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The Foundation of GPU Mining:

In the fascinating world of crypto mining, building a GPU (Graphic Processing Unit) mining rig inside a massive mining frame is an exciting endeavor. One provider that stands out in helping miners achieve their goals is This team deserves recognition for producing reliable and durable hardware needed to set up the mining rigs.

In this article, we delve into the art of building a massive mining rig using a frame from, fondly referred to as the “Omega Frame.” For those interested, we even have an exclusive discount code for use at checkout available at the end of this piece. I’d like to extend a particular shout out to for providing the hardware used in this project.

The Allure of the Omega Frame

The centerpiece of today’s exploration is the massive and impressive Omega Frame from The Omega Frame is truly a giant among mining frames, a sentiment that becomes more apparent when you witness it being built.

This frame is not just meant for 24 GPUs – though a fellow miner named Red Panda has proven that feat to be more than possible – it’s also fitting for 6600s, 6600 XTs, and even a 6500. Making the Omega Frame diverse, versatile, and an exciting prospect for any aspiring or seasoned miner.

Discovering the Power of Massive Mining Frames

At first glance, the Omega Frame might seem intimidating due to its size. However, as you build it, you realize that its advantages far outweigh any initial concerns. The Omega Frame’s size can accommodate multiple, larger GPUs, such as the Rock Strix 1660 Ti, which fits perfectly into the frame with room to spare.

The sheer amount of space this frame provides is significant. At first, I did not plan on adding fans to the setup, but with so much room to play with, it seemed like a wasted opportunity not to test the system’s full capabilities. The frame also proffers ample room for multiple power supplies.

The Perks of Spacious Mining Frames

There are particular benefits to large mining frames that are worth noting. First and foremost, installing GPUs in the Omega Frame is a delight because of the space it provides. Typically, these PCI cables may press against the back with the fans, but the Omega Frame places no such constraints on your setup.

The second point of note is the power supply support the frame offers. Most miners only use one power supply, but the Omega Frame can comfortably accommodate multiple power supplies, making it tremendously versatile and adaptable to different GPUs.

Handling the Hardware

The handling of hardware is not left to chance when using the Omega Frame. Integration of components like the H110 Pro, the 8GB memory, the screwdriver for assemblies, and a 1000G Plus power supply from EVGA makes the process seamless.

The Aftermath: Behold the Mining Marvel

Following a few hours of intuitive setup, the result is a beautiful, fully functional mining rig running smoothly on the massive Omega mining frame. With 12 working GPUs, each hitting about 29 mega hashes, the total power consumption is about 970 watts, less than expected, indicating the efficiency of the mining setup.

Wherever it sits, the Omega Frame mining rig demands attention. It is a testimony to the perfect blend of technical expertise and durable, reliable hardware.

Final Thoughts has exceeded expectations with the Omega Frame mining rig. Whether you are a seasoned miner or a novice, this frame offers space, versatility, and robustness that is unmatched in the market. The assembly process is intuitive, and the final result is something to marvel at. Winner of my seal of approval, the Omega Frame is a must-have for anyone exploring crypto mining.

Interested parties can use the exclusive discount code provided at the link below to get their Omega Frame from Happy mining!

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  1. Currently have the aaawave sluice v2 with 10 cards and that thing is maxed out. 1 – 3060ti , 2- 2070 supers , 2- 2080tis, 2-2060supers and 3 -1660tis. I’m trying to design my own using extrusions

  2. Hi, i would like to build my 1st mining rig, can you give me hints and guidance for what i gonna buy the parts and what the best coin to mine, thank you in advance brother 😊

  3. I'd like to see 12 3090s on that… that would be impressive. You'd need better fans however. Those fans look cool but don't cool well. (ironically) My biggest rig is 12 3070s. Love that rig. Basically because it's efficient and cool temps!

  4. I just got a china special 12 gpu frame from amazon, I have 8 6600xt red devil cards on it. Works fine so far, it is a bit tight for cables though. I really prefer the 8 slot motherboards, and was told these THICK cards wouldnt fit in one, come to find out they do fit, ugh…

  5. That's a thicc boi for sure. Does definitely have its' place though. I like the idea of having one rig instead of two and being able to save on the power and space compared to two separate rigs.

  6. Why is that rig so inefficient? I'm getting 496.66mhs at 1085w with 8x 3070. Is it because of your 120v or something? I thought 6600 was more efficient than 3070 on ETH.

  7. Amazon basic rack..50$ holds 3 ASRock h110(13 gpu each) 36 cards and it's got wheels on it for easy maintenance. Technically it's 3 rigs on one frame though.

  8. I'll stick with the cheaper option lol. Feels like I'd spending an extra $120 on more space. You could buy two of the smaller frames for the price of one. It's a no brainer for me.

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