“Revolutionizing Crypto Mining with Advanced Immersion Cooling Techniques”

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Mining cryptocurrencies is a popular and potentially profitable hobby for many people around the world. However, it can also take up a significant amount of space in your home or office. This is especially true if you are running multiple mining rigs, which can quickly turn a small room into a cluttered and cramped environment. In this article, we will discuss an effective solution to save on density in your crypto mining room by stacking three mining rigs on top of each other while also avoiding overheating and heat soak problems.

Why Stack Mining Rigs?

Stacking mining rigs has a number of benefits, including:

– Saving valuable floor space in your mining room
– Improving airflow and cooling efficiency
– Creating a cleaner and more organized workspace

In order to achieve these benefits, we will be using the stackable frames from Triple A Wave, which are recommended for stacking up to three rigs high. These frames have a massive amount of fans to help with cooling, including four on each side and five across the top.

Preparing the Mining Rigs

Before stacking the rigs, it’s important to address any issues related to cooling and overheating. In this example, we will be stacking three different rigs, each with a variety of GPUs mining different cryptocurrencies. First, we will make sure each rig is properly setup with fans on both sides and across the top to maintain proper airflow and cooling. The rigs being used in this example include:

– Rig 1: A mix of NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060s and AMD Radeon RX 570s
– Rig 2: An AMD Radeon RX 570-only setup mining Ergo
– Rig 3: A mix of NVIDIA GeForce GTX 3060s, 3060 Tis, and 1660 Tis, mining Flux and Ethereum

When preparing the rigs, also ensure that all GPU cables and power connections are properly organized and managed, making it easier to place the rigs on top of each other later on.

Stacking the Rigs

After ensuring that each rig is well-cooled and properly set up, it’s time to begin stacking them. Start by placing the first rig on the bottom, followed by the second rig on top, and finally the third rig on top of the second. Be extra careful when handling the rigs to prevent any damage to the GPUs or other components.

Once all three rigs are stacked, connect them to your power source and PDU to ensure that they are functioning properly. If everything looks good, then you have successfully saved on density in your crypto mining room by stacking three rigs on top of each other.

Power Usage Considerations

When stacking mining rigs, it’s essential to be aware of the power usage for each rig. In our example, the three rigs combined consume approximately 1,920 watts of power. This should be taken into account when determining how many stacked rigs are feasible for your specific mining room and power supply.


Stacking mining rigs can be an effective way to save valuable space in your crypto mining room while also improving airflow and cooling efficiency for your GPUs. By using stackable frames such as those from Triple A Wave, you can easily organize and consolidate multiple rigs into a smaller footprint.

In our example, we were able to successfully stack three mining rigs and save on density in the mining room without causing overheating or heat soak problems. However, it’s important to monitor the performance and temperature of each rig after stacking to ensure that the cooling solutions are working effectively and addressing any issues as needed.

With the right preparation and careful attention to cooling and airflow, stacking mining rigs can be a powerful solution for optimizing your space and maintaining a more organized and efficient crypto mining operation.

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  1. I would like to know a ballpark figure for daily US$ output of a 21 GPU stack of similar specs. It would be nice to compare to the output vs costs of the Jasminer.

  2. Great video, it always surprises me why people don't follow basic air principles. I put four fans on a bracket in front, blocked the sides, and placed a wood piece on top. The air is forced in and pulled out like a server case, with great cooling.. you should try that on video and see how it works.

  3. Your right side rig fans (exhaust) are fighting your gpu fans right next to them (intake). You could consider making the right side intake and just have exhaust on the other side. Nice setup though

  4. 4:53 You say gonna blow the air out. That's a bad idea to pull the air away from the gpu fans. You want the fans on that side and the power input side of the cards to draw air in and the fans on the opposed sides to blow out. That will make a diagonal column of air across the cards aiding in cooling when the frames are stacked into a wall of gpu rigs.

  5. I am typically watching your videos while I am traveling. Today is probably the first time I have been able to watch one of your videos from home. I can say I appreciate that you provide content and not the BS fear mongering that some of the miner YouTube personalities create. The big thing is you show how you have scaled over time. That is something I truly appreciate and am always interested in what ways you are upgrading your current setup. Keep up the great work!

  6. I don't get how people can run so many rigs in a room with such small airflow. I literally have each rig under each window to keep them cool.

  7. sir. i need some advice from you. I'm plan to start my first mining rig. i only bought 1 amd rx 6600xt. and now I'm planning to mine on zcash. can you help me if it would be profitable?

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