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Iron Fish Mainnet Starts Tomorrow: Are You Ready to Fill Your Bags?

Welcome, fellow Miners, to an exciting opportunity that arises with the launch of Iron Fish mainnet – a new cryptocurrency that is mineable with GPUs. Let’s dive into what Iron Fish is, how to set up your wallet, and how to get your GPU mining rigs up and ready for Iron Fish mining from day one, hour one, and minute one.

What is Iron Fish?

You might be wondering – what is Iron Fish, and where did it come from? According to Iron Fish’s website and its whitepaper, Iron Fish is a decentralized proof-of-work based censorship-resistant and publicly accessible blockchain project that uses Blake 3 hashing algorithm, which is the same algorithm used for aLithium cryptocurrency. With this algorithm in place, mining Iron Fish is core-heavy and doesn’t rely on memory much at all.

Dynamic Difficulty and Yield for GPU Miners

For GPU miners, Iron Fish’s blockchain algorithm dynamically adjusts mining difficulty to achieve 60-second average block times by either increasing or decreasing the mining difficulty based on previous blocks. This feature ensures efficiency in mining and a stable yield for miners who join the Iron Fish network.

Mainnet Launch Countdown

The countdown to the mainnet launch of Iron Fish has begun, with less than 24 hours remaining at the time of writing! Mainnet is set to launch on April 20th at 12 PM Eastern (9:00 AM Pacific). It’s time to work on getting your wallet and rigs ready for mining Iron Fish right from the beginning.

Iron Fish Wallet Options

There are two options for setting up your Iron Fish wallet.

The first option is a CLI-based wallet that runs on a local node using Node.js. This setup is more advanced and is recommended for experienced miners. For a complete guide on this setup, check out Rabbit Mining’s video tutorial.

The second option, and the one considered more convenient and beginner-friendly, is Oreo’s Light Wallet available within Hive OS. This setup only takes about 10 minutes to complete, and you can follow this step-by-step guide to get started. By the end of the process, you’ll have your seed phrases and mining address ready.

BZ Miner and Hero Miners Pool

BZ Miner has released version 14.20, optimized for Iron Fish mining and featuring the ability to do dual mining with multiple other algorithms. The update also adds support for mining on the Hero Miners pool – a highly recommended pool for Iron Fish mining.

With Hero Miners, you can start mining on the testnet right away and automatically switch over to the mainnet once it launches without needing to make any changes to your settings. Plus, their $10,000 airdrop and 0% pool fee make it an even more attractive option for miners.

Setting Up Your Rig for Iron Fish Mining

First, set up your Hive OS wallets by adding a new wallet for Iron Fish, selecting the coin and inputting your mining address. Next, choose a rig to mine Iron Fish (in this example, we used a rig with eight Nvidia RTX 3070 GPUs) and create a new flight sheet for it.

Configure your miner settings (in this case, BZ Miner) with appropriate overclock settings for your rig. Apply the flight sheet to your rig and start mining on the testnet. Keep in mind that your hash rates will gradually build up over time – don’t be alarmed if they start low!

Ready, Set, Mine!

With your wallet, miner, and pool set up and your rig ready to go, you’re all set for the mainnet launch of Iron Fish. Get a head start on mining this new and promising coin with your GPU mining rigs – and who knows, you might just fill up your bags with profits sooner than you think. Happy mining!

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  1. Anyone been able to figure out how to use (not install) the Oreos wallet? There are a number of people that ask about it in the comments, but I have not seen anyone actually provide any info.

  2. Can you use Simple Mining OS for this, since it is also Linux? I would love for you to help me set it up with SMOS, because I'm much more familiar with that software. Is HiveOS cheaper than using SMOS? I would love to use HiveOS, but the interface of that software kind of confused me abit.

  3. Ironfish tokens earned through mining will not be that much, you will mining for your great great grandkids. To start the allocation of tokens is 42 million and over 80 % goes to everyone but miners. Over the years it will allocate more to miners the greatest percentage gained to miners will be in a 150 years

  4. Please, do a video showing step by step of how you check your Oreo Light Wallet status in HiveOS. I input everything as you showed on the setup doc, but when I type in account or transactions it says there is no such command found. Thanks.

  5. I installed the Iron Fish Wallet on Windows 24 hours ago, unfortunately only the Iron Fish logo has been flashing since then.

    Does the wallet take that long to load the blockchain?

  6. For viewing transactions with the Oreo Wallet on testnet – do we just paste the view key (the really long one) into the search bar? I can see instructions in your google file but my first test of this didn't work. Any help is appreciated on how to view my balance? Main net launch in 2 minutes

  7. sorry fellas. Noob here and I don't know which address to set in HiveOS. Is it the one listed as "address", "incoming view key" or "outgoing view key"?

  8. Quick side note, I would recommend that if you plan to unpack or install anything via Hive, which is a Linux-based OS, to make sure you're NOT on USB. DO NOT do it if you're using HiveOS via USB. If you're on SSD, which most of us recommend, then you're fine. Just not on USB, not only because of slower performance or responsiveness when unpacking – installing, but capacity could be a limiting factor.

  9. buddy can we able to mine to this wallet we created after test? or the wallet will be no use? Looking forward for your answer! really worried

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