge occurred nine months ago, but it seems like it’s been a lot longer. The scene has changed drastically since then. Back then, we discussed the immediate impact of the merge which led to a wave of anxiety and uncertainty within the crypto mining community. Now, nine months later, we’ve invited DJ back on to discuss his feelings about the crypto mining and GPU mining landscape currently.

The Long Nine Months Journey

The past nine months since the Ethereum merge have been a rollercoaster of highs and lows. Many factors have influenced this, such as market fluctuations and global events. As electric rates began to climb, profitability decreased, prompting many miners to shut down their operations temporarily. This led to a period of decreased activity, which has significantly affected GPU (graphics processing unit) performance.

Ethereum Merge Impact on ASIC Mining

On the other hand, my ASICs have been performing exceptionally well. The K7, D9, and s19 XP have been solid performers. This indicates that, despite the challenges that GPU mining has encountered since the Ethereum merge, ASIC mining has remained largely unaffected, providing consistent returns in an otherwise turbulent market.

Current Challenges and The Evolving Crypto Mining Landscape

Previously, when investments and returns were high, miners could merely set up their mining rigs, forget them and collect profits. With the Ethereum merge and the subsequent changes, that simply isn’t feasible or sustainable anymore. Electric rates have skyrocketed, and the economy is facing turbulence. Consequentially, crypto mining has grown more complex and has its fair share of challenges, ranging from the technical to the economic front.

Crypto Mining 2.0

As the market evolves, we see a significant shift in the modus operandi of crypto mining. Many are calling it “Crypto Mining 2.0” where the focus is shifting more towards supporting AI and rendering on blockchain technology. The integration of AI with blockchain technology opened up possibilities we didn’t even consider nine months ago. This, according to DJ Minds, could spell a new direction for future crypto projects.

Crypto Minable Coins on the Rise

We are seeing coins such as Chlor Dynex and Flux that are GPU minable which show a promising trend for efficient crypto mining and blockchain technology synergy. We need to adopt this technology and move towards a future-oriented mining approach. I believe this alignment of AI and cryptocurrencies could be a breakthrough during the next Bull Run.

Concluding Thoughts

The past nine months since the Ethereum merge have taught us important lessons about diversification and evolution in the crypto mining industry. ASIC mining has proven to be a profitable and robust strategy in the face of changing market conditions. Despite the challenges, GPU mining continues to play an essential role, especially for emerging coins that are GPU minable and cater to future technologies such as AI and rendering.

Overall, crypto mining is still a dynamic and ever-evolving landscape where only the most adaptable can thrive. While the journey may have been challenging, we remain optimistic about the future of GPU and ASIC mining, and we continue to learn and adapt to the evolving crypto ecosystem.

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  2. its funny that many projects has 0 utillity and just copy paste from other project or ETH
    and gpu mining communtiy who made it useful
    i bet the next bullrun will be the last for them and then will be like zcash a dead coin

  3. Another great collaboration and discussion. It's great to have friends to collab with πŸ’― I think hosting to get a lower electric rate than possible in your home area is a great idea. Had to send my Asics to get hosted recently. It's working out so well!

  4. I couldn't agree with DJ mine's more. I'm also holding my old gpus to sell in the next Bull Run, why would you sell at the very bottom makes no sense to me but I understand everybody is in a different position.
    Gpu miner for life❀

  5. yo! that start was super confusing πŸ˜‚ I thought I was clicking on a DjMines Channel video. When Hobbiest started talking i was super confused πŸ˜…

  6. Dj Mines / THM you two are awesome πŸ‘ I like how you ask Dj the hard question about GPUs and he don’t back down, he just tell you straight! go sit in the back stay in the corner! πŸ˜‚ good stuff, for me I have been playing the ASIC game since early 2014, I always thought CPU and GPU it’s just a steppingstone ASIC has always earn more! It was just hard for people to send thousands of dollars in crypto to China hoping they’ll get their product! When you could just go to Best Buy and get a GPU.

  7. After ETH going POS and the Ravencoin halving I changed my mining strategy (residential miner).
    Sold off all my Gtx 1060s, kept the 4 Rtx 2060s mounted in an ATX case.
    Put my unfinished 8 rig build on hold, might sell off during the bull run.
    Reset the Rtx 2060s to a severe stable undervolt and mined a bag of Meowcoin, working on finishing a bag of Neoxa.
    Re-examined my goals and theories for residential mining, and came up with this.
    Most asics are just too loud/power hungry/expensive for myself in my apartment, or too small for real gains/roi.
    With the creation of AMDs Ryzen cpus, I started to consider them the "poor man's asic".
    I'm planning to build more rigs in ATX cases with Ryzen cpus & Radeon gpus to diversify my coin choices while not really suffering the excessive de-valuation asics seem to incur during the bear season.
    Today AMD socket AM4 parts and DDR4 memory prices are bargains, now seems the right time.

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