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Earning Passive Income with Flux Cryptocurrency: A Year in Review

Over the last 12 months, I’ve been successfully creating a steady stream of passive income with my Flux cryptocurrency, a unique and rewarding endeavor, let me tell you how. This article unveils the process, the successes, and how you too can join in earning more with Flux. Today’s exploration is made possible courtesy of our good friends at, a reliable online store for your crypto mining hardware needs.

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Why ASIC Marketplace?

With ASIC Marketplace, the price listed on their website includes shipping costs, which is a refreshing surprise to many. Taking their services further, they enhance their service with the exciting acceptance of cryptocurrency as payment directly from their store.

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The Journey to Passive Income: Flux Titan Node

If we rewind to 12 months ago, specifically on July 20th, 2022, I decided to invest or stake about 2,000 of my Flux into the newly introduced product by the Flux team; the Flux Titan Node.

What is a Flux Titan Node?

A Flux Titan Node is part staking mechanism, part node. You stake your Flux into one of their enterprise nodes, and you don’t have to do anything else. No hardware purchase, no hosting, not even setup adjustment to a firewall. It indeed simplified the process of staking Flux.

Earning Additional Flux: A 12-Month Investment

In July 2022, I invested 2000 Flux, which was valued at 44 cents at the time, translating to total expenditure of $880. Your investment duration in a Flux Titan Node could either be for three, six, or twelve months. After staking my Flux for 12 months, I emerged with 107.15 additional Flux.

The Return On Investment

In the course of a year of doing virtually nothing, I realized a total return of approximately 5%. With an initial stake of 2000, I ended up with an extra 107.15 Flux. Considered from a passive income viewpoint, it is undoubtedly a winning scenario.

The Value of Flux

As of August 1st, the value of Flux dropped to 39 cents, but I now held more of it. With a current total of 2100 and 7.15 Flux, the value stands at $831.36. It’s an investment strategy that works well if you are not in a hurry to use your Cryptocurrency.

Reinvesting in Flux?

The burning question then arises; ‘Is it worth reinvesting in Flux?’ In my view, absolutely. After successfully earning additional Flux passively, I am inclined to commit the earned passive income back into Flux. This strategy allows my cryptocurrency to continue working for me, inevitably generating more passive income.

Making Passive Income Work For You: The Future Plan

The game plan going forward is to stake 3000 Flux (inclusive of the earlier earned 2107.15 Flux) back into a Flux Titan Node for another 12 months. This waiting game could potentially bring more significant rewards, especially if the value of Flux climbs to a dollar.

Your Turn to Earn from Cryptocurrency

Whether you are already running a Flux node, staking it within a Flux Titan node, or looking to liquidate your Flux, it is time to let your cryptocurrency work for you. Engage in the comments with your current strategies or share insights of other projects generating passive income for you. Cryptocurrency is not just an investment, it’s a goldmine waiting for you to tap into. Remember, patience and informed decisions pave the way to passive income success. Happy Mining!

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About the Author: Mike Izzo


  1. 100th like! Mining it, Running a Nimbus node, Staking on Titan and Hodling. Haven't sold any since I mined it as Zelcash and honestly forgot about it until it pumped over $3 then watched it come back down :o(

  2. Project Titan has been a good experience. It makes Flux unique where miners (businesses) have 4 different revenue streams (mining, nodes, pouw and staking) While not everyone will be able participate in all four, nearly everyone can do at least 2 of them.

  3. Hobbyist I remember last year you sold some flux when it hit around a dollar. I sold at that time too. If it wasnt for you pulling the trigger then I think i would have held. Flux Flux.

  4. This is the only way I could accomplish the flux node scenario… I have terrible connectivity and really lack the knowledge to really tackle an actual node… great video!!!

  5. flux nodes @4 nodes total 2 cumulus and 2 fractus, presearch noedes running on flux. I would like to run a neox node but last time I looked they were not ready yet. Also running on the flux network. Flux all the way LFG.

  6. Yeah. I still hold my flux, but I’m starting to lose faith in it. It seems like other projects are more profitable. Maybe when they get POUW up and running it will improve profitability. Also, it looks like they are going away from the home miner and more towards commercial data centers.

  7. Running 8 nodes but kinda disappointed in flux doubt ill make my hardware investment back, halfing really hurt, was hoping get a spike in price after that but stuck with it on long haul, 12 day payout is too punishing on cumulus nodes imo only get worse if flux got popular again.

  8. Can we add some comparisons to this? In that 1y flux lost +-15% in value but you gained around 5%, so thats 10% less flux if you would have sold then and bought now. Now let’s say you would have put that in btc, which gained 25% since then, which means if you would have converted your flux to btc then and bought it now you would have had 35% more flux. 😅. Would be great for the next video if you could add those comparisons in the future also 🙂

  9. Hey Hobbyist, I like the content but let me have some critic. I don't know what's going on with most the Youtubers and FLUX but it seems that you get either too excited about something that is mediocre or FLUX somehow pays you guys. Nothing wrong with both of them BUTI think it was you that converted your ETH for FLUX and then you staked it. I think in this video you should have included the most realistic side of things as well. First of all, in a bear market you never exchange the strong coins to altcoins like FLUX, it's one of the few rules that bear markets have taught us. Second of all, you said you bought your FLUX at 44c but you didn't say that in that period of 12 months FLUX went up to $1.4. It's hard to catch the top but honestly just by looking at the weekly MACD you could have sold your FLUX at $1.2 that would result to $2400 compared to the $820 that you have now. Just buy looking at the weekly MACD again you could have bought that $2400 in FLUX at $.5. You would have now 4800 FLUX instead of 2100 FLUX. Also, you need to highlight to people that your FLUX is getting locked, you can't liquidate it in case you see the price dropping. As much as passive income is cool, staking and especially how FLUX does it it's not cool at all. Being your first bear market, I understand that you're still learning but dude giving direction to people to lock their coins is not the way no matter what the coin is.

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