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Welcome to the Complete Guide On Crypto Mining Now

Mining cryptocurrency is a fascinating and rapidly changing industry. In today’s video, our sponsor,, has announced an exciting new initiative. They will be launching their weekly flux reward campaign for GPU miners around the world. Every Thursday, minor pool will give away 50 flux to 20 active miners in their Flex pool. I think it’s an excellent opportunity for miners like us to increase our mining gains.

My Mining Setup

I believe it would be valuable for beginners and seasoned miners alike to understand what you need for a crypto mining setup. A little over a year ago, I kickstarted my basement project, which ended up becoming my operations center for crypto mining. Most of my initial videos were made in this space which was, at the time, unfinished. Over the course of approximately a year and a half, I conducted extensive renovations on it. Looking back, I gather that I may have learned a few things about home projects along the way.

Handyman Lessons

Yes, I admit, I’m not a handyman, nor am I particularly adept at tasks involving intricate work or painful attention to detail. Still, the experience of renovating the basement exposed me to invaluable lessons. I learned to install elementary fixtures and fittings such as studs and handles. Understanding electrical systems, laying drywall or flooring, and setting up a ceiling was, indeed, a formidable challenge.

Crypto Mining Challenges

However, the most substantial challenge I faced was setting up the crypto mining wing of my basement. Will I ever forget the expenses I incurred to do it? Probably not. I had countless regrets regarding the choices I made on spending money on things for this project that could have been avoided. Despite all of this, I am pleased with how it turned out, and I believe the journey was well worth it. It’s worth noting that even almost done, there are still a few things to add and improve, but that is part of the process.

Office Space & Entertainment Area

The remodeled basement consists of my office space and an area for recreational activities. The office is equipped with cutting-edge equipment essential for smooth operations. An essential feature of this space is the fire-rated barn door, which is sturdy and gives the office an elegant look. The recreational area has all the modern amenities such as an LED TV, a sound bar, windows, and comfortable seating arrangements. I can’t emphasize enough how much I like the foldable doors in the basement’s utility area. They allow smooth accessibility and aesthetically augment the entire setup.

The Crypto Mining Room

This room, in particular, has seen the most transformation since the basement project started. Previously it had a few GPU rigs running, which is not the case currently. Instead, there are some high-performance servers that facilitate my operations, testing GPU performance, and storing mining paraphernalia. Honestly, this room needs some work, but it has served me well, and it still serves its primary function excellently.

Lessons Mined

Reflecting on my journey gives me priceless insights, the chief among them being planning and prioritizing my expenses. Beginners should note that crypto mining can be pretty hefty on your wallet if one is not careful. While the potential profits make it tempting to keep spending money on mining setups, it’s crucial to strategize every expense.

In conclusion, my crypto mining journey has been a roller coaster ride of sorts; illuminating, challenging, and satisfying. I believe that the insights that I’ve gained are valuable to people keen on venturing into this space, and I encourage all of us to embrace learning and growth in our personal and professional journey in the crypto mining world.

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  1. I remember when you were building this I was excited to have 3 gpus mining , now I’m at 30gpus with my own mining room I built in my basement. Best thing I ever did. Looks good.

  2. Everything looks great! Love the video! I remember some time ago you mentioning making the area under the stairs a Harry Potter themed area. Mother-in-Law visits can change things though. For the good of course. 😁

  3. Man a lot of thought and effort went into that mining spot. Too bad mining is dead moving forward. I just don't see an avenue for it to come back with any coin other than flux and they just aren't there yet and probably won't be until '24-'25.

  4. Your basement projects make me jealous, very nice. What did you use for a vapor barrier behind your sheet rock? Also are the metal wall studs better than wood? Thanks for the video!

  5. Whatever you do, don't expose that qnap to the internet. They have had so many security issues in the software over the years, and more get found every few months. Make sure you have it set to automatically update, whatever you use it for. And keep a backup in case you need to restore everything on it.

  6. Bull shit ur not talented you did a really good job its really not hard to do even for a first timer just need to know where you want things. And I HATE HATE HATE and even more HATE laying that floor down but it's cheap and customers like it

  7. It is really nice to see how much progress your basement is going through for the past year. Once again keep up with the good work creating content for the community. 😆⛏️⛏️

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