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Discovering The Intricacies of Indie Pop Rock with The Band Nawei

What is Indie Pop Rock?

The first question posed by Apolline from the Nawei group begins with a bit of history and explanation about the genre of music they play, which is indie pop rock. She explains that the term indie pop rock essentially means that the music is self-produced and made outside of the traditional music scene. This distinction allows for artistic freedom and authenticity that is not always possible in mainstream music. Further to the first part of this interview, it’s clear that the group firmly identifies as indie pop rock artists. Not only is this the genre of music they play, but it is also in line with their guiding philosophy when it comes to making music.

Inspiration Behind Nawei’s Music

When queried about what inspires their music, the band members candidly admit that they were heavily influenced by the music they listened to during their high school days. They grew up listening to different artists which has shaped their music.

How a Diverse Group Finds a Singular Style

The challenge of having a diverse group of individuals with different influences is discovering a singular style that reflects every band member. But this is what gives their work so much depth and variety. The drummer from the group mentioned how the members’ varying preferences bring an interesting mix to their compositions, making them more dynamic.

Finding their Own Style

Evolution is constant in the music process, and Nawei is not immune to this. The group’s music style does keep evolving as they continue to grow as musicians. The studio and recording engineer Thomas is a crucial part of this evolution. He handles the recording and mixing process, which decides the final sound that is put out by the band.

Self Financing

The band also shared their challenges with finances, making clear that they self-finance their music productions. From recording to touring, everything is covered out of pocket, making every decision they make a crucial one.

Distribution and Use of Social Media

To distribute their music, the band relies on music distribution platform LANDR which allows their music to be found on Spotify, Apple music, Deezer, and many more online streaming services. When it comes to connecting with fans and keeping them updated, Instagram is their go-to platform, with tasks performed by their community manager, Axel.

Upcoming Projects and Goals

Nawei is working on being more prolific in the music scene, acknowledging the need to churn out more music and make their mark on the industry. They believe their little victories like successful music videos are just the beginning of what they can achieve. They will also be looking into organizing tours to reach out to their fans personally and immortalize their music in live performances.


Despite the numerous challenges that come with being independent artists, the group remains hopeful and enthusiastic about what the future holds. Regardless of what challenges lay ahead, they will face them head on, driven by their passion for music and the undying support of their fans.

About the Interview

This article is based on an interview held on RCF en Lorraine, where the band members of Nawei responded to various questions about their journey and music experiences.

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