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A Step-By-Step Guide to Installing a Meter Box for Your Crypto Mining Farm

For those who are looking to better manage and monitor their power consumption in their crypto mining farm, installing a meter box can be an effective solution. In today’s tutorial, we walk you through the process of installing a meter box, with the help of a professional electrician. We also discuss the various parts and supplies needed for the project, as well as tips and recommendations for a successful installation.

The Supplies You’ll Need

  • A Meter Box from
  • A 10-2 Cable for a 30-amp connection
  • A Leviton L630 industrial-grade, 30-amp plug
  • A Drax Meter to monitor power consumption
  • 16-gauge wire (aka “trash wire”)
  • Various electrical tools, such as wire strippers, a razor knife, and an impact driver

Preparing the 10-2 Cable

Using a razor knife, carefully strip back the rubber sheath on the 10-2 cable, making sure not to cut into the wire insulation. Next, use wire strippers to strip back approximately 3/4″ of insulation from each wire, twisting the strands together in a clockwise direction.

Assembling the Meter Box

Following a tutorial, such as this one, is highly recommended for those new to electrical work. Ensure that power is off and follow all safety precautions when working with electrical components. After stripping and preparing the wires, guide them through the box and secure them in place.

Connecting the L630 Plug

Insert each wire into the corresponding terminal of the L630 plug, ensuring a snug fit and that no copper is exposed. Tighten down the screws to ensure a secure connection.

Connecting the Drax Meter

Using the 16-gauge trash wire, connect the Drax meter to the meter box by inserting the wires into the appropriate terminals and tightening the screws. Next, attach the faceplate and secure the Drax meter with screws or nuts and bolts, as necessary.

Connecting the Sensor

Slide the sensor included with the Drax meter over one of the hot wires in the 10-2 cable and use electrical tape to secure it in place if necessary.

Monitoring Power Consumption

With the meter box assembled and connected, plug the L630 into a 30-amp, 240-volt receptacle and observe the Drax meter’s display. Here, you can monitor your mining farm’s voltage, watts, amps, and hertz, allowing you to follow the 80/20 rule and ensure you’re not overloading your system.

Final Thoughts and Recommendations

Installing a meter box for your crypto mining farm is an effective way to monitor power consumption and prevent overloading. By following this step-by-step guide and working with a professional electrician, you can ensure a safe and successful installation. Remember to always practice electrical safety and consider seeking additional tutorials when working on such projects.

Where to Find the Supplies

If you’re looking to build your own meter box and monitor power consumption in your crypto mining farm, find a full list of the necessary parts and supplies in the description below. And don’t forget to check out, using the code “hobbyist” at checkout for a chance to win a graphics card giveaway. Happy mining!

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About the Author: Mike Izzo


  1. Got a box today, but I think they may be a bit overwhelmed by orders. Just got a box, no hardware at all for either the screen or to screw the face to the box. Huge bummer.

  2. hey brother am really interested in mining can you please advise me where to start from scratch latterly when you dont even know what a motherboard is. Please and thank you i would be grateful with your guidence

  3. did I miss the old electrician's phrase of "Righty tighty and Lefty Lucy" for the common/standard of winding direction of electrical wires??? that's how I learned to do it and it's a simple phrase to remember too. Now if I could only remember how to properly lock/unlock my windows using a similar phrase of sorts… cause all windows latches don't do it all the same way…

  4. Question – It looks like this box was likely plugged into a 30amp outlet elsewhere in your farm, making it like an extension cord with the meter on it. Can this be wired up directly to the wires coming from your panel? Meaning this outlet IS your main outlet off the breaker box… ?

  5. @ Hobbyist Miner Fire DANGER !

    A licensed electrician would ALWAYS know you Must have strain relief or suitable connection from a temporary power cord to a plug appliance per code.

    The chance that the wire, under strain from just the wire weight and/or external forces, could loosen and/or damage the wire connection and possibly the wire by reducing the gauge ( splintering of the multi strand copper ie: reducing the current carrying capacity ) causing a hot spot and a possible fire hazard.

    Also, if the connection exits this box, a shock hazard is also possible.

    See NEC ( National electric codes )

    Consult a licensed electrician or you government regarding regulations for your specific location or follow the NEC in the US as a minimum standard.

    Fire in ANY form is a risk you should prevent at all times and more so if you are a home miner, your family depends on you!

    Please Be safe for you and your family.


    National Electrical Code (NEC) does not allow extension cords in lieu of permanent wiring (NEC 400.8(1) – 2014 Version). General rule– if equipment is powered from an extension cord for more than 30 days, permanent solutions should be installed.

  6. Trading with zero knowledge of the market was not fun at all, but now I am grateful that I can trade with peace of mind. I have full confidence in his trading abilities.

  7. Awesome VID, any chance you will do one from the House Electrical box to expansion box to wire running into the meterbox. Keep them coming always enjoy your VIDs.

  8. The thick black cable is loose inside the box. It lacks a retainer, so any tug on it can cause it to come loose and cause an accident. This plastic box is of poor quality and design.

  9. Awesome video! I'm looking at adding a 240v in my mining room so I can grow a bit. Think your friend might do a tutorial on adding a line from the breaker box, just to see all that is involved with that? I've changed breakers before so pretty comfortable working in the panel, but never added a new line. So just want to be sure I'm not missing anything and would like to see it done before I do it.

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