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Gearing Up for the Mining Weekend

Greetings miners! Guess what? This weekend, I decided to challenge my leisure and engage myself in a surprisingly rigorous project. Quarantining myself within the boundaries of my living room couch was not something I was in the mood for. Instead, I geared up and decided to put two of the 30 60s to work from my GPU mining case. Now for those unaware or curious, it is a minor dude X8 mining case that I am talking about.

Rolling Up Sleeves: Cleaning Time

The first step before delving into the project was to clean the minor dude X8. Over time, the constant exposure could lead to a heap of pollen gathering over the mining case. Believe me when I say, it was not a pretty sight. I had already done some initial cleaning but, wanting to give you fine folks a glimpse into the process, I saved the last bits. Let this be a testament to how bad the pollen buildup could get on your mining gear. But worry not, for I am to take you on the journey of cleaning this equipment.

The Grand Unboxing and the Shock of Pollen

Finally, after wiping away the last of the pollen residue, it was time to open up the GPU mining case. Keep in mind; it was a task I had been procrastinating for a few months now. And as anticipated, a cloud of yellow pollen was waiting on the inside, eager to make an appearance. The moment of truth was indeed a sight to behold. If the back side of my case held any hint of what was to come, the inside was no less of a challenge.

Initial Cleaning Assessment

Despite the nervous anticipation, I braced myself and looked inside. To my surprise, the inside condition of the case was not as bad as I expected. Indeed, there was a considerable presence of yellow pollen, but nothing too alarming or overwhelming. However, that does not disregard the presence of pollen as ‘gross’.

Getting Rid of the Grime

Without further ado, it was time to clean up the mess and dust off the yellow pollen. Doing so was crucial, not only for the sake of cleanliness but also to ensure optimum function and performance of the GPU mining case. The grand blowout of the mess was an ordeal but one that was richly rewarding.

Thoughts and Pieces of Advice

As I continued with the arduous task, I could not help but ponder on the importance of regular maintenance of the mining gear. It is essential to understand that neglecting to clean your equipment can lead to a decrease in its efficiency. As miners, we have a responsibility to ensure our mining rig is always at its best.

Wrapping Up

Once the inside was clean, the appearance drastically improved. The contrast from the initial layer of pollen dust and afterwards was a sight that filled me with deep satisfaction. Indeed, the cleanup was an endeavour that needed my undivided attention and energy. However, the sense of accomplishment I derived from it was well worth the effort.

Remember fellow miners; maintaining the neatness and functioning condition of your mining rig is as essential as the mining process itself. Don’t shy away from rolling up your sleeves and getting to work. Keep mining, keep shining!

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  1. when you have intake fans the best way to blow them out is from inside so the dust and dirt goes the opposite way to how it entered, as for exhaust fans they can be done same way blowing out of the case, also make sure to hold the fan blades from spinning if possible as can wear out the bearings or cause the fan blades to wobble. May also want to remove the cards so can wipe down the inside of the case and cards as pollen can get sticky when heated up.

  2. I want to go into mining full time but I need support seriously. I managed to get RX6600xt, Rx6500 and 7 pieces of P106-100 few days before Eth merge 2.0. Earnings super low right now. $0.70 per day.😢

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