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A Journey within the World of Crypto Mining

The journey of my home crypto mining farm over the past few weeks has been absolutely exhilarating. After a few tumultuous weeks, the farm is finally up and running again. For a while, I was honestly quite despondent missing out on the crypto mining yields of numerous coins. However, the thrill of finally having my farm back in operation has certainly made up for the temporary setback.

The Experience of Winterizing the Mining Farm

If you’ve been following my journey, you’ll be familiar with the process I went through to winterize my mining shed. This primarily involved removing the miners, packing them up, and ensuring they were clean and ready for when I could restore the power. At that time, I didn’t anticipate that I’d be able to get the mining farm back up so soon; it’s a pleasant surprise.

Understanding the Electric Supercharge

One of the challenges during this process was dealing with the electric supercharge. It certainly involved a frustrating amount of monotonous emails and phone calls. But, it eventually led to the realization that competitiveness in supply was a viable option for Pennsylvania and consequently lowered the pricing of the electric bill quite significantly.

So, let’s take a look at my journey, including the struggles and the triumphs, with a deep dive into the realm of electricity bills, and I hope you can relate and gain some insights from this experience.

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Understanding the Electric Bill in Pennsylvania

To understand the intricacies of electricity bills, it’s important to realize that each state’s system can differ significantly. In Pennsylvania, it’s like viewing two sides of a sphere. There is the delivery side, in my case handled by a company called PPL, and the other half represents the supply side. Pennsylvania’s decision a few years ago to allow suppliers to be interchangeable sparked a competitive atmosphere that ushered in better quality products and lower pricing.

Electricity Bills: A Deep Dive

Understanding your electricity bill can be key in managing costs when running a mining farm. In my case, the delivery side of my bill featured several charges, including taxes and customer charges, equating to $450 per month. On the supply side, using alternate suppliers like WGL and Inspire provided opportunities for unlimited plans and competitive rates, significantly reducing the bill compared to sticking with a single supply company. However, I hit some roadblocks when this wasn’t feasible anymore

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  1. Great Channel, Great Content A+++ I have a question, my power company (DTE) in Metro Detroit Michigan has just updated and lowered my rates for electric. I am now .12 KWH on weekends and from 7:01pm to 2:59pm. Between 3pm and 7pm weekdays I will be charged .22 KWH starting March 1st 2023. I have (3) S19 Miners running 24/7 at the moment, but I want to take advantage of shutting all (3) down at 3pm through 7pm weekdays. The problem is, I don't get home from work until 5pm each weekday. Is there a wired timer or 220v circuit plug timer that anyone knows about that I can have my electrician install to shut off and turn back on automatically? Each of my (3) Antminer ASICs are on separate 20amp breakers, so does this make it more difficult to add some kind of timer? When I need to shut one down now , I just pull the 2 plugs, is this the best way for the machine to shut down, or should I flip the breaker to shut down and restart? I know, a bunch of questions in one paragraph, but thanks for any advice you can give me.

    Johnnie Bitcoin

  2. At 17280 watts, would not get you to 16000 kwh/month. You need to do the proper calculation to get kWh…
    17280 (Watts in use) x 24 (hours in a day) = 414720 watts
    414720 (total daily watts) / 1000 (watts in 1 kW) = 414.72 kW per day
    414.72 x 30 (average days in a month) = 12441.6 kWh per month

  3. I subscribed to your channel. I didn't know you could lock in unlimited plans. I was always told I wouldn't qualify, but I didnt realize they had larger plans. I will have to check into this. Thanks. I have PPL too. I have explored many avenues like commercial and industrial contracts too. But there is some complications in doing them, plus the rate of some of this are higher now then residentials. Maybe I can get some of my rigs back online.

  4. I'm an electrician and I understand the cost. For you to be trying to manipulate a basically free rate for power, is greedy and unethical not to mention unrealistic. I find this rather dispicable

  5. Your so lucky being in the UK ๐Ÿ‡ฌ๐Ÿ‡ง we get robbed, currently on 33p or 40c per kw and all the electric companies are charging the same to stop customers from switching.

  6. I feel your pain. I spent $12,011.62 on electric last year. Currently with Inspire myself after a brief stint with Santana (shut me off before they even turned me on lol). I've had Inspire since 2019 and bill flat charge has increase as I grew my farm. Currently waiting to see what my new rate is going to be after my trial (left for Santana & came right back) Recently fired up an Ibelink K3 KDA miner and getting payouts at 120 coins (~6 days) and selling 100 of them to help cover the bill and recoup some of my initial investment. Looking to pick up an S19 104TH model as well to run on low power mode to stack some Sats

  7. i did the same with santana the did the evauation first month unlimited for 149 then 2 months after that they called and said they cannot support that much burning for the price i was at 8k kw per month and up. so back and forth we agreed on fixed .11 kwh but its been 5 months and they have not charged anything yet 0 dollars but in northeast PA i have all my rigs scattered all over because propane went up 300% since jan 2021. now i worry i might get a craxy bill one day. they did say they will eat the 2 months evaluation but the other 3 what will happen i dont know. Any thoughts?

  8. Now I'm tempted to turn my 2 asics on. I have a .07 rate but when summer rates hit it goes up to .13 At the moment, that's only a $2 profit after electricity cost. I don't know if I should wait or turn on my asics ๐Ÿค”

  9. Great video, loved story time ๐Ÿ™‚ Hope they don't change their mind in a month and cancel right when you receive your miners. Guess it's a universal thing, they can't tolerate if the table is turned and you get the upper hand on price versus them.

  10. THM man you rock, get one KA3 or two K7 or two L7โ€™s to cover 100% your electric and use the other 70% remaining electric for all gains, also you can run a 4th 30amps, with the 80% rule on 4 30amps your home will have more than enough remaining electric, also note the 80% rule is mainly base on the awg wires use are using, so if you run higher awg wires you can use even more electric per circuit, anyways truly awesome! Congratulations ๐ŸŽˆ go for it all out, man I would have PPL add a second 200amps lol tell them itโ€™s for EV and put it on it own meter so it cost even less!

  11. I live in Sweden, and i went from locked 0.06USD to locked 0.39USD for three years when shit hit the fan. I had to bury my farms that day.

  12. Great video. Electric rates are near and dear to all our hearts, but not one we talk about in depth. When you pulled out the spreadsheet, I'm glad I stuck around. This is a topic I wouldn't mind more info on. Cheers!

  13. Do you plan on expanding your shed capacity? To hit 16,000+ kWh / month you need to use 22,000 watts 24/7.
    The formula for kWh/month is ((watts * hours/day)/1000) * 30.4 days = kWh/month. *Actual days/month vary based on month*

    So for you the formula is ((22000 watts * 24 hrs/day)/1000 watts/kwh) * 30.4 days/month = 16051.2 kWh

  14. I feel your pain on electricity rates, I have 8 cent power and cannot negotiate price which isn't bad, however my problem lies with the amount of money it takes to do electricity upgrades here just to upgrade from 100A to 200A its going to cost me 4600 dollars nevermind in 4 years when I move to a 400A service. We just have to make it over this hump without losing hope, gotta keep our heads up!!!!

  15. This is interesting for sure. In my location, the suppler is the same as the distributor, so they don't break it out separately. It's all hydro/solar, so the price has not changed in several years, even with the increased coal/oil costs since we don't use that. My bill rate (total bill amount / KWh) is just a tad over $0.10. In other words, it doesn't change regardless of my usage. I have a 400A service.

  16. The link you have for the ipollos are direct from ipollo? Do they charge a customs fee to ship to the United States im in PA as well. I ordered one from belay mining but wanted me to fill out a hard copy pci compliant credit card form that I was not comfortable with doing and was refunded thanks hobbyist miner!!!!

  17. Gotta stay off peak hours. I had at one point electric bill of 1500$ and it was only going up due to adding more miners. Got with our power company and worked out a rate of .04c per kwh(prior it was .12c kwh), if i stay OFF PEAK. April-Oct is 3pm-6pm and Nov-Mar is 6am-8am. Provided i stay off peak hours, my bill is now at 588$.

  18. Wish me luck with Santanna!.lol….Duquesne lights rates are going up monthly as well. you video is super helpful to know how hard I can hammer Santannas flat rate of 130 a month…

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