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Mining Rig Automation with When to Mine App

Mining cryptocurrencies can be a profitable venture, especially with the right tools. Today, we’re discussing When to Mine: the app you need for automating your mining rig operation for maximum profitability. This app is the undisputed champ when it comes to automating your mining rig and optimizing it for coin and power switching. This is made possible through the app’s recognition of over 250 coins and their unique algorithms. Shortly, the app can tell your rig what to mine and when to see increased yield. It’s easy to use with set up and running achievable under 10 minutes. The trial period for this innovative app lasts for 7 days and downloading it is free – simply visit wentomine.io.

About Our Special Guest – Django The Miner

Today, we have an exceptional guest joining us – Django. Django is an accomplished miner who owns and operates a mining farm in Utah, and recently, he expanded his operations into Arizona. The genesis of his mining operation can be traced back to several eventful years ago, and Django’s expertise in the field is substantial. He boldly took on the task of managing the crypto-mining industry on his own and has amassed a wealth of knowledge about the intricacies of running a successful mining rig operation.

Our Guest’s Mining Farms and His Strategy

For Django, the mining farm in Utah is more compact than his recently opened facility in Arizona, housing fewer operations. Nevertheless, the Utah farm still sees a considerable amount of action. Django admits to having about 1500 30-70s, almost 100 A4ths, and 500 1670 HX cards in use. The scale of his operations paints an accurate picture of the size of his Arizona mining farm – undoubtedly, a significant operation.

To manage the expanded operation in his new facility, Django utilizes two strategies: he hosts rigs for some customers and operates some rigs personally. In other words, some of the hardware used in the Arizona facility belongs to his customers, while the rest is for his personal use. Django did not disclose the percentage of hosting operations versus personal operations, though he estimated that it could be around 50/50.

Managing Mining Farms in a Bear Market

Since the onset of the bear market, there have been changes in Django’s strategy. To cope with the high operational costs, he has allocated some of the revenue generated from hosting and managing customer Rigs to pay for his operations. By doing this, he can offset some of the bills without spending his revenue from personal mining operations. Django’s strategy is to continually grow his hosting operations to financially support the overall operation.

Looking for a Sustainable Solution

In recent months, there have been considerable struggles to keep Django’s mining farm running due to the disruption in cooling functionality. This issue resulted from the breakdown of the air conditioning system at his Arizona facility. Originally, Django did not plan for this because the structure was a retired data center with the ideal cooling system integrated into the design of the facility. In light of the turn of events and subsequent drop in the mining farm’s profitability, Django has had to be creative in finding solutions to maintain operations and increase profitability.

Overcoming Challenges and Looking to the Future

Django reveals that he is actively seeking an alternative facility, with the aim to find one with ample power to support another crypto-mining operation. By doing so, he also hopes to meet more affordable power supply terms compared to his current Arizona facility. Django is not looking to downsize his operation; instead, he hopes to scale further, and this is made evident in his quest to find a bigger facility that will be better suited to his operational needs.

In conclusion, being a farm operator and owner does not come without potent challenges. However, it is a fulfilling venture for those with the right strategies and tools to overcome obstacles and attain profitability. The When to Mine app, an innovative mining tool, can help with that. Django, an accomplished miner, shares his knowledge and experience, which can be of help to those seeking to venture into the crypto-mining industry.

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  1. When running crypto mining business, if you use primarily consumer based equipments like CPU, GPUs, How do you depreciate the value of, for example, rtx 4090? How long is the expected running time?

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