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Introducing the Sense Cap M4 Square: A Plug and Play Flux Node Solution

Are you a home crypto miner or an individual with limited knowledge about setting up flux nodes? The Sense Cap M4 Square from seed Studios might be the perfect solution for you. This plug-and-play device retails for about $299 and boasts its simplicity in setting up a flux node. In this article, we will discuss the features of the Sense Cap M4 Square and walk you through the process of setting it up.

Unboxing the Sense Cap M4 Square

When you first unbox the Sense Cap M4 Square, you will find a flux sense cap sticker, a sense cap M4 booklet, a power adapter, and the main unit itself. The unit is small, compact, and designed with a mesh exterior for optimal airflow. The top lid is magnetized, making it easy to remove and access the hardware inside.

Hardware Features of the Sense Cap M4 Square

Some of the notable hardware features of the Sense Cap M4 Square include:

– An SD card slot and USB 3.0 port
– A USB Type-C port and an auxiliary port
– Two LAN ports and an HDMI port
– A power button and DC input
– A small antenna (not necessary for the flux node setup)
– Mounting options for wall installation

The unit is significantly smaller than its competitors, making it a sleek and space-saving choice for setting up a flux node.

Setting Up the Sense Cap M4 Square

To set up the device, follow these steps:

1. Connect the Ethernet cable to Ethernet port 2 (closest to the HDMI port).
2. Plug in the power adapter.
3. Wait for the orange light on the device (L3) to indicate a successful internet connection.
4. Download the Sense Cap Hotspot App and create an account.
5. Within the app, select Flux and follow the onscreen instructions to set up and manage the device.

Important Steps in the Setup Process

It is important to note that the app’s instructions may not be entirely clear in some areas. A crucial step that is not explicitly mentioned in the app is sending 1,000 Flux to your own wallet address in the ZelCore app. This is needed for collateral and will automatically create a node within the app.

After completing this step and entering the necessary information into the Sense Cap Hotspot App, you can proceed with deploying your flux node.

Additional Considerations and Final Thoughts

While the Sense Cap M4 Square is one of the most streamlined and user-friendly options for setting up a flux node, it is essential to be aware that the setup process may still be time-consuming and may require additional research to complete correctly.

However, if you are willing to put in the effort and troubleshoot potential issues, the Sense Cap M4 Square is an excellent investment for those looking to earn passive income through a flux node. With its compact design, user-friendly app, and overall performance, the Sense Cap M4 Square is a great choice for both experienced and inexperienced users.

In summary, the Sense Cap M4 Square offers a relatively simple and convenient solution to set up a flux node, but there is still room for improvement in terms of instructions and app features. Overall, this device is perfect for those who want to embark on earning passive income through flux nodes and desire a sleek, space-saving, and easy-to-use option.

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About the Author: Mike Izzo


  1. what do you mean by send flux to your own address, you mean just send 1000 flux to your zelcore wallet right? i couldn't get it to show because i had 999.999999 flux, its BS, why does it have to be exactly 1000 for it to show

  2. This video really helped. Just got my M4 today. One thing that I thought I was messing something up because I didn't see the start button, but you have to wait for 100 confirmations before it'll show up.

  3. I have had a flux node online for about a year now, its a SFF Dell pc that i got for free at work.
    In the beginning the payout was ok, nothing big but it made sense. Now its not much.
    So buying a $300 pc to run a node doesnt make any sense to me. But it looks cool tho!

  4. Am I the only one thinking that there is no viable reason to require a "mobile app" on a phone to get this set up.
    You basically have a computer running the node. You do not need Bluetooth for anything once the node is up and running. Having that on, when not needed is drawing power that is simply wasted (yes, I know it is such a small amount that no one will care), along with providing an attack vector to the system (the security minded will understand what I mean).

    Everything done in the mobile app can be done in an app on the system itself! Making me ask again, why is there a mobile app?

    I also didn't see any mention of how to login to the preinstalled system and lock down or change any default values (i.e. passwords, SSH, etc).

  5. Thank you for this review. Would this device be suitable for setting as Flux Nimbus Node? Or maybe you have any recommendations on what best to buy?

  6. OHHHH THAAAAANNNNKKKKKK YOOOOUUUU!!!! Took forever to get the SEEED help desk to get my unit to show the FLUX dApp in the earlier steps. 4 days later, I got to the ZelCore APP and could not get the dang node to show. There isn't an edit button! After your video, I was able to get my M4 to the next step. Awesome!

  7. Hello. When sending 1000 flux to yourself do you send that to the exact address your sending it from and to or do you send it from like say your payment wallet to mining wallet. Thanks

  8. i been trying to get mine running over 2 weeks and cannot for the life of me. from errors cannot connect to trying to sign on zelid and i dont know what message to sign on zelid.. any ideas?

  9. I started running my first node today, and using COTX Flux Node hardware, and seems like it is going good so far. Setup was not that hard. I wish I could make videos like you HBM, but I cant. Hope this flux node works well for me.

  10. I feel they missed an opportunity by not making this a LoRa Helium miner at the same time. They have the know how, and it already has a LoRa antenna connector. Am I missing something?

  11. I am trying to set up a second M4 node on the same network. I am not finding any info on this anywhere. Tried to configure it a few different ways. Still no luck getting it going . A video on this would be awesome.

  12. Great video! Just got my SenseCAP today. I'm a bit familiar with Zelcore and deployed mine with no problem. I knew what to expect because of this video! Thanks for creating!!

  13. How do you send flux? I have the Flux for a node in the Zel wallet what part of the wallet should these flux be to form the node? mine in "income" wallet mode? Thanks

  14. Great video! Thanks for the walk through! It would be interesting to do a video comparing different ways to accumulate Flux: Buy, Mine, Run a Node, Store in Titan, and show the results of each. Maybe a set amount 1000 Flux or a certain $ amount. It would be good for new members of the community. You could include a delayed ROI component saying if Flux is $X what would be the results in the next bull market or just use the ATH.

  15. I think the "missing step" might be related to Android vs iPhone app? Found a few other installs and they could all copy/paste straight from Zelcore mobile on that step (might be wrong; trying to set up and work at the same time. I'll have to finish up later hahaha).

  16. i think you are pushing a unit unnecessarily out there , because they gave you one for free. Wow such a bad product , when all people have to do is setup a vm or virtual box on the computer for free and they are up and going. You really need to stop shillings shit products. That's the main reason people need to stop watching youtubers that push bad products.

  17. my mining rig has been boot looping since I came back from holidays. Nothing changed since I left except to turn it off. I unplugged all risers, leaving only my mobo, psu, ram and SSD but it still does that. any idea why?

  18. yes ut the problem is the flux will be halving at feb 4th 2023 and the nodes will earn pennies. if the flux doesnt recover at price wit this rate you cant even ROI that litte PC :d lol anyway i can do big node with a 12500 flux but i choose to not involve on that as i think i like to lock in when or if its worth my while to lock all that flux in.

  19. Neat unit, but as someone who knows nothing about networking, nodes, etc.. I would like to see a more user friendly interface & setup
    Once I mine 650 more Flux, maybe it'll be fixed, and I'll buy one…

  20. Nice video – hopefully feedback will be acted on and Seeed can smooth it out. For multiple nodes on one IP on home networks it could get challenging. UPnP can be unpredictable on stock ISP routers.

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