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Today’s topic is about a renowned crypto consulting team, Xero Crypto Consulting, and its approach to helping new and advanced miners get into the world of cryptocurrency. This article will delve into the service offerings and benefits of Xero Crypto Consulting, as well as a deep dive into the world of crypto mining with a focus on home crypto mining. Finally, it introduces an exceptional miner, Rabid Mining, unwrapping his journey into the crypto world, and his unique approach to crypto mining.

A Look at Xero Crypto Consulting

Xero Crypto Consulting, sponsoring today’s video, is a renowned name in the field of crypto mining consultancy. Getting started as a home crypto miner can often be intimidating, confusing, or frustrating. Xero Crypto Consulting team provides a professional, personalized crypto mining training course to make the process less daunting.

Whether you’re a beginner seeking to understand the basics of cryptocurrency or an advanced miner looking to take your crypto mining farm to the next level, Xero Crypto Consulting has got you covered. Its expertise includes everything from understanding the basics of cryptocurrency to mining processes. You can schedule a free 30-minute strategy call with their team, and if you mention The Hobbyist Miner, you’ll get a special deal.

Rabid Mining – Home Crypto Miner Extraordinaire

In today’s Meet The Miner segment, we have the pleasure of introducing Rabid Mining. His remarkable journey started around the 2019/2020 mark, beginning as a gaming channel. The world of crypto mining caught his interest when an educational video popped up on his feed. This marked the beginning of his endeavors in crypto mining.

His initial foray into crypto mining revolved around Nice Hash, a service he still considers a good jumping-off point for novices. Eventually, through tweaking and research, he began mining coins on his own. As Rabid put it, “Nice Hash is a good gateway drug into cryptocurrency.”

Rabid Mining’s Crypto Mining Farm

From gaming PCs to an impressive array of GPUs, ASICs, and CPUs, Rabid Mining has built a diverse home crypto mining farm. He boasts around 27 GPUs, including a few 3060 Tis, 3070s, and a 3090, among others. Additionally, he has a few ASICs and a remarkable collection of CPUs.

Diving into CPU Mining

When it comes to CPU mining, Rabid Mining has a reputable standing with around 25 CPU rigs, including three 5950x’s and a whopping 18 or 19 3900x’s. He has successfully experimented with various cryptocurrencies in terms of mining, including the Ghost Rider algorithm, raptorium, Fida, and victorium.

Rabid Mining believes that Nice Hash, while effective for novices in the GPU mining scene, is less recommended for CPU mining due to it being less profitable. Alternative options like Unminable, Monero Ocean, and Raptor Hash provide more options and potential for profit.

Finding the Right Balance – Heat and Energy

Rabid seems to have cracked the code when it comes to managing the heat generated by his mining operations. Remarkably, he manages to negotiate hot weather through his gaming sessions and mining using natural ventilation from his windows. However, as more CPUs join his setup, external fans were brought on board to help keep temperatures manageable. He also adopts energy-efficient methods to save on power use in the long run.

Hardware and Methodology

Rabid recommends that those interested in getting into CPU mining opt for a 3900x or 5900x CPU – whatever is cheaper on the used market. Cheaper motherboards can be used, and air cooling is favored over liquid cooling as it’s designed for extended loads.

New Ventures and Possibilities

With a close eye on the crypto market, Rabid says Meowcoin has recently caught his eye as it started to pump. As an experienced crypto miner, he is cautious about putting all his faith into one project. The crypto market’s volatility calls for diversification rather than banking on one coin to cue success.


Rabid Mining has established a credible reputation in the crypto mining world, with his unique approach and deep understanding of the sector’s nuances. He’s a testimony to the fact that crypto mining, once understood and approached correctly, can indeed be rewarding. Sponsored by Xero Crypto Consulting, he endorses their proficient services, whether you’re just stepping into the industry or already have a foothold in it. As he ventures into new crypto projects while consistently tweaking and perfecting his crypto farming methods, Rabid Mining’s story continues to unfold as one of triumph and tireless curiosity.

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  1. if anytime you want to interview anonimous miners from other countries, give me a ring… in portugal mining is a bit different and the electricity rate is like 30 cents, and i see we all started the same way …watching someone mine and use our gaming rig and nice hash to start…sounds me back to 2018 2019

  2. Rabid's thoughts on CPU cooling with air vs water was awesome! I have been using a CPU radiator this whole time, but will help me seek other options in the future if I continue my CPU mining adventures.

  3. The community wouldn't be the same without Rabid. Not much else that needs said. Other than Meet the Miner is the meat and potatoes of this channel. They are on my "must watch" list as soon as I see them publish.

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