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Flux’s Union Address on Algorand as The Next Parallel Asset

In Flux’s recent State of the Union Address, it was publicly unveiled that Algorand will serve as the platform’s next parallel asset. Owing to Algorand’s unique functionality and exposure, Flux has aimed this exciting move to provide a significant exposure boost for their next parallel asset.

Algorand, The Cryptocurrency Tackling Real-World Problems

As a newer addition to the cryptocurrency landscape, Algorand is attempting to make a mark by solving real-world problems. The primary objective of Algorand is to expedite transaction speeds while simultaneously shrinking transaction times. By achieving this, Algorand could pave the way for traditional finance sectors to consider crypto adoption.

Is Algorand Based on Proof of Work?

Contrary to what some might think, Algorand is not proof of work-based. As an alternative, many crypto pioneers have turned to Unminable, a service that allows miners to earn Algorand. Compatible with a range of miners such as GPU, CPU, Asic, and Mini Asic, Unminable allows users to get paid out in over 40 different coins, including Algorand. In essence, this could allow for potential price discovery and subsequent gains.

Using Unminable to Earn Algorand

By pointing your miners to Unminable’s servers and pools, it is possible to choose from an extensive list of payouts, including Algorand. In just under eight days of mining Ethereum Classic and getting paid in Algorand, a cumulative total of approximately 149 Algorand coins can be earned. By checking the payout status on Unminable, it is easy to track and manage these earnings.

Expanding Algorand Portfolio Through Mining

The opportunity to expand your Algorand portfolio and increase total earnings via Unminable offers a unique kind of excitement. While the value of mining cryptocurrencies can usually be measured in hard currency, speculative mining such as this revolves more around the potential future value associated with Algorand, especially with its impending addition to the Flux platform.

Setting Up Unminable: A Sure Way to Earn Algorand

Setting up your miners on Unminable is quick and simple. It offers a straightforward dashboard where you can input your hardware details, choose the algorithm, and include your Algorand wallet address. After setup, Unminable provides all the information you need to put into your miner and track your mining progress. You can even opt for automatic payouts once your balance exceeds 10 Algorand.

Hobbyist Miners Store: Celebrating Crypto Enthusiasts

In the spirit of celebrating the cryptocurrency community, an exciting new platform called hobbyisminers.store has been launched. Tailor-made to be a hub for hardware merchandise for crypto enthusiasts, the platform offers 17 unique Nvidia Founders Edition graphics card designs. These creative illustrations, only available for three months, then get replaced with new designs from the reserve of 68 awaiting release. This initiative creates a sense of exclusivity and flair for the unique designs available in the store.

Embrace the Exciting Advancements in Crypto

With the advent of innovative platforms and services like Flux, Algorand, Unminable, and hobbyisminers.store, the opportunities for growth and novelty in the cryptocurrency world seem endless. Whether you are an early adopter, a speculative miner, an enthusiast, or a designer, there is something exciting for everyone.

As the world of crypto continues to expand and evolve at lightning-fast pace, so does the array of opportunities it offers. Regardless of whether you’re in it due to a love for the technology or financial gains, one thing is certain; crypto is an exciting space that is full of potential.

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  1. whoaaaaaaaa, never knew you could do this! god, i wish i knew how to mine. anybody, how much does it cost to set up for mining? man i would to do this for algorand. man, i didnt know you could do this. this is crazy. im flabbergasted here, sorry if rambling here. haha

  2. I'm stacking over 100K Algos, loaded up under 20 cents, so thinking there is huge upside. I was disappointed to learn that this token wasn't related to Princess Lei's home planet of Alderaan, which was destroyed by the first Death Star. 🤓😬

  3. I already have a massive bag of algorand I bought several years ago. Made a lot on it last bull run. The thing that scares me about them is that there is the potential for personal tracking built into their code and they are a highly centralized project. Also there is support on ledger for it just fyi

  4. I thought about mining Algo on Unmineable but with it not being on Zelcore yet I am hesitant. You can get interest on Coinbase however. Maybe I will do that then transfer to Zelcore when they add it. No core or web wallets for me Hobbyist. lol I ultimately chose to build a bag of Matic in the meantime.

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