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Discovering the Heat Bit: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

The Heat Bit has been making waves in the crypto mining community, but are all these claims actually valid? In this article, we dive deep into the inner workings of the 1200-dollar box that promises to revolutionize the world of Bitcoin mining.

The Early Days of the Heat Bit

Back in November 2022, the Heat Bit marketing team reached out to this author, offering a partnership that involved reviewing and promoting their product in exchange for a commission on each unit sold. Over the next few weeks, a review video of the Heat Bit was created and shared all over social media, generating a great deal of interest and excitement.

However, things soon took a turn for the worse.

Encountering Issues

Within just two weeks of receiving the Heat Bit, the unit stopped working entirely. Despite several attempts to contact the company, no response was received for over a month. During that time, other community members reported similar issues with their own Heat Bit units.

After a replacement unit was finally sent out, this too suffered problems just two weeks after arrival, this time blowing cold air instead of mining. At this point, it was clear that the Heat Bit was not living up to its claims and could not be recommended to others.

A Closer Look at the Heat Bit

Left with a non-functioning unit, the decision was made to disassemble the Heat Bit and see precisely what was wrong with it. The teardown revealed a surprisingly well-designed and thought-out product, featuring an inline fan, a small Asic, and a shroud system for the ASIC Miner. Everything was wired together with an ethernet cable, which was found to connect a Raspberry Pi-like controller to the Asic and inline fan.

However, in spite of its well-engineered design, the Heat Bit’s main issue seemed to lie in its software and hardware driving the unit. The troublesome components were all found in the bottom section of the box, where a small controller board controlled the inline fan and connected to the Asic via an ethernet cable.

Why the Heat Bit Failed

Although its appearance and engineering seemed impressive at first glance, the Heat Bit simply did not perform in the long run. The main reason for this appears to be the software and hardware interface between the controller board and the ASIC Miner. This configuration led to a slew of issues, causing the unit to either fail completely or become extremely inefficient at mining.

Furthermore, the fact that multiple units have suffered from these issues, as well as the company’s lack of communication and support, only emphasizes that the Heat Bit is likely a bad investment.

The Verdict: Do Not Buy the Heat Bit

In conclusion, the Heat Bit has proven to be a substantial disappointment. Although its design and engineering appear well thought out, its software and hardware issues far outweigh any potential benefits. As such, we strongly urge you to avoid purchasing one at all costs.

Instead, consider checking out alternatives like ASIC Jungle, which offers top-tier mining hardware and services. By investing in reliable and efficient mining equipment, you can ensure that your foray into the world of cryptocurrency mining is a success.

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About the Author: Mike Izzo


  1. I am gonna go ahead and give you a Like for making a useful and informative video, and then I am gonna go ahead and never watch a video of yours again. I'm gonna go ahead and leave this channel now. Going ahead.

  2. Curious, do you know if Stevie Sells have the same issues? The only reason I knew about these was because of one of his shorts, based on my understanding of earnings per day you’re better off with a Futurebit Apollo.

  3. I remember that I was frustating because Im making an imersive bitcoin heater that heat water and air temperature for the house, and when I saw this I saw … Wow, they are upfront 😢 damn it… Now Im thinking to finish my project and then show that we can earn BTC and have the house heat and the water 🎉😅

  4. Disappointed in you for not testing this before hocking it to your followers. So much for being a “hobbyist” if this is how you make your living. 🫤

  5. Looks like HeatBit enclosed the miner with an over engineered box and "a boat load of screws" in a deliberate way to prevent people from seeing the used hash boards. Good thing you tore it apart and revealed the scam for all to see

  6. So let me get this straight you agreed to promote their shitty product for a kickback, which led to convincing other peeps to buy it, when you hadnt even thoroughly vetted the quality of it yet? you don't even seem apologetic to your community, instead you seem more worried about you getting stiffed. not cool bro

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