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Preventing Fires in Crypto Mining Sheds with Fire Extinguisher Balls


As a cryptocurrency miner, safeguarding your precious equipment from damage should be a top priority. Have you ever wondered how well your mining shed is protected from potential fires?

While it might seem like a distant concern, considering the sheer number of electronics and the heat they produce, a fire is a distinct potentiality. A key element of maintaining a successful mining operation is to ensure that you have a robust fire prevention strategy in place.

One of the more innovative and cost-effective precautions you can take is the use of fire extinguisher balls. These unique safety devices are designed to burst and extinguish fires when the flames reach them. But are all fire extinguisher balls created equal? In this article, we’ll discuss the importance of maintaining fire safety in your crypto-mining shed, the role fire extinguisher balls can play, and how sizes can vary.

Why Fire Safety Matters in Crypto Mining Sheds

Crypto mining involves powerful processors running 24/7, thereby generating an immense amount of heat. As heat can be a catalyst for fires, it’s essential to take preventative steps. Fires can destroy not only the hardware, causing massive financial losses, but they also pose a very real threat to the entire building and even human life.

The Importance of Fire Extinguishers And Fire Extinguisher Balls

Aside from having an effective cooling system in place, you should have fire extinguishing systems ready as well. Traditional fire extinguishers are a great start, but they require human intervention to operate effectively. With fire extinguisher balls, they take this one step further.

Understanding Fire Extinguisher Balls

Fire extinguisher balls are having a bit of a moment in the mining industry because they are affordable, easy to use and highly effective. They are designed to respond automatically to flames, making them more reliable than other fire safety measures that require human interaction.

It’s simply a ball made out of a lightweight casing of rigid plastic foam or tubular shell synthetic casing filled with an extinguishing agent. Upon contact with a flame of about 140 degrees Fahrenheit, the ball rapidly bursts, dispersing the extinguishing agent over a wide area, thereby smothering the fire.

The Role of Flame Temperature

You may be asking yourself if the temperature alone can cause a fire extinguisher ball to burst. I contacted the company, and they confirmed that a flame has to hit the ball for it to burst and not just any temperature increase. This means that your fire extinguisher ball won’t be triggered by the typical heat produced by your mining equipment.

Does Size Matter When It Comes to Fire Extinguisher Balls?

Despite what you may think, there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to the size of fire extinguisher balls. Typically, the ability of the ball to extinguish fire does not depend on the size but the quality of the extinguishing agent inside.

Nevertheless, you might come across a few size discrepancies when ordering fire extinguisher balls. I recently ordered a fire extinguisher ball, and to my surprise, I got one about the size of a kickball compared to my previous order of a softball-sized one. It was an amusing discovery as both were the same price!

Several factors may contribute to these differences, mainly differences in manufacturers or design elements aimed at different types of fires.

Choosing the Right Fit

Advancements in technology could be another reason for this variation in sizes. Maybe the larger size contains a next-generation fire extinguishing agent, something more advanced and powerful. However, without any precise information, it’s all conjecture at this point. The bottom line? Always buy fire extinguisher balls from a reliable source and clarify specifications before purchasing.


In conclusion, fire safety in a crypto mining shed is of utmost importance. A multi-tiered approach that includes a well-modulated cooling system, traditional fire extinguishers, and fire extinguisher balls can drastically reduce the risk of an uncontrollable fire. Different size extinguisher balls can provide the same efficacy when it comes to protecting your mining rigs, but until more details about the larger version are made available, the choice between a softball size or a kickball size fire extinguisher ball remains largely a personal one. Stay safe!

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  1. remember sometimes you can't go inside when the fire is raging so run some sort of fire suppression system where the main system is outside of the shed hell maybe just run metal tubes outside to some fire extinguishers where you can set them off from the outside

  2. Hange the giant one directly above the miner's so if a flame developed from a unit it may set off the extinguisher before all the units are destroyed saving more equiptment and possibly the shed. Yhe others can stay on the wall incase the fire spreads.

  3. Oh my god dude, buy halon or halotron extinguishers. Puts out the fire without damaging any undamaged electronics. All powder type extinguishers are detrimental to electronics. If something accidentally goes off, you’re buying all new equipment for no reason.

  4. Nice! I have the same thing around my miners, on my Lithium batteries, 2 in my wife’s electric car and one in my diesel Ute. Better safe than sorry!

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