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Hi guys! Everything ok with you? This is my first video in this channel about mining and I'm gonna show you how much I spent in my first mining computer. I haven't money enough to buy (and build) a big mining rig. But I'll try anyway. So my first step is it: buy a single one GPU. RTX 3070 Okay? So, let's see how much I spent to buy everything. Ok, guys! The first thing that I bought it was a GPU RTX 3070, 8 GB. It's to much expensive right now, here in Brazil. Very cool. I will mining Ethereum.

How much hashs this GPU can generate (?). In this website, WhatToMine, We can see how much hashrate this GPU can generate. Let's select 3070 GPU. Just a single one. And put it on here the cost in Kilowatts/h. Here, in my state, in my province, I mean, it cost 18 cents. Let's calculate. Look (it)… Okay? Look (it)… The most viable coin is the Ethereum and Ravencoin. I will mine the Ethereum. Let's calculate how much I can earn with this coin. My computer is to slowly, poor. "I'm the operator with my pocket calculator". The GXT 3070 can generate 7.55 USD per day. 7.55 in 30 days: 226.5 USD. Okay, very cool. So, let's see how much I paid in this is video card, the GPU. It cost 5999 reais. Unfortunately, I couldn't find other GPU to buy, here in Brazil right now. I just purchase this GPU. The tower, (bought) this one. Look (it). White with tempered glass. Very cool. And the power source, a XPG gold.

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Ok? With 850 W. Very cool. The motherboard I bought the Huananzhi X99, 16, DDR4, each (one) 8 GB. Let's look… And the processor it's a Xeon E5 2620. (The) SSD, I bought a M.2 NVME, Kingspec, 256 GB. I bought too a LGA 2011 fan. Let's look (it), very beautiful. (Do) you agree with me? Let's see how much I spent to buy everything. So, (in) this GPU I spent all this value, in BRL. So, in this GPU, I spent, let's look how much, I spent. Look (it)! How much I spent. GPU… This is the price. Let's look (it)… Huananzhi. These are the specifications, the memory, CPU, Xeon E5 2620v3. Look (it)! It's how much I spent. *1,527.45 bucks. It (doesn't) seem too much money, but I haven't any money.

So, unfortunately, I can't start my own mining rig. So, anyway, I'll you try to refund (profit) my money. And so, after all, I'll buy too many GPUs to build a mining rig. So let's, try (it)! This is my first video in this channel. It's all folks! See you in the next video. Bye.

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