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Crypto Caverns and Dynex – A Revolution in GPU Mining

Today’s video is brought to you by, a cryptocurrency mining platform that I had the pleasure of visiting back in October. Rows of hosted GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) mining rigs and customer ASICS (Application-Specific Integrated Circuit) line their impressive facility located in Upstate New York. Now, Crypto Caverns is a platform where you can purchase GPUs and ASICS with no minimum quantity required. Today, we’ll focus on one digital currency that’s gaining quite a lot of interest in the mining community – Dynex.

The Rise of Dynex

In just the last few months, Dynex has been on an exceptional rise. The coin is currently at an all-time high, and it’s making many miners very happy. Dynex’s value has increased exponentially from 35 cents to almost a dollar within a month, and that’s provoking a lot of interest in the mining community.

Sleeping on Dynex

I admit that I was sleeping on Dynex. Until recently, I didn’t expect Dynex to blow up as it did, and now it’s all everyone in the mining community is talking about. I was oblivious to the potential that Dynex held until a few weeks ago when I saw it mentioned often in the mining community. So, I began to look into it.

Dynex’s Sudden Popularity

In my research, I discovered videos on YouTube made by content creators Son of a Tech and DJ Minds. Being early adopters, these guys were talking about Dynex six months ago when the difficulty was good, and the coin wasn’t even on the radar for most of us.

Their videos made me understand Dynex better. They focused on the newer Qausi-hybrid methodology of Proof of Work and Proof of Useful Work, a concept that was new to traditional GPU miners like us. This unique combination of methods essentially means that while the miner is running on proof of work, they’re also getting jobs done through proof of useful work, which paved the way to substantial hash rates.

More Potential In The Future for GPU Miners

What makes Dynex so promising is the fact that it’s incredibly accessible to home miners. Furthermore, with an innovative approach to sharing rewards for Proof of Useful Work jobs done to every participant and not just the person who completes it, it is likely that Dynex will become even more profitable in the future. This unique approach rekindled my interest in mining, and I turned most of my rigs to mine Dynex.

The Profitability of Dynex

After shifting most of my rigs to mining Dynex, I noticed a spike in the profitability for each of my GPUs. For instance, my 580s were making profits of about five cents a day, while my 3070s fetched around 21 cents a day. Furthermore, my 1660 TIs were making an impressive 11 cents a day.

Thoughts About The Future

Considering the growth of Dynex, I’ve wondered if it’s possible to hit a dollar soon. As a relatively new coin, the exponential growth of Dynex is truly promising. Furthermore, with several innovatively designed GPUs and a supportive group of miners, the potential of Dynex seems boundless.

Nevertheless, mining on a speculative coin involves a certain level of risk. But the rewards if the coin takes off could be substantial. With the recent successes of Dynex and Casper, I’ve contemplated dedicating certain rigs for speculative mining to reap potential benefits.

Finally, it is crucial to remember that we can’t mine everything. It’s about picking and choosing the right coins at the right time to make profitable investments in the crypto world.


I must admit, I’m genuinely impressed with Dynex’s innovation and the potential it holds for all GPU miners. By being able to utilize our existing mining rigs, Dynex has paved the way for a new form of GPU mining that’s both innovative and profitable. The cryptocurrency world is definitely taking notice of Dynex, and I’m excited to see where it leads us next in the world of GPU mining.

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About the Author: Mike Izzo


  1. I spec mined DNX, KAS, RXD, NEXA, KYLACOIN and NOVO months ago. Now Im mining coins who nobody talking about, because of low revenue mentioned coins. Best strategy is spec strategy for me. There is more easier catch the gold fish where nobody fishing yet on the lake.

  2. Thanks for mentioning my pool , and I'm really glad that people are waking up to this project!! We are working hard to keep people informed. Much love brody!!!

  3. Man, no one will tell you how to get in sooner, once your in and put it on YT it is too late to mine … you're the one to help us cashing out not start mining 😉

  4. I missed the boat on Dynex, been stacking Radiant…
    I've never used Metamask, and truthfully don't want to (also can't mine directly to TradeOgre) so I've been waiting for an actual wallet.
    Guess hindsight is 20/20 😢

  5. I have mixed feelings with dynex, on the one hand its technology, IF it works as its developers say it works it is a gigantic advance in regards to POUW mining.
    But on the other hand it has things that I hate about other cryptocurrencies, it is VERY centralized, the miners are constantly updating and other youtubers that I follow who keep track of wallets and hashrates show that some people have early access to these improvements.
    On the other hand it is NOT resistant to FPGA and ASIC, in fact there are already several fpga farms mining dynex from day one.
    Anyway, excellent project let's see how it goes

  6. I started mining two days ago and I am taking very small payments and sell ASAP. Let's enjoy profits until rug is pulled. I hope Nobody holds this coin. Take profits and run!

  7. mining is just not worth anymore its much better off using electricity money to buy token instead
    Octa already up 5x dynx up 2x and more

    Mining when u roi token either dies or ur gpu making lunch money

  8. I am a big spec miner the profits aren’t high enough for me to commit to one coin right now I only have one 5700xt rig so I stack all sorts of coins until the difficulty rises neoxa, RXD, XNA, gamepass, dynex, CCX, FNNC, ZER all Coins I’ve stacked in the past year you never know if they will become popular in the next bullrun!

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