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Introduction to Helium 5G

Over the last 14 to 15 months, I have delved into helium and achieved significant success. The team over at Helium invited me to explore their moken helium 5G Marketplace and asked me to test it out, and my journey in mining has now taken a different turn. Since I never really had the chance to delve into helium back during the initial launch, I am excited to try out the helium 5G moken Marketplace and see what it holds.

Understanding Helium 5G Market

The helium 5G marketplace is what might intrigue miners the most. The primary obstacle I perceived with helium 5G was the hefty price associated with it. However, upon exploring Helium’s 5G equipment, I am now more inclined towards it.

Overview of Helium 5G Equipment

Helium 5G equipment comes with different bundles, each containing a Freedom Phi Gateway (5G hotspot) and different numbers of outdoor cbrs’s (cells/antennas). Moreover, these equipment are not cheap, thus enforcing a barrier to entry for potential players. However, after learning more about it and looking at the potential profitability, I am willing to consider this investment.

The Moken Marketplace

In my journey as a miner, being able to profit is critical. It is important here to understand that is a marketplace for pre-installed 5G helium miners. These little devices with antennas, also known as cells, can be rented, leased or purchased. On this platform’s site, there are, at the time of writing, 40 helium 5G radio setups available for purchase.

Comparing my experience with typical helium mining, helium 5G mining seems like a promising venture. From my brief experience, I was able to make an impressive earnings just within a couple of days. Although the earnings have been fluctuating, it’s undeniably a good start.

Understanding Earnings and Shares

On the Marketplace, the shares of earnings differ from setup to setup. As the percentage of earnings or the shares owned increases, the more expensive the setup will be.

For instance, I acquired one for 75% of the daily earnings for a certain price, inclusive of setup, configuration, hosting and provisions. Although this might seem beneficial, it is important to understand that more ownership leads to higher responsibility and risk.

Exploring the Agreement Details

The contractual agreements vary from setup to setup and figuring it out can be a task. However, going through these agreements is vital before undertaking any commitment. These agreements clarify the type, commission date, and the price, providing an insight into your investment.

However, a downside noted in exploring these agreements is the lack of details. Questions arose in my mind regarding the length for which the agreement stands, what happens if the host disappears, among others. In my perspective, spending $2500 of hard-earned money requires more assuredness and certainty.

Conclusion and Way Forward

Venturing into helium 5G, while exciting, is also a cautious journey. It’s a significant early investment with potential to blow up at some point. However, it is crucial to understand that this is a speculative market, and one needs to be watchful and patient to see how this pans out.

Stepping into the helium 5G space is a sizeable commitment. While the collaboration with T-Mobile adds credibility, it is always wise to tread cautiously. I encourage miners and potential investors to explore, stay curious but remain watchful. It is crucial to understand the market and investment that one is stepping into fully.

Finally, I encourage engagement and communication. If you are an advanced helium miner, I implore you to share your experiences and knowledge. It is through sharing information and experiences that we can navigate through this intriguing but cautious journey of helium 5G exploration and mining.

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  1. dont fall for it. 900k of us bought the 4g and basically built the network then got duped. you can't sell them for $5. But the VC's walked away with millions for their global ponzi

  2. Interesting business model. Basically getting host sites to pay for a portion of the setups off sets the upfront cost of installation and pay only a percentage of the tokens earned keeps you safe from going under. I should of instituted that model with the 17 IOT Hotspots. I'd be in the green right now. Dam…….

  3. "Let's load up a calculator real quick" and make up a price? You know that is not the price, it is actually less then half of what you posted. Not cool to spread these made up prices.

  4. Also there is no price yet . It's trading on one platform that has steeply dropped that was meant for another token before 5g. So where is this token price coming from?

  5. Sorry man there is so much wrong with this dd.

    When your looking at the coverage and explorer those are iot miners. You need to use the filters on the bottom right and click the 5g red

  6. Ive been into Helium over a year I earn about 122HNT a month off my 8 locations and I enjoy having a 5g set up. Looking forward to the SOL migration and the future of the network. As long as you have a good installation and location you'll earn well.

  7. The good thing about helium network is that they never ever lie. PCMag can reveal now that none of the equipment sold as "Helium 5G" at the moment involves any of the common understanding of 5G.

    The "Helium 5G" network is instead a 4G LTE CBRS network, which right now has significant advantages over 5G but doesn't have the "5G" moniker Helium and its partners wanted for marketing. So it's just calling it 5G because, apparently, anyone can use any word to mean anything.

  8. Lots of comments saying it's a scam or a bad idea, hopefully you're not promoting this project just because they're willing to send you free stuff. That heatbit was a bad product to promote.

  9. You're supposed to just help build the helium network and not worry about money. That's more or less what all the helium mods and fanatics in discord say 😂

  10. Hundreds of dollars wasted. Not worth. This guys who owns this hotspots, and rent them, they already now that will earn only from $500 start price, and monthly $40 payment. They just keep 25% MOBILE token to be able to speculate.

  11. I got scammed by them. Waited two years for my miner and then they went bankrupt. Two years, 2,000$. Come to the comment section and people agree, look at the influencers and they’re all advertising.

  12. Helium was great, in the beginning… Nova Labs choices and the validation program of these manufacturers has destroyed the life of this project.

  13. I'm also invested in radios. I don't live in the US, but it also works from Germany. I am very curious if the MOBILE price will stay at 0.0007, or if it will rise or fall. Getting there early seems to make the most sense to me.

  14. I took the leap back when Genesis just started with a Moso and Baicell outdoor small cell, freedomfi gateway. I have 10,000,000 $Mobile tokens but the internet requirements are pretty steep for a lot of peoples connections.

    Still, very cool project and I think it has legs.. I just wish Helium would push their LoRaWAN network a lot harder than they do, since it's cooler in my opinion than 5G.

  15. Helium is very close to scam. Took MONTHS to get the devices, and profits were crap by then. They helium team already got their money so the decided to screw all the IoT people and roll out 5G for another money grab…

  16. F helium. Took for ever to get my bobcat miner and I was the first in my hex to be online and I had to upgrade my antenna to reach the next closest miner. Now I am surrounded and I have 3 other guys in my hex.

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