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An Update on the Crypto Mining Basement and Renovations

In this article, we will be providing a quick update on the progress of the crypto mining basement renovations. Over the last few weeks, there have been several small projects completed in the basement, including securing all the studs and preparing for the installation of insulation and drywall. We will also discuss the upcoming planned projects and what to look forward to in the coming weeks.

Securing the Studs and Preparing for Insulation

One of the main projects that have taken up the most time in the basement renovations is securing each set of studs. This process involved measuring 16 inches between each stud and securing them with a self-tapping screw at the top. This step is necessary for ensuring a strong and stable wall structure for the upcoming drywall installation.

Upcoming Projects: Building Steps and Installing a Fridge

In addition to securing the studs, there are a few more projects on the horizon. This includes building a set of steps to replace the previously removed platform and installing a fridge. The fridge will be placed in a nook with a countertop for a wet bar setup. This convenient addition will help make the mining area an enjoyable and comfortable space for users working long hours.

Installing Foam Insulation Boards

A vital step in the renovation process is installing the foam insulation boards. The entire mining room will have half-inch Kingpsin Green Guard foam insulation boards, followed by half inch drywall. This insulation will help keep any heat generated by the mining equipment inside the room and prevent it from affecting the rest of the basement space. Additionally, the insulation will also be installed in the office space to help with sound dampening.

Entering the Mining Room: Doors and Floors

When entering the mining room, users can expect an external rated metal door for security and durability purposes. In terms of flooring, the decision has been made to keep the concrete floor unfinished. This decision was made to help with heat and cold absorption properties, as opposed to installing additional flooring that could impact the room’s temperature.

Implementing Passive HVAC Ventilation

To maintain proper air circulation and temperature control within the mining room, passive HVAC ventilation systems have been put in place. These ventilation systems consist of four-inch brown guards that go directly outside and allow external air into the room. As the mining room will naturally accumulate heat due to the mining equipment, this system provides a practical solution for keeping the room at a comfortable temperature.

Custom HVAC System for Airflow Management

In addition to the passive HVAC ventilation systems, a custom HVAC system will be installed to further control airflow within the mining room. This system consists of two 1600 CFM fans, a register box, reducers, and HVAC pipes which will remove hot air from the room and channel it outside. This system is designed to naturally draw in air from outside and keep the mining room cool during the summer months and warm during the winter months. However, issues concerning moisture and humidity during these seasonal changes will need to be addressed and managed responsibly to avoid potential problems.

Upcoming Deadlines and Electrical Work

With drywall set to be delivered in four weeks, there is still much work to be done in the basement to prepare for its installation. Electrical wiring and ethernet connections will need to be completed before the final drywall installation. The goal is to have everything completed by the end of June, where friends will be assisting in the hanging of the drywall.

Conclusion and Recommendations

The crypto mining basement renovation is an ongoing project with many smaller tasks being completed to create a cohesive and functional space for mining enthusiasts. With the stud walls secured, insulation prepared, and ventilation systems being planned, this space will soon be ready for drywall and electrical work.

If you have any recommendations or suggestions based on this update, please feel free to leave a comment down below. It is always helpful to hear from other enthusiasts and experts in the field. In the meantime, stay tuned for further updates as the project progresses!

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About the Author: Mike Izzo


  1. You might be better off with a small air conditioner, especially if you're already going to have 4 penetrations in/out of the room. Set the exhaust up to a temp sensor to come on if heat gets above a certain level.

    Mini AC will also manage your humidity with mechanical cooling. having that much exhaust is going to affect your entire homes HVAC system unless that mining room is sealed up really tight. You'd roughly need about 1 ton of cooling for every 3000watts of mining you're running. You're basically running a mini server room, you should really have some mechanical cooling in there.

  2. Looks great!
    I have one tip for you, dont reduce to a smaller diameter hvac piping. It took me a lot of time and money to figure this out. Im now running a 315mm (12 inch) hvac pipe on my inline fan and the airflow is just so much better that i was using a 6inch reducer.
    I run 63 rtx 3070's and the ambient is around 35 celcius

  3. Yo dude! First, I do not envy you figuring out how to cool that room. I’ve had a hell of a time figuring it all out for my grow tent.

    Only thing I was thinking when I’m looking at your airflow set up is how important it is to get the outside air pulled in directed immediately over the cards before it gets pulled by the big fans back to outside again. I’m wondering how you might set that up.

    Also, definitely seal every little hole in that room too once it’s drywalled because the negative air pressure will find them and pull air from the rest of your basement. I’m thinking like behind and around the outlets even.

    I love this stuff. I wish I could bring a 6 pack and nerd out with you on it. Have a great weekend brother!

  4. Cool stuff. How many amps are you running into your crypto room? I'm just getting into it, but have my own ideas of where I want to go. We are putting in a new 16×20 pool and storage shed outside. I'm thinking I want to put my stuff in there in a separate room away from the pool equipment. I hope I have enough power there. But here is my Buck Rogers idea: get waterblocks on my GPUs, and then pump the hot fluid through a heat exchanger that my pool water goes over. I'd still need a radiator for winter, but that isn't too tough.

  5. Time to buy HNS. i predicted to buy doge coin couple years ago, and i went high. now is time to buy HNS. remember diamonds 💎 are value for the reason that not everyone can find them or have them.

  6. I sold 2 rigs Due to heat.Built a 2'x6'x6' case with sliding pexiglass doors. 2 shelves so 3 bays. With a 970cfm exhaust fan still wasnt enough to keep machines cool. Add a 15k btu ac inside the case,Sold 2 compkete rigs and upgrades 5 rigs to newer card. Staying a nice 87 at exhaust.
    People i live with no longer hate me

  7. Your inlet and outlet pipes should be of the same diameter, also your flexible duct adds more resistance. Glade to see your 1/4 inch pot screen that’s awesome on your fan. I just added a 75 amp service to my garage as you have inspired me. I would would also add a way to move that heat into your house in the winter may ducts that you could open in the wall. Free heat!! Sort of. Thanks for sharing. Oh and for high humidity add a dehumidifier to the room.

  8. i think the basement is better if look like this…no separator and no the wall… too expensive only for the basement… better if the fund for buying more GPU … (only my opinion)

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