Exploring the Intricacies: A Comprehensive Mining Farm Tour

mining farm tour

Welcome Miners and Mine Enthusiasts!

Before we get started with today’s fascinating topic, take a moment to appreciate one of my latest favorite additions—a quirky and cool coffee mug, gifted by the generous team over at Krypti.com. They’ve also showered me with some impressive Dogecoin gear, including an awesome white hoodie bearing the iconic Dogecoin logo.

So, when I walk around wearing this hoodie, people who recognize this do a double take, and that itself is an incredible feeling. They also sent me a Bitcoin in the bank piggy bank t-shirt. Simply put, they’ve filled my wardrobe with cryptocurrency clothing—and I’m absolutely loving it. Krypti.com has been a significant partner of the channel, and their support is invaluable.

A Glimpse into today’s project

Besides sharing merch stories, today, I’m going to discuss an essential renovation we’re undertaking in our basement. Our focus is on installing a patch panel in the mining room. Currently, the mining room has 24 Ethernet drops and about 12 more in the rest of the basement. When you’re handling cables, always keep them organized; duct tape is an excellent hack for creating temporary labels.

Initially, I planned to install a 12U network rack but realized it would take a lot of space and not be the most efficient choice. Instead, I chose a 48 port patch panel. I used a 2U 19-inch U-bracket for mounting the patch panel. Following this setup, I will then add a 1U of the same kind housing a switch.

N-to-days later: an update

It’s been a couple of days since we started. Amid handling other things and taking pauses, the project is advancing steadily. However, a new challenge cropped up that most miners might not think of – humidity. Recently, I realized that the level of static down here is phenomenally high, and I figured out it was because of the scarcity of humidity. This low humidity level was causing static, which was consistently rebooting the mining rigs.

Issue of Low Humidity

The problem of low humidity wasn’t an issue that I had anticipated. Upon identifying it, I quickly acted by bringing home a humidifier. Although it didn’t entirely resolve the problem, the humidity level has increased considerably from 7% to nearly 35%. The increased humidity drastically curbed the static levels and resolved the rebooting issue with the mining rigs. This solution is only short-term, and I’ll have to upgrade to a home humidifier soon.

Our Network Update

Moving on, let’s bring the light back on the renovation. As of now, the patch panel has been successfully installed on a piece of plywood, which is firmly held against the wall. The Ethernet cables neatly run from the outlet, come in groups of six, and are secured with Velcro to ensure they remain in place. Since the cables are punched down, the caps help secure everything.

New Setup

The next step will be to install a 48-port unmanaged switch. Once installed, we will have 37 ports in use (36 for Ethernet outlets throughout the room and one for the uplink). I would love to hear your recommendations for a cheap, reliable, gigabit-switch capable of supporting our setup. Do remember, it doesn’t need to support PoE (Power Over Ethernet).

Remember, planning is key to successful project execution, and this renovation is proof. From coordinating with an awesome brand like Krypti.com to detailing out the intricacies of setting up a patch panel, every segment of planning ensures we are on track to renovate our basement just the way we want it.

Wrapping Up

This crypto mining basement renovation is an ongoing journey, and each step brings us closer to creating an efficient and optimal space for mining. As always, thank you for joining me on this journey and supporting the channel! Remember to subscribe for more updates and don’t forget to give this video a thumbs-up if you’ve enjoyed watching our progression.

Keep mining, keep growing!

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  1. Great video, I have been using cheap switches since I started but noticed the pros like you and red Panda use way better quality switches, does it help at all in the mining process?

  2. Hey I’m so interesting in your humidity issue!! My humidity in the tent is 10%.. eventually I’m going to get rid of the tent and do a full garage but I cannot understand the concept of humidity and a dehumidifier.: if it get hot in the summer would u need to turn on ac or pump cold air n would that create more humidity? would u make another video for the summer about it

  3. 4" Bus bar. Bond all racks and anything that can build static. Do it to your ground in the electrical panel if not take it to the ground outside yours house . Use 6 awg stranded conductor insulated wire (usually green or grey, grey is sometimes solid conductor)

  4. As a (semi)professional, that looks pretty good to me. Only thing I would have done differently would be a keystone panel instead of an integrated one like that.

    As for the switch itself, I've deployed hundreds and hundreds of Trendnets, Linksys and Ciscos with almost 0 problems while D-links and TP-links have been less reliable.

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  6. Hi I know that you used Hangers for GPU on shelving units, how about PSU and motherboard what tools do you use to stabilize them

  7. I do networking and nothing wrong with what you did, AS for switch just pickup a netgear 48 port Gigabit switch you'll pick up second hand one for about $100, new one about $250.

  8. I use a manged Cisco 48 port Switch, My mining rigs are all on their own vlan to separate all the traffic on my home network. Pretty simple to set up a basic network with as couple vlans. I just feel better having all the mining equipment separated from home pcs , cameras, tvs and other network devices.

  9. Yea … im pulling ur hobbyist card 😂😂😂 ur setup is a little too thought out and just perfect … might not be beyond a hobby as in card count/scaling but the setup is very business like lol

  10. Mikrotik has some largeish size switches that also have management features. There is a bit learning curve to them if you want to do slightly more advanced stuff. Netgear also has some pretty solid kit which used to have lifetime warranties (not sure if they still do anymore)

    I would have tried to get something larger than a 4u so the switch and the patch panel both swing out. can go with even shorter patch cables between the patch panel and the switch. I guess its also not that much work to unplug all the patch cables if you need to punch a new run in.

  11. The only thing I would have changed is to come in via the hole in the back of the 2u panel for a cleaner look. But not bad looking as it is now. As far as a switch for you room I would try to get a cisco 3750g, 2960g, or 3850. 3850 being the newest. Not super expensive on ebay. You can factory reset the switch and it should be the same as an unmanaged switch right out of the box. The advantage would be if you ever wanted to go managed you could without replacing.

  12. This is one of the first things I did when I bough my house in 2009. I purchased a 19" rack, 24 port switch and 24 port punch down panel. I then wired every room in the house with at least 2 ports of CAT5e.

  13. Thank you for the info on using a humidifier – I couldn't figure out why every time I turn off my light switch I would get shocked! I just set one up near my grow tent.

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