“Discovering Cryptocurrency: A Comprehensive Bitcoin Mining Farm Tour”

bitcoin mining farm tour


What’s going on miners and welcome back to the hobbyist miner channel! Today we’re going to talk about our 68 GPU home mining farm and give a tour of the mining room. We have rigs on each side and more rigs on each side here, with an entire mining room that has 240 volts on each wall, climate control, and plenty of connectors. We also have a file server with 10 terabytes of file storage for content creation and home mining storage. In this article, we’ll discuss each of our rigs, what GPUs they’re running, hash rates, and even some overclocking settings.

The Banshee Rig

The Banshee Rig is a mix of cards including 1660 Supers, Ti’s, 30 60s, 30 70s, and 30 70 Tis. It has a total hash rate of 400 MH/s on Ethereum. Keep in mind, this rig is managed by hobbyist miner, but actually owned by DJ Mines.

Beast Rig

The Beast Rig is located on the second story of the house and mines Flux using 1070 Ti’s, 2060 Supers, and a 2060. The 2060 Super GPUs produce a remarkable 53 souls on Flux. This rig serves as a heater for the second story during the winter time.

Colossus Rig

The Colossus Rig is housed in an Octominer X12 with 12 RX 470 4GB cards mining Ethereum Classic, producing 350 MH/s. These cards were originally mining Ravencoin before the happening, but switched to Ethereum Classic afterward.

Gambit Rig

The Gambit Rig is located within an Octominer X8 Ultra Plus and contains eight RX 580 8GB cards mining Ethereum. This rig’s Ethereum is being converted to Bitcoin and paid out using a service called Two Minors. The total hash rate for this rig is 250 MH/s.

Juggernaut Rig

The Juggernaut Rig is not owned by the hobbyist miner but is managed within the farm. The rig houses a mix of GTX 1060 6GB cards, 1080s, and 1660 Ti’s mining Ethereum, with a total hash rate of 310 MH/s.

Scarlet Witch Rig

The Scarlet Witch Rig contains seven RX 570 4GB cards mining Ergo with a total hash rate of 450 MH/s. The goal with this rig is to continue growing their Ergo wallet in preparation for Ethereum’s switch to Proof of Stake.

Surge Rig

The Surge Rig is a custom-built rig with an ASRock H510 Pro BTC motherboard running six RX 6600 GPUs. The total hash rate for this rig is 175 MH/s on Ethereum.

Test bench

The test bench, housed in a Thermaltake P3, currently has an RX 580 8GB card mining Ethereum at 30 MH/s. There is also a 1660 Super that needs to find a home within one of the rigs.

Wolverine Rig

The Wolverine Rig contains a mix of 30 60s, 30 60 Tis, and 1660 Ti’s mining both Ethereum (100 MH/s) and Flux (180 souls). This rig looks really cool, thanks to the MSI 1660 Ti’s with RGB lighting.

Dogecoin Miners and He-Li-Fi (Helium) Mining

In addition to the GPU mining setup, the hobbyist miner is also running two Dogecoin miners (Goldshell and VoskCoin editions) producing a hash rate of around 187 MH/s each. They’re also mining Helium with an MNTD Gold Shell Helium miner.


That concludes our tour of the 68 GPU home mining farm. If you’re looking to get into mining, these rigs offer a glimpse into what’s possible in a home environment. Don’t forget to enter the GPU risers giveaway and feel free to leave questions or comments about the setup. Happy mining!

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  1. Lol I know I’m 5 months late but I find the thumbnail hilarious. I’m imagining looking at the floor plans of your house and instead of “bedroom 1, bedroom 2, master bedroom, garage, sitting room, etc…” it just says “ergo room, flux room, ETH room, ETC room….” 😂

  2. lol Love the video THM. I never had a childhood video game. I grew up on a very large dairy farm. So no time for video games. I remember me and my younger brother asking Santa for the original Atari system to play Pong. lol Santa failed. lol

  3. Can you suggest laptop or any system as I'm going to buy laptop within two days for mining so I will buy the one you suggest as you have an experience

  4. Hi ! in your experience, do you prefer the octominer o the open kind of rig? I have a open one, with 6 580 8gb, and Im considering to move to a octominer. any advise? is too noisy or warm?? Thanks

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