Advanced Immersion Bitcoin Crypto Mining Farm Explained

immersion bitcoin crypto mining farm


What is going on, miners? Welcome back to the Hobbyist Miner channel. As we kick off August, it’s time for us to discuss the profitability of our farm, our monthly earnings, and our projected profits for the entire year. In this article, we will go over the details of our rigs, our mining algorithms, and our power consumption, measured at the wall for a more accurate reading. Let’s break down our numbers and see where we stand for July 2021.

Overview of Mining Rigs and Algorithms

For a review of our setup, we have four mining rigs:

1. Colossus Rig:

This rig consists of 11 Sapphire Nitro RX 470s, one RX 570, and one HP 1200W power supply. All cards are BIOS modded with the Polaris one-click BIOS editor. The Colossus rig is mining Ravencoin.

2. Gambit Rig:

This rig has three GPUs (two XFX and one Sapphire Pulse RX 580), and an HP 750W power supply. The Gambit rig is mining Ethereum.

3. Pixie Rig:

The Pixie rig features six R9 380s, two R9 380Xs, and an HP 1200W power supply. This rig is mining Ethereum Classic.

4. Cyclops Rig:

This rig consists of six 1060 6GB cards, one 1080, one 3060, one 2060, and three 1080s. The Cyclops rig is mining both Ethereum and Ergo, with the 3060 dedicated to mining Ergo for diversification.

Power Consumption

To calculate power consumption accurately, we powered down each rig, plugged it into a separate PDU, and noted the readings on the actual AC monitor for its power usage when hashing. Here are the power consumption figures:

– Colossus Rig: 2,150W
– Gambit Rig: 480W
– Pixie Rig: 815W
– Cyclops Rig: 1,287W

July Profitability Breakdown

Now that we have our power consumption figures, let’s break down the profitability of each rig based on the algorithms they are mining.

1. Colossus Rig (Ravencoin):

With a hash rate of 169 MH/s and power consumption of 2,150W, this rig is estimated to bring in $19.65 in revenue per day, with $3.78 in electricity costs, for a profit of $15.87 per day. It is projected to make $476.10 per month, or $5,792.55 per year.

2. Gambit Rig (Ethereum):

This rig makes $6.76 in revenue per day, minus $0.84 in electricity costs, for a profit of $5.92 per day. The projected monthly earnings are $177.60, while the annual profit is estimated at $2,160.80.

3. Pixie Rig (Ethereum Classic):

On Ethereum Classic, the Pixie Rig makes $5.28 in revenue per day, with $1.43 in electricity costs, netting $3.85 in daily profits. The monthly earnings are estimated at $115.50, with an annual profit of $1,405.25.

4. Cyclops Rig (Ethereum and Ergo):

This rig brings in $17.85 in revenue per day from mining Ethereum, with $5.05 in electricity costs, netting a daily profit of $15.75. For mining Ergo, it makes $1.59 in daily revenue, with $0.21 in electricity costs, for a profit of $1.38 per day. The combined monthly earnings are $518.10, while the annual profit is estimated at $6,252.45.

Yearly Profit Projections

Based on these monthly earnings for July, the rigs are projected to bring in a combined profit of $15,611.05 for the entire year. This is an increase from our earlier projections of $14,450.40 in May and $10,317.60 in June. However, keep in mind that those months’ figures were based on power consumption estimates from HiveOS, while July’s figures are based on more accurate readings at the wall.

In conclusion, despite some fluctuations in the cryptocurrency market and changing power consumption estimates, our rigs have remained reasonably profitable. By accurately measuring power consumption and adjusting algorithms, mining remains an exciting and potentially lucrative endeavor.

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  1. yo brother i forget your real name and but where your from again? . im guessing not from canadeia lol but what i wanted to ask u was , what is your electrical rate down there? im just interested, it was not in the spread sheet..if u dont mind me asking. I'am Red panda's neighbor . lol – shhhhh dont tell anyone… great video's keep it up my friend 🙂

  2. Thank you so much for your videos it’s really helps
    But I need help with my setups
    I have 3080 ti
    And 6700xt
    I need help how to make them work together and how I get the most hash rate
    I only can get the 3080ti and 3060 together but only get 65 and 21
    Thank you so much

  3. Why don’t you put your Collossus rig back on Ergo? I have the exact same rig running on it and I think for the Sapphire RX470s it’s the best. Especially with the power of Raven being so high? Profit margins gonna be higher I presume?

  4. SKYCYBERHACK was not the one I’m routine for before and to my surprise they just did the unthinkable and I was amazed with all they do for me while I google they pop up for me and everything is going smoothly for me thanks.

  5. hey there is a oc setting on hive forum for ergo that will give you 110 mh, i did it with mine 3060 lhr, you are using settings that makes card think you are mining eth, thats why it lowers hashrate to 78 mh

  6. rig 1 eth, 9 gpu, 280mh, hiveos est 677w, 20 a day.
    rig 2 ergo, 8 gpu, 880mh, hiveos est 758w, 22 a day
    rig 3 ergo, 4 gpu, 268mh, hiveos est 355w (at the wall 575w), 6 a day have 4 more 4g polaris cards on the way to finsh this rig.
    I have 3 vega 64 flashed to 56 in the 2nd rig doing 185mh each at 120-130w. the vega cards are monsters on ergo if you can get them cheap. my solar currently is enough to cover the power. just started mining last month, not going to expand till i recover some of my investment, 5680 so far in parts and gpus

  7. thanks for making this. very helpful.

    just completed my first month of mining on the weekend. I added another GPU near the end of the month, but i made just over 300.00 CAD! based on my bill it seems to be roughly 1.00 a day in added electricity costs. I have 2 RX580s, 1-3060 running 470.05, and my favorite, a Zotac 3070 HaloBlack.

    i need to consolidate the rigs as they are actually running inside desktop machines 😐 just trying to figure out the best way to go about it.

  8. The philosophy of the rich and the poor is this: the rich invest their money and spend what is left. The poor spend their money and invest what is left.”

  9. Thank you. You are very informative to watch regarding these topics. I am always researching profitibilities of cards/rigs and just cannot commit because of high prices nowadays.

  10. Love your stuff thanks! What do you put under the motherboard before placing it on the rack? I am just about to set up mine, but am not sure what to use! Thanks

  11. Awesome spread sheet, I’m upto £86 with 6 card rig a month on electric cost. Just started to reinvest in cards. Strategy is cover Electric out of my pocket hodl half and reinvest half aiming for 2 full rigs

  12. This is great information – My question is why do miners not use UPS 's (An uninterruptible power supply) to regulate the amount of electricity going into the rigs? Is it not more advantageous to make sure each of the rigs are pulling the proper constant power wattage? I have not seen anyone use it and was wondering why you dont either since you have a measuring device for the power each pulls/

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