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A Deep Dive into Speculative Mining


Many may be unsure about what speculative mining is, some might refer to it as a risky gamble, while others might see it as a golden opportunity. Simply put, it is the act of mining altcoins in the hope that their value will skyrocket in the future. Like all gambles, it’s either you hit the jackpot or walk away with less than you started with.

A Walk Down the Memory Lane

Let’s reflect back to 2009 when Bitcoin, the revolutionary digital currency was born. Back then, ‘mining Bitcoin’ felt like a stab in the dark for those brave few miners who dared to venture into uncharted territories. Fast forward to 2010, a man was recorded to have used 10,000 bitcoin to purchase two Papa John’s pizzas. A transaction that, with today’s bitcoin valued at approximately $54,000, seems unthinkable.

The Casino of Mining

Speculative mining is akin to visiting a casino, placing your bet, and hoping lady luck is on your side. It’s about mining a ‘million’ of a particular altcoin, locking it away, and hoping that someday it hits a bubble that makes you rich overnight. However, it’s certainly not for everyone. For instance, if you’re a miner who mines today and cashes out next week to cover expenses like electricity bills or rent, speculative mining might be too much of a gamble for you.

A Niche for Old Mining Cards

Speculative mining finds its niche with miners possessing GPUs that are no longer profitable. These miners are driven by hope that these altcoins, once useless, will explode in value in the future, offering them tangible profits.

Speculative Mining Timing

Although the price of an altcoin doesn’t determine whether its mining is speculative or not, timing is key. For instance, mining Ethereum Classic now, with the speculation that its value will skyrocket when Ethereum goes to Proof of Stake, is an example of speculative mining. This thought process is anchored on the anticipated market shift and demand for alternative altcoins.

Finding the Next Big Altcoin

Though Ethereum going proof-of-stake in 2022 is being keenly watched by miners, there are other altcoins, like Flux, that are positioning themselves as potential front runners to step up once Ethereum is out of the race. A lot of people are speculating that flux could be the “next Ethereum”. With its recent introduction of ‘parallel assets’, the potential of flux is exciting for miners.

Ravencoin Light and Hivecoin

Ravencoin Light and Hivecoin are recent entrants catching the attention of miners. They offer miners the hopes of accumulating large amounts in a short period due to their low difficulty level.

Pros and Cons of Speculative Mining

Despite the lure of potential big wins, the risks tied with speculative mining are high. It’s a choice between mining something that offers present profitability or investing your time, energy, and resources into a possibly more fruitful future. Remember that no one, not even the experts, can accurately predict the future of altcoin after Ethereum switches to proof-of-stake – all we can do is take calculated risks.


Whether to jump on the speculative mining wagon or not is a personal decision, largely dependent on your risk tolerance and financial ability. Speculative mining can be an exciting venture when approached carefully. The only certainty is that, like every gamble, it’s likely to lead to some thrilling highs and challenging lows. However, one thing is sure, the world of cryptocurrency never fails to surprise. Happy mining!

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  1. I speculative mined dogecoin, digibyte, litecoin, bitcooin, vertcoin, myriadcoin, hyperstake, namecoin, mooncoin, summercoin, gridcoin and several others back in 2014 and 2015. Got hacked and 80 percent stolen in 2017. Now building my empire again.

  2. This is exactly what I was wanting to do. Find coins that are super easy to mine that one day might be worth huge money. For example my 3080 can’t make me that much mining the big coins. 👴🏼 also obviously have a job I go to everyday,

  3. Just a question but would it not make more sense to mine the most profitable cryptocurrency with your GPU and then exchange that at some point for the cryptocurrency you are targeting?

  4. My first ever speculative mine was RVL. I would like to try a few others and have a few coins to hold 100,000 if I can. I don't mind throwing some rigs for a few days at new coins and forget about them for a few years.

  5. Hey so i grabbed two rx570s one msi and one gigabyte… both running hynix memory .. the msi does like 4 more mh on raven and like 16 more on ergo … on hive under the gigabyte where the bios would be it just has x’s … do you think i should try bios modding the gigabyte?? Im just wondering why such a big diff running the same memory… oh and its like the gigabyte wont pull more then 89-90 watts even with oc’s and the msi got up to 119 watts on rvn

  6. SHIB is the next big thing. People are going to gravitate towards stupid stuff (as evidenced by the rise of Dogecoin). You can mine millions of SHIB a month on a $220 CPU

  7. With regard to what's next after the merge, we should ask ourselves a few questions. What kind of development is occuring in the project? Longevity? How do they market themselves? Can they stand to benefit from the hash power we bring? That is security, decentralization. Is anybody pandering? Extra benes?

  8. This is an informative video but can you give some more info on how you can mine some of these lesser known coins. So what is the software, wallets, etc. I have been looking at some newer coins but they don't have software, pools, etc. I'm literally brand new so maybe I'm not even researching the right things. Tx!

  9. Stupid question: Does the sentence "This is not financial advice", is a mandatory statement to provide in any piece of content, in order to avoid being sued in North America?

  10. I love it , I have so many bags , just lottery tickets.
    I use all my hash rate to speculative mine for a day every week. Sometimes same coin sometimes new ones.
    What is worth almost zero cannot go below zero 😂.

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