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immersion bitcoin crypto mining farm

Getting Started with Gold Shell Mini Doge Miner

Today we’ll be exploring the gold shell mini doge miner. This device stands out as one of the few that gives users the opportunity to mine dogecoin, a wildly popular and rapidly rising cryptocurrency. To help enhance our experience further, we also have our doge mug from, and of course the standard blend of doge lord coffee.

Unboxing and Initial Impressions

As we unbox this miner, we notice its compact and sleek design. Despite the absence of the etching on the side, the miner doesn’t disappoint with two fans on the front and a nice mesh at the back serving as the intake. The ethernet port, a six-pin, and a small wireless antenna port are conveniently placed.

Getting it Set Up

The first step after unboxing would be to attach the wireless antenna. After plugging in the ethernet, we’d have to boot it up and track the device on our network to find its IP address. We can do this using programs like Advanced Scanner or IPScanner.

Powering Up

After setting up an HP 750 watt power supply with a breakout board, we plug in a PCI cable, which allows us to directly feed power into our miner. The power cable is then fed from our power meter into the power supply, and then into the mini doge miner.

Initial Boot

Powering it up, we see a green light at the bottom and some activity lights at the top. As the fans start whirring, the air begins to flow from the front and exits out the back. The miner is surprisingly quiet, almost unnoticeable in a room.

Purchasing the Miner

I purchased the Gold Shell Mini Doge Miner directly from Gold Shell’s website, paying with Ethereum. It offers about 185 mega hash and utilizes about 233 watts, making it an energy-efficient option. It also emits less than 35db of noise, which is fantastic in maintaining a quiet work environment.

Potential Mining Profit

Mining with Mini Doge Miner

The Mini Doge Miner is capable of mining both Doge and Litecoin simultaneously, which adds to this miner’s appeal. However, it’s worth noting that the current market situation allows for about $422 without electricity costs, which doesn’t mean you’ll break even in the first year.

The Power of Speculative Mining

Despite the bleak prospects of breaking even in the first year, miners who are speculative might still find this miner to be a good investment. The reason is quite simple; if Doge or Litecoin’s value were to increase significantly in future, miners would stand to gain a lot more.

Setting up the Miner

Finding the IP Address

After running our network scanner, we identify the IP address of our miner, which we then input into our web browser.

Unlocking the Interface

The next step would be to unlock the miner’s interface by inputting the default password. We then need to change the miner’s password to something secure.

Changing the IP

From there, we need to change our miner’s IP from DHCP to static, which can be done through the network settings.

Setup in Miner

Finally, in Miner’s settings, we need to add a pool where our miner will get its jobs from. In this case, we use After adding our miner name and password, we have our miner finally set up and running.

Results and Future Steps

We now have to monitor our miner for a while to see how well it performs and what our profits look like. After around two weeks, we’ll check our miner’s performance again, specifically focusing on rejected shares and any changes in temperature.

By the end of it, we’ll have a better understanding of our potential earnings, and can then decide on our next steps, and whether purchasing a Gold Shell Mini Doge Miner is a worthwhile investment. This miner is not only a financially promising venture, but also a fun and educational experience for beginner miners or hobbyists.

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About the Author: Mike Izzo


  1. I just go my first Mini Doge today.. I have it on NiceHash because I can't get F2Pool to let me log in (they won't send log in code) So what's a better pool option for me to use?? I so want to get more of these miners.

  2. Has anyone had any issues with their miner just not working? I have the power supply it came with and bought a North American adapter from Best Buy and when I plugged it in, nothing happened. The fans didn't turn, no lights came on, nada. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!

  3. Thanks, I just set mine up and this video helped!!!
    also if using f2pool, which I recommend make sure to add your " login.worker " into the pool settings, not just a worker name. password doesn't matter.

  4. My mini-doge is arriving Monday. I know they aren't very profitable now.. but I get unlimited power with my rent. So my ROI will be slightly better. I could also run it off of my solar system.

  5. What am I missing with this thing it seems a terrible investment, by the time it pays for its self it will be wore out
    Less than a dollar a day and costs $1000 plus none starter for me

  6. So many questions:-
    1- How do I check the DHCP etc?
    2- When doing the f2pool config- You go into pool config in the goldshell miner but you don't really give much detail as to what we are supposed to do after the account is set up. I understand you recorded it days before and then you went ahead but it's very confusing. Can you explain a bit more on what to do to actually finish the setup?

  7. great video i have had one of these for a couple months. Could you direct me to where I can properly learn how to set up static ip? I run an x5 also and seem to always have a problem with dns and had to set it to public one seems to take hours to connect. Thanks again for all the videos.

  8. I have 6 of them is not bad one question the power supply you got how many you think you can connect to it i have 2 bitmain power supply 1800 watt and they are kind of loud i would like to know if that power supply you have is less loud thanks for sharing

  9. excellent coffee mug! I may have to get one as I have a couple of these little bad boys in the background Thanks again for another great video!

  10. Hey, i have a Inno3D Geforce RTX 3060 Ti TWIN X2 (non LHR) i used it for gaming but now i want to mine with it. I can't find any good overclocks for this card to mine ethereum. Does someone have a clue?

  11. I think that you need to check your math. 8 x 230w = 1840w. That's alot more than 750 or 1200 watt psu can provide.
    Nit picking aside. Love you content, keep it comming.

  12. Perfect timing, was able to setup my Goldshell miners. The hardest thing was figuring out wallets, pools, and pool configurations. Bad instructions on their sites doesn't help. They also take a lot of power to run. Pretty much need a dedicated 1000W PSU to run 3 of them at peak efficiency.

  13. I just got myChristmas drop mini doge in, and its significantly louder and warmer then my other ones, not sure if its because the other is an RGB and has different fans or not.

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