Bitcoin ASIC Mining: A Changing Landscape

bitcoin asic mining


Home crypto mining is rewarding but managing your hardware can be a nightmare. Switching between sites, logging in and out of various systems, and monitoring all your miners can be overwhelming. In this article, we’ll introduce you to a tool that vastly simplifies managing home mining rigs: the Hyper OS ASIC Hub.

What is Hive OS?

Many of you in the GPU mining community will already be familiar with Hive OS. This mining platform has been offering an easy, consolidated way of managing your GPU mining rigs for years. For those unfamiliar, Hive OS serves as centralized management for miners.

Now, could you imagine using the same tool for managing your ASIC miners? That is where the Hyper OS ASIC Hub comes into play.

The Hyper OS ASIC Hub

Hive OS offers a component that many ASIC miners – small or full-size operators – may not yet be familiar with – the Hyper OS ASIC Hub. A tool that allows you to organize, manage and monitor your ASIC miners from a single site. The following sections detail how to install, set up and use this software tool.

Setting up ASIC Hub

To install the ASIC hub, you will first need to visit Here, you will find an ASIC Hub tab leading to an informative page that details everything you need to know about the ASIC Hub.

You can use the ASIC Hub for several purposes as you can monitor various parameters like the hash rate, fan speeds, power consumption, and temperature tracking.

Alerts and Notifications

One standout feature that may appeal to home crypto miners like ourselves is the notification feature. Traditionally, you can use HiveOS with your GPU mining rigs, but with ASIC Hub, you can also integrate it with your ASICs.

Furthermore, you can connect it to applications like Telegram or Discord to send notifications about your ASIC miners. Alerts will inform you about any significant changes or issues with your ASIC miner.

Support for a Range of ASICs

One great feature of the ASIC Hub is the built-in support for a wide range of ASICs. There is support for some of the biggest brands in the business, including Bitmain, What’s Miner, Avalon, Yellow Silicone, eBang, and Cheetah.

A variety of Mini ASIC miners will also receive support from the ASIC Hub, with Goldshell miners joining the list in 2023.

Installing the ASIC Hub

Now, let’s look at how to install the ASIC Hub. It is essential to note that you should install the ASIC Hub on a computer that stays on most of the time to keep it up-to-date.

After navigating to the ASIC hub installation page and downloading the installer, you will need to extract it into your downloads folder. Once finished, you’d open the Asic Hub setup.exe file. After you’ve completed the setup, a new Asic Hub icon will appear on your desktop.

When you launch Asic Hub, a web page will open up, and you will add your device’s IP address here. After locating your device’s IP address and logging in with your credentials, the tool connects your hub to your Hive OS account, enabling the ASIC Hub to monitor and manage your miner for you.

Using the ASIC Hub

Once set up and connected to your Hive OS account, you can monitor and manage your ASIC with ease.

In “Settings,” you can rename your device for your reference. When it comes to alerts and notifications, they’re managed and viewed within Hive OS.

One of the primary advantages of ASIC Hub comes from the ability to view all your stats on one screen. You can see the status of your equipment and other specifications at once, making miner management more straightforward.

The Future of ASIC Hub

What is most exciting about Hive OS and the ASIC Hub is their continuous development. The planned integration of Goldshell support, for example, is a significant leap forward. Small ASIC miners or even larger miners who use Goldshell will soon have a tool that centrally manages their mining operations and makes their lives easier.


The Hyper OS ASIC Hub is a must-have for every home crypto miner using ASIC miners. It provides a simple, easy-to-use platform to manage, monitor, and optimize your mining operations. If you haven’t already, give it a try and streamline your mining operations. Keep in mind, though, this article isn’t sponsored by Hive OS!

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  1. trying to add a 2nd worker to my Farm via Hiveon Asic Hub and the L3+ I have I already upgraded the firmware to Hiveon and so when I go to add it to my Farm via HUB I get the message This device is already managed by hiveon

  2. Hey , I'm having antminer L7 with me and sometimes the miners just stop mining and i have to turn it off and turn it on again , and then it starts mining.
    So if I use hive os , will i be able to use watchdog option to automatically restart the miner reducing man power required to turn it off and ON at times .

  3. I do something similar, except I used the MinerStat ASIC Hub. I have a Bitmain S19J Pro. I'm keeping an eye out to get a second one once the price drops low enough.

  4. Let's say you setup an Antminer in your home and give it into hosting afterwards can you still monitor it in another location with only the setup from your home?

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