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Heating Your Room With a Mining Rig: A Creative Solution


The use of cryptocurrencies and mining rigs has become increasingly popular over the past decade. In this article, we’ll explore a unique solution to a common household problem: regulating temperature in different rooms of the house. By implementing a mining rig, you’ll not only maintain a comfortable living environment but also profit from the mining process. This article is inspired by a YouTube video on the Hobbyist Miner Channel.

The Situation: A Cold Craft Room

In the scenario mentioned in the YouTube video, a cold craft room built above the garage needed some form of heating during the winter months. The room lacked proper insulation and had no HVAC system in place, making it uncomfortably cold for the wife’s craft business and their children’s play area.

Instead of using conventional, energy-hogging space heaters, the couple decided to opt for a more efficient and profitable solution: a mining rig.

Introducing the Flux Mining Rig

A flux mining rig was chosen for this task. This specific rig had already been built and had the capability to run wirelessly thanks to TP-Link wireless adapters that support the Linux Kernel. This feature streamlines the setup process and can be completed within five minutes. A helpful guide and purchase link can be found in the description of the mentioned YouTube video.

Temperature Monitoring and Airflow

After setting up the rig, it was essential to monitor the temperature changes in the room to ensure that it wouldn’t overheat. Using two Govi thermostats placed near the window and in the center of the room, the couple could accurately track the room’s temperature fluctuations.

With initial readings of 62 degrees near the window and 65 degrees in the room’s center, the goal was to achieve a comfortable room temperature of around 70-75 degrees without exceeding 80-85 degrees. Achieving proper airflow throughout the room was vital for dispersing the heat from the rig evenly.

Mining Rig Placement: A Strategic Approach

It was essential to place the mining rig strategically to ensure optimal heat distribution. Directing the heat towards the wall separating the room from the rest of the house helped disperse warmth into other areas while avoiding excessive heat buildup in the craft room. It was equally important to monitor the heating effect on surrounding objects and furniture to prevent any accidents or damage.

The Results: A Comfortable and Profitable Solution

After an hour of running the mining rig, the room’s temperature increased by 9 degrees, achieving a comfortable 74 degrees near the center of the room and maintaining 62 degrees near the window. This temperature increase improved the room’s condition for crafting and playing, providing much-needed heat for drying custom tumblers and creating a more comfortable environment for the children.

The mining rig’s use as a space heater not only warmed the room but also offered a financial benefit through mining cryptocurrencies. By leaving it running at night and opening the door to the rest of the house, they could distribute heat throughout the home, keeping the entire family warm without the need for additional heating devices.


The use of a mining rig as a space heater proves to be a creative, efficient, and profitable solution to maintaining a comfortable temperature in a room, especially during the cold winter months. This solution is not only eco-friendly and cost-effective but can also provide additional income through cryptocurrency mining.

If you’re interested in implementing this ingenious solution in your own home, be sure to check out the Hobbyist Miner Channel on YouTube for helpful videos and guides on setting up and running a mining rig. As always, remember to give credit where credit is due; leave a thumbs up and don’t forget to subscribe to the channel. Stay warm and happy mining!

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About the Author: Mike Izzo


  1. The temp sensor on the window got colder because the fans behind the gpus were dragging air from there and essentially more of the air was leaving the room so more cold air from outside got in from the gaps surrounding the window.

  2. Its been in the low 40s and low 30s here, I have 7 rigs in my basement, 3 on the first floor, and two on the second floor. Its a solid 75 inside on the top floor without heat on. In my uninsulated garage there are 4 rigs and its 65 inside when its 30 outside

  3. I’ve got mine currently in the livingroom. Furnace barely kicks in anymore. Thinking of moving it down to my basement as it’s always cold down there in the winter. Then I will have to think about what I’m going to do to vent the heat out for the summer. At least I’ll have all winter to think about it and get whatever I’ll need. 😆

  4. just 4 days ago I moved my 1.8 kw rig from my basement where rig was heating outside to my lliving room. It is toasty now there, I dont even need to turn on the furnace in home just the rig itself heats all 120 square meters of living space

  5. I actually have a rig in the living room which heats the room to 20 degrees celsius day and night. So I haven't even turned on any heating up to now. Saves me quite a bit of money with gas prices skyrocketing (Belgium). Double Profit. 😁

  6. If snow doesn't lay on the roof you are probably correct that there isn't insulation in the ceiling, you can poke holes in the drywall and fill the cavities with slow rising foam (prob the least invasive fix)

  7. Make sure your little ones don't try to stick things in those GPU fans! Colorful spining GPU look like fun toys to my kids, but mine are probably much younger still. I'm terrified for their tiny fingers.

  8. I have thirty GPU's in a grow tent and have the exhaust running into the intake for the HVAC system. Currently 25C in the house. Furnace has not come on yet.

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  10. I've mentioned before in the discord how my basement prior to mining was 60F all year round. Was great in the hot summer months to go down there to cool off after working outside all day. It wasn't so good for starting plants for the garden as the germination was slow and the plants would become leggy and weak. That temperature wasn't good for them.

    Once I caught the mining bug, at its peak it raised the average temp to about 80F! This excess heat would also leak into the house and push it up to 74F. The wife and I like the house to be between 68 & 70, we sleep better. So I had to do something to mitigate that. I am thankful that my basement has several windows that I can open. I end up taking a cheap, old box fan, mounting to one of the windows right next to my farm of mining rigs to pull excess heat outside.

    This has worked beautifully and keeps the temps right around 70F and doesn't influence the rest of the house anymore. Now come summertime, I will have to revisit this set up and change a few things around.

    Great video.

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