Evolution in the Mining Farm Sector: A New Era Emerges

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Introduction: Bitcoin 2023 and the ASICJungle Giveaway

The much-anticipated event, Bitcoin 2023, is already creating a buzz with its upcoming conference in Miami Beach, from May 18th through the 20th. The team over at asicjungle.com adds to the excitement by announcing a massive giveaway that’s sure to catapult the curiosity and interest of attendees and Bitcoin enthusiasts worldwide.

The giveaway prize is nothing short of epic – a whole Bitcoin, from a website dedicated to meeting crypto hardware procurement needs. A considerable growth in Bitcoin mining and multiple players entering the space, both small-scale miners and large corporations, make this prize exceptionally attractive.

Why am I excited about Bitcoin Mining?

As a home miner, my interest in Bitcoin mining has been growing. The two boxes I recently received from Bitmain – home to some of the best Bitcoin miners in terms of hash rate and energy efficiency – are a testament to my enthusiasm. These boxes contained Bitmain Ant Miner S19j Pros – 100 terahash units with AMLogic boards.

The excitement around these units is palpable, but as a disclaimer, this purchase was not sponsored in any nature. Buying these bitcoin miners was a purely personal decision stemming from the desire to further delve into the Bitcoin mining world.

Understanding the Bitmain Ant Miner S19j Pros

Let’s touch upon Bitmain’s Antminer S19j Pro. Part of their latest series, this model is among the most energy-efficient Bitcoin miners to date. It operates on 104 TH/s, offers improved stability, and makes only a moderate amount of noise.

These Ant Miner S19j Pros are plain Jane 100 Tera hash units. Their robust technology and ability to deliver efficient and faster mining make them a popular choice among miners. These 100 terahash units aren’t a rare sight on my mining farm- I have another one already mining away in my shed!

My Mining Goals and Visions

My overall mining strategy is twofold. On the one hand, it’s a personal endeavor – I have set a goal to become a whole coiner. This essentially means owning one whole Bitcoin. There’s also a financial motivation underlying this goal. Owning a whole Bitcoin is valuable and could become an important long-term investment.

Challenges in Mining Operations

But mining on a significant scale isn’t without its challenges. Mining hardware is known for its high energy consumption, which raises questions about optimal ways to run this operation. Coupled with the high energy consumption, the heat generated by the mining equipment can’t be overlooked.

This constant heat build-up could wreak havoc on the equipment if not properly accounted for. Despite having an efficient setup in my shed, space is already at a premium. My Mini Asics, Box Miners, IPolo, GPUs and other mining gear already take up considerable space in the shed.

Finding Solutions: Creating More Space

More space for operating my Ant Miner S19j Pros is fundamental. Thankfully, I have a plan already in motion to acquire additional space in form of another shed. Versatility is key in mining operations, particularly as the hardware can change quickly, and new, more efficient options continue to appear. Larger space would mean more flexibility in terms of capacity.

Once the new shed is ready, all ASIC miners will be moved to that location, making more room for GPUs in the current shed. This space management is targeted at higher-cost efficiency and better heat management.

Moving forward with Bitcoin Mining

In conclusion, my ambition to become a whole coiner and contribute actively to the growing world of Bitcoin mining has inspired me to expand my operations and invest in more equipment. However, with such leaps come challenges, and appropriate space management and heat regulation measures should be in place to ensure smoother operation.

Therefore, before delving deep into the world of Bitcoin mining, proper planning and strategy need to be established that considers all the variables influencing success, including hardware efficiency, operational cost, and heat generation. As the world eagerly awaits Bitcoin 2023, there is an equal amount of anticipation in the miner’s world for the new gear and setups that will help us push our limits.

Meanwhile, I continue my preparation and gear-up to mine more Bitcoins, exceptionally excited for what the future holds in the world of Bitcoin mining.

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About the Author: Mike Izzo


  1. I just heard that MicroBT unveiled their new model at Bitcoin2023 that delivers 320 TH/s (Antminer S19 XP Hydro delivers up to 257 TH/s). I wonder what it's priced at?

  2. I really appreciate the dedication in each video you post. Despite the dip in crypto, I still thank you for the level-headed financial advice. I started crypto investment with $4,345 and since following you for few weeks now, I’ve gotten $18,539 in my portfolio. Thanks so much Mrs Claudia Jenkins.

  3. I am running 2 gpu on nicehash mining bitcoin. How is your power cost vs bitcoin revs coming along. Mine is not so good. I spend more on power than I get in bitcoin payouts.

  4. I go on and off of NH at times, but I am considering turning off all the GPUs since I have hit my coin goals, and just putting my power on two or three S19 120's. I resell ASIC stuff so, its available to me.

  5. Plan is to convert to bitcoin eventually but new coins keep coming out and i don't want to miss the boat if one of them actually goes to the moon. Currently stacking ironfish still. Once i get to that point (if there are no more new coins) i'll switch to bitcoin.

  6. When checking out NiceHash incoming, you want to use the "History & Stats" section, and then look at the income per day there. That is averaged out over 6h, 24h or 1w (as you select). The income under Rig Manager (that you showed in the video) is the instantaneous value protected out over 24 hours, and it can fluctuate a lot.

  7. So… I'm still struggling to get started I'm doing CPU mining on nicehash and still lookin for GPUs here in south Africa it's a bit expensive to just go and buy GPUs but I'll get there but sofar enjoying the journey

  8. Nice! I don't blame you for pulling the trigger with that price. I am trying to become a whole coiner myself (long term goals) . I have 2 S19J pros 104 T/hs they are in low power mode due to heat right now. Let's do this Hobbyist!!

  9. Congrats! I just ordered one of the new S19J Pro + 120TH models. Want to get to my second full coin before the halving. I have a want to get my bags of other coins to certain levels and then I'll start using NH as well. Mined about .15 BTC with S9's in the past, the rest I have came from using NH

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