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A New Journey Begins: Renovating the Basement for Crypto Mining

Welcome miners! I am thrilled to announce a new series on the channel centered around the renovations that I’m about to undertake in my basement. These renovations aim at providing a dedicated room for crypto mining.

The Before Picture: My Basement

Before we dive into the details of what’s planned, let’s take a tour of the current state of my basement. A quick rotation around the space helps to illustrate where I am now and provide a vision for future transformation. This includes my gaming and live streaming setup for my Twitch channel and the area I plan to set up my studio.

A Dedicated Mining Room and Studio

In addition to a studio, the basement will also house a server room or a mining room, the centerpiece of the entire renovation project. This room will be exclusively dedicated to crypto mining. The aim is to create enough space to house four racks, each able to hold up to 3,700 watts. Beyond the mining equipment, the room will also accommodate other hardware, like additional graphics cards, and necessary supplies.

Layout and Blueprint

Having seen the basement, let’s take a glimpse at the blueprint of what is planned. Upon entry, the open area will serve as a family-friendly space, with a wall-mounted TV and comfy couch. Heading through a doorway, we’ll step into a 6 foot by 13.5-foot room – this will be the studio and office.

Enter the Mining Room

Moving through another small door, we’ll find ourselves in the mining room. This room will be slightly smaller with dimensions of 4.5 feet wide by 13.5 feet wide. The room is designed with careful considerations. For power, it’s going to be wired up for four 30 amp 240 volts, providing approximately 18,000 watts total, following the rule of using only 80% of a circuit. This ensures we stay safe while having enough to cover our needs.

The Ventilation System

When it comes to an environment as critical as a mining room, ventilation is crucial. Two 4-inch thick vents will be installed, one dedicated as an exhaust for a floor standing AC unit, and the other serving as a passive vent to allow fresh air into the room. The room will also feature blue insulation board, designed to keep temperatures low – ideal for the type of machinery stored within.


Moving onto the timeline, I’m expecting the entire process to span anywhere between three to six months. This includes installation of 10 by 2 250 foot Romex rated for 40 amp, which will be used for 30 amp. I’m also planning to install a sub-panel in the basement, allowing easy access to the power needed for the entire project.

Floor and Final Touches

Gearing up for a colder climate, I’ve decided to leave the basement floor as a concrete slab, known for holding cold better than other materials. This should help keep the temperature optimal for the mining equipment operations. In terms of aesthetics, a steel structure is in the plans for the basement, enhancing the ambiance and reflecting the high-tech nature of the activities to be hosted there.

Join the Journey

I’m extremely excited about this new venture and look forward to sharing the renovation journey with you. Not only does this mark a critical development for the channel but it also represents a significant personal undertaking. I’ll be working along with professional contractors and knowledgeable friends, ensuring that the project meets the necessary standards and stays within code.

If you’re interested in following along with this renovation journey and the setting up of the dedicated mining room, please subscribe to keep updated on our progress. This series promises to offer valuable insights and learning experiences as we inspire and empower more hobbyist miners. I’m looking forward to sharing this adventure with you.

Create, Innovate and Mine On!

I’ll see you next time as we delve deeper into this renovation project and continue our pursuit of making crypto mining accessible and enjoyable. Until then, as always, continue to create, innovate, and mine on!

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  1. HAHA! For a Hobbyist, you sure are spending a bit of cash on it! LOL I get it – It really is a lot of fun, and I wish I had the money to spend, or the room to grow in! Great video, keep up the great work! Love your content!

  2. Congratulations for the batcave basement renovation <3
    Looking forward closely to that amazing project, looking good so far :$
    Please document all the process, i'm very interested :$
    Enjoy your week my brother <3

  3. Hey man you may not care and I am not sure what the fresh air is for. I am guessing for the ac exhaust. International code says that you cannot have a hole smaller than one quarter inch. Basically you will not be able to move air with that filter. I am quoting combustion air requirements. If this is for the ac I am thinking you are not going to get the efficiency from the unit and or over work the fan.

  4. Great Job! Lots of good ideas! Your plan will for sure fix ALL your current power problems. 🙂 I am very worried though about the cooling plan. Remember basically every watt your mining gear is using is about the same as you running an electric heater of that same wattage. I would also plan for a method to direct the heat out into your house in the winter. It could mean heating your whole house for "free" without running the furnace at all. 🙂

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