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An Introduction to Script Miners For Litecoin and Dogecoin

It’s no secret that cryptocurrency mining has taken the world by storm. With the rise of digital currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and of course, Dogecoin and Litecoin, enthusiasts and investors alike are diving into the lucrative world of crypto mining. Today, we’re focusing on two script miners that have the capacity to mine Doge and Litecoin simultaneously while being reasonably priced in the used market. The Antminer L3+ from Bitmain and the X5 from Goldshell are the two miners that we’ll be exploring.

Exploring the Bitmain Antminer L3+

Let’s start with the Bitmain Antminer L3+. It’s a mid-sized ASIC miner with a single inline fan at the front. The power supply can be set up on either side, depending on your preference. It’s worth noting that the power supplies are separate and not included with the units.

Technical Features of the L3+

Integrated at the top of the unit are an IP report and an Ethernet port along with LED lights and a reset button. The control board, which is akin to the brain of the operation, is housed within an enclosure here. It can be removed by pulling back the lever prongs on either side.

This miner comes with a 6,000 RPM exhaust fan at the back, and it’s powered by a PCI cable. A notable part of the L3+ setup is the hash boards, which are the units’ performance drivers. Essentially, these hash boards are to a miner what an engine is to a car. A total of eight PCI cables power the individual hash boards of the Antminer L3+.

Breakdown of the Goldshell X5

Next up, we have the Goldshell X5. While they might look strikingly similar, these two units do have different specifications. The X5 too is a mid-sized ASIC miner and operates with two 6,000 RPM fans. Unlike the L3+, the X5 has an SD card slot on the front, a major advantage for those looking to install aftermarket or third-party firmware without having to remove the control board.

Just like the L3+, the X5 also utilizes a control board. It has a PCI cable for power, two fan connectors to regulate fan speeds, and four ribbon cables that connect to the hash boards. However, the X5’s power supply is better performing despite being in seemingly worse condition.

Efficiency and Profitability of the L3+ and X5

Both of these units are mid-level script miners that mine both Litecoin and Dogecoin. Due to their relatively similar specifications, they’re often compared. However, when it comes to efficiency, the X5 takes the lead. It offers three different hash rate modes that give you control over its power usage. These modes take into account both the power drawn and the market conditions, ultimately affecting your profitability.

The L3+ doesn’t sit far behind though. Utilizing HiveOS to under volt and overclock can lead to a better hash rate with efficient power usage. HiveOS offers the opportunity for endless customization, thus amplifying the miner’s efficiency.

Investing in Second-hand Miners

When it comes to buying second-hand miners, Coastal Crypto Mining is a reliable platform to consider. Currently, they offer the L3+ for around $250 without a power supply, and the X5 is listed for approximately $1300. Depending on your budget, mining goals, and current market conditions, both miners are a good investment.

Concluding Thoughts

Choosing the right miner depends on several factors, including hash rate, power consumption, and longevity. Both Bitmain Antminer L3+ and Goldshell X5 offer unique features that can appeal to different miners based on their individual requirements. If you’re interested in exploring other miners or would like to join the mining community, consider subscribing to the Hobbyist Miner Channel or join the Discord. Keep in mind, whether you choose the L3+ or the X5, both options provide exciting opportunities for potential earnings in the world of cryptocurrency mining. Happy mining!

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  1. poolin, seriously? I wouldn't pay them attention much less mining fee. it was super cool of them to add a button to redeem IOUBTC but when you click it takes you to a page that says "coming soon".
    like they are just taunting those of us whose coin is still held hostage whilst still managing to lure new ppl into trusting them with y'alls coin.
    thanks for the video! great info. exactly what i needed right now lol been shopping scrypt asics for a couple days and about to pull the trigger.

  2. The L3+ you can power up to 720MHz at 1300 watts with Hive ASIC firmware & you don’t have to use the hive Os system just go to Miner Configuration on your ASIC , advanced settings or Auto tuner 👍

  3. I have L3++ 580 coming in and the power supply info says it's up to 1000 watts at 110v. My question is, have you ever run one on 110v once turned to lowest power mode? I would disconnect half of the boards while setting up low power mode as full power with all boards would exceed 80% rule for power.

  4. THM I have both units and honestly I sold off all my X5’s during the last bull run, I also did sold many of my L3’s as well but I kept a few of my L3’s because using the stock PSU and Hiveos I have OC my L3’s at 1295w 736Mh some units used a little more wattage and so with a little less Mh but overall I honestly experience better reliability with the L3’s and they cost allot less when I purchased them new vs my X5’s, still both units are great but honestly I would not spend so much for the X5’s they cost allot more because they cost a ton when they first came out, no other reason why they cost so much!

  5. Got my L3's clocked to 419mhz averaging 550mhs, but I don't have a 240v meter yet for wattage draw.
    I'll have one soon though, I won a couple Meter Boxes from CCXD, i just have to order the guts for them..

  6. Braiins is the aftermarket OS to run for Bitmain ASICS. This OS is extremely easy to use and it offers a variety of functions/features that help miners get the most out of their equipment. Also better OS for your S19j PRO than stock Antminer OS – especially if you power cycle your ASIC frequently.

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