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The Bitmain Antminer S19j Pro: The Loud Bitcoin Miner

Meet the Bitmain Antminer S19j Pro, a full-blown Bitcoin miner with just one downside – it’s loud! This powerful machine is capable of mining Bitcoin at 104 terahashes and pulling over 3000 watts. But how does this noise level compare with other cryptocurrency mining equipment?

Comparing Noise Levels: Setting the Scene

In a fun and untraditional experiment, we’ll take a tour around a crypto mining basement to test the noise levels of various mining equipment. With a decibel meter in hand, we’ll measure the sound levels generated by the test bench, the OctoMiner, an open frame rig, and an air conditioner. Finally, we compare these readings to the sound produced by the Bitmain Antminer S19j Pro, the star of the show.

The Savior for Home Crypto Miners: Cryptology Consulting’s Solution

Being a home crypto miner is tough, especially with the noise generated by the Antminer S19j Pro. But fret not, as the team over at Cryptology Consulting has offered a solution in the form of a prototype – a full-metal box designed to contain and reduce the noise produced by the Bitcoin miner.

Introducing the Noise Reduction Box

The box is well-built and comes with insulation all around as well as a platform for the miner to rest on. This design allows the box to be fully soundproofed, with the interior lined with sound-detaining material. Additional foam insulation is also provided to ensure a perfect fit for any S19j Pro.

Alongside this noise reduction box, Cryptology Consulting has partnered with Crypto Cloaks to create specialized airflow adapters for better ventilation. These 3D-printed adapters further improve the noise-reduction capabilities of the box while maintaining airflow.

Putting the Noise Reduction Box to the Test

Once assembled and fitted with the Antminer S19j Pro, the noise reduction box is finally tested to see how it compares to the other mining equipment in the crypto mining basement. With the decibel meter in hand, we’ll come back to compare the noise levels with and without the box.

The Results: A Significant Improvement

After installing and running the S19j Pro inside the noise reduction box, the results are impressive. The box significantly reduces the noise level of the Bitcoin miner, making it more suitable for home use while still maintaining optimal airflow for cooling purposes.

Further Enhancements with Crypto Cloaks Adapters

In a future video, we’ll explore more about how the Crypto Cloaks adapters can be used to enhance the noise reduction box and optimize airflow within the system. Stay tuned as we build a dedicated intake and exhaust system for the Antminer S19j Pro.

A Huge Win for Home Crypto Miners

This noise reduction box from Cryptology Consulting is a tremendous win for home crypto miners, creating a more harmonious living environment. Thanks to this innovative solution, now even the loudest Bitcoin mining machines can be used in a domestic setting without disturbing the peace. With plans to incorporate the box and Crypto Cloaks adapters in a crypto mining shed, we’re excited to see how further noise levels can be reduced and mining efficiency improved.


The Bitmain Antminer S19j Pro is an impressive piece of machinery for mining Bitcoin, but its noise level can make it difficult for home use. Thankfully, Cryptology Consulting’s noise reduction box and Crypto Cloaks’ adapters provide a solution that helps control noise levels while maintaining airflow and mining efficiency. This improvement allows home crypto miners to embrace the powerful Antminer S19j Pro without sacrificing peace and quiet. So, here’s to more Bitcoin mining with less noise!

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About the Author: Mike Izzo


  1. Really interested for you to test the upstreamdata Ohmm™ Black Box. Looks like it completey cuts out the sound and can be stand alone inside or outside.

  2. Love the video.
    For the future when you show noise can you also show a sound spectrum? It's a really important measurement as it gives a lot of information about the type of noise.
    Something can be at 90dB like a lawnmower for example and still be more pleasant than a server PSU running at 70dB.
    I've had a minebox Servercase and the server fans were loud in comparison to my Octominer now. And also that 3300W PSU always had its tiny fan at 100%. That was really annoying. Well once you remove the PSU mini fan from that equation the 80dB from the larger server fans isn't even an issue.

    So seeing a spectrum would be great 🙂 if you want we can even generate these from your audio recording.

  3. That's a huge difference. I can't imagine what actual deadening panels with actual baffles would do. Look up some sound deadening generator boxes. Most of those have sound baffles and those can make a big difference.

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