Revolutionizing Efficiency: Immersion Cooling in Data Centers

immersion cooling

Bitcoin Mining with latest ASIC Miners & Solutions by Wadham

Today’s video is sponsored by the team over at Wadham, which is a complete Bitcoin mining solution provider and the largest distributor of Bitcoin mining equipment in the United States. Wadham offers a one-stop-shop for everything ASIC mining – from Bitcoin miners, ranging from the S19 Pro Hydro all the way up to the Antminer S19J Pro.

If you’re looking to take mining to the next level, Wadham has you covered with facility build-out services, turnkey mining containers, power transformers, and complete hosting services. Check them out in the link provided in the video description.

The Journey of a Bitcoin Miner: Results from Hardware Setup

Since it has been over a week since our last video update on this state-of-the-art Bitcoin mining setup, we are excited to share the results of our Bitcoin mining shed. With an intake side providing airflow to prevent overheating, our custom-built exhaust side ensures no fires, meeting even the stringent expectations of those who initially doubted the project.

Shed’s interior for Proper Maintenance & Accessibility

After converting the shed into a workshop, we no longer have to go in and out of the house for cables and tools as everything is now housed in one place. The shed is complete with a workbench, Ethernet cables, C13 to C14 cables, and space for multiple rigs, such as our two Flux rigs.

We have also installed temperature probes inside the filter box to ensure optimal cooling and an L bracket to hold the filter box in place. Our electrician plans to install additional electric plugs for the inline fan, which runs on traditional 120V power.

Airflow Control & Efficiency

To ensure the best mining results, we have taken notes on various airflow settings in relation to external temperatures. For example, at an external temperature of 59°F, we set the fan speed to seven, with an inlet temperature of 47-44°F. We also discovered that focusing on the outlet temps, rather than the inlet temps, provides better overall results.

Seasonal Adjustments to the Controller

One of our primary concerns during the testing phase was determining the best settings for each season. This is particularly important when the external temperature is colder, as more cooling is required to maintain optimal mining conditions. We plan to adjust the controller seasonally and continue taking notes to find the best temperature range for each setting.

Maintaining Optimal Mining Conditions

With our Bitcoin Canon project complete and operating efficiently, we are thrilled to encourage others to explore the world of Bitcoin mining. Our customized setup with inline fans, hooded vents, filter boxes, and the AC Infinity system ensures that our Bitcoin mining rig remains cool, safe, and reliable.

We have successfully lowered the noise pollution from 70 dB to 60 dB by removing the loud fans from the ASIC miners, making our operation more neighbor-friendly. The Bitcoin Canon project proves that it’s possible to create a powerful and efficient mining system while respecting the environment and community around you.

Expandable Setup for Future ASIC Miners

One of the greatest benefits of our current setup is its expandability. With the success of our current rig, we can now consider adding additional miners to the setup without compromising on cooling or overall efficiency.

With the help of products and services provided by Wadham and useful innovations like the AC Infinity inline fans and the shroud system from Fruits and Associates, the possibilities for efficient and effective Bitcoin mining are endless.

So, if you are considering diving into the world of Bitcoin mining or want to upgrade your existing setup, be sure to check out Wadham, AC Infinity, and Fruits and Associates for their top-of-the-line products and services.

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  1. Looks sweet. Issue taking air from directly outside when its raining or high humidity may nuke lifespan though. Having it inside a house kind of buffers that down a bit. Maybe not the shed so much

  2. At the current BTC hashrate, a 100TH miner, yields around 0.011 BTC per month. With the exponential increase in BTC hashrate, and the reward halving in a year, this will take more than 20 years to mine a single BTC!

    If your electric cost is $0.07/kWh, and doesn’t increase in the future (unlikely assumption) you will have spent $18,000 in 10 years time on electricity alone … not including miner maintenance and construction of ventilation infrastructure.

    Currently, one BTC is $22,400.

    I don’t mean to be negative, but the math really doesn’t add up 🤷🏻‍♂️

  3. Are you certain that your placement of the fan is correct? What would be the advatage/disadvantage of placing the in-line fan at the end of the miner instead of the beginning?

  4. For the amount your blowing in time and money building little leveling tables , buy fans, ducting, foam etc etc, just invest in some immersion cooling. You're kind of wasting your time and everyone else's.

  5. Don't have an BTC asic yet, but did do something similar for custom mining cases to both control temp and noise – before Octo's were a thing lol. What you have done is neater and well thought out! You can get a pwm fan controller with its own pcb and "smarts" to regulate fan speed based on temperature. In my case I did it using a thermal fan kit available for sports cars (or any car really) and ran it at 12 volts using, wait for it, a cars thermal fan! They take up more space than the inline fans (obviously) but have very high cfm and long life. I know you can use one of these controllers to regulate mains voltage via a switching circuit board. But I was doing it on a budget and decided my local wreaker had a big enough supply of fans for me to be happy lol. I take nothing away from your solution though. It's awesome and you're right to be impressed by the outcome! Thanks for the vid, but buy a bigger shed lock lol!

  6. Thank You for doing this. I'm building a similar rig for a KA3. If you have time next update show us your bitmain online stats (hash/core temp) with the different fan settings. Hash On!!!

  7. THM wow awesome new initial intro! So cool, also congratulations 🎉 getting it all completed! Looks amazing and so much more quieter, you can even record content right by it! If you plan todo more pro ASIC I would think about just pulling intake air from inside the shed this way you will not need to make more holes in the shed and also not change filter as often! BTW great idea on taking exhaust temps

  8. 𝐏𝐚𝐫𝐭𝐬 𝐔𝐬𝐞𝐝 𝐢𝐧 𝐓𝐨𝐝𝐚𝐲'𝐬 𝐕𝐢𝐝𝐞𝐨

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