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Visit to Cryptocaverns

In Today’s video, sponsored by, I had the distinct pleasure of visiting the Cryptocaverns mining farm and facility back in October. Rows upon rows of hosted GPU mining Rigs and customer Asics line their impressive facility located in upstate New York, beautifully situated along a river with a hydroelectric dam.

Owning GPUs and Asics Made Easy

Since then, Crypto Caverns has begun offering the public the ability to purchase GPUs and Asics directly from their website, with no minimum quantity required. I recently picked up five Galax RTX 3070s from Crypto Caverns and am considering adding three more to fill a full eight GPU mining rig.

Quality Assurance Guaranteed

If quality is a concern, worry not! Crypto Caverns offers a full 30-day money-back guarantee return policy. They also offer volume discounting and free domestic shipping within the United States. To make the deal even better, at checkout use the code ‘hobbyist’ for a $100 discount on any Asic purchase – a gesture of gratitude to the hobbyist minor community from

Expanding Cryptocurrency Mining

As someone who takes my mining operations rather serious, I have decided to expand my crypto mining Farm to Mr. Electrician’s property. Located on the outskirts of a neighborhood, it was an ideal location with ample space to set up an additional farm.

Moving Towards Cost Efficiency

Among my many reasons for this expansion, the primary one was cost efficiency. I had figured out a system to lower the electric rate as a homeowner. The system works out for about a year. Once I use around 20,000 Watts, my rate will be down to about four cents. Cost efficiency is of primary importance in any mining operation.

Moving to Asics

At my new location, I will mostly be running Asics and possibly some other options in the future. Due to power constraints at my old place, I was not able to add any more power to the 150 amps in my shed. By moving the Asics here, I have a lot more expansion at my old shed.

Turning the Shed into a Mining Operation

The shed at my new location may be about 10 to 15 years old, but it is structurally strong. Even then, we have plans in place to renovate and equip the shed to turn it into a state-of-the-art mining operation. Exciting times ahead!

Intake and Exhaust Planning

We have a whole intake wall set up with a total of twelve intake vents in the shed. On the other side, we have partnered with AC Infinity for four T14 exhaust fans. Good air circulation and cooling are essential for efficient and effective mining operations.

Space and Infrastructure

Inside the shed, we are installing a full three-foot rack and a 150 amp panel. To facilitate operations, we will also have a standing desk, monitor and Mini PC to monitor everything. For security, we will have cameras inside and outside the shed.

The Future of Crypto Mining: Exciting Times Ahead!

While it is a significant undertaking, we at Crypto Caverns are excited about this renovation and the expansion of our mining operations. With the support of our partners and the community, we are sure that this will be a massive success. Stay tuned for more updates and information!

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  1. I think someone is onto something here…keep your baby chickens warm and mine crypto freaking GENIUS! I love it how many carbon credits you get for all this LOL

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