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Jingle Mining Jazz Miner X4: A Game-Changer In Ethereum Mining

Today’s review will revolve around a revolutionary product that has recently taken the crypto mining scene by storm, particularly for Ethereum – the Jingle Mining Jazz Miner X4. A special thanks to our sponsor Jingle Mining, a leading supplier of efficient and potent Ethereum miners.

Navigating the Miner Landscape with the Jazz Miner X4

Six months ago, if you had mentioned the Jazz Miner, it would have drawn a blank. Fast forward today, Jazz Miners have taken the crypto mining scene by surprise. Their Jazz Miner X4 is a considerable game-changer within the Ethereum mining landscape.

A Closer Look at The Physical Miner

The Jingle Mining Jazz Miner X4 is a 1U unit generally meant for a server rack. The miner is housed inside a generic, sturdy case; it’s nothing fancy but rather reminds me of a 1U DVR/NVR system. This minimalist exterior delivers a sturdy feel and an appropriate weight – it does not feel cheap or fragile. When we take a look at the back, there’s just a power plug and an Ethernet cable, making it straight forward and uncomplicated.

Features and Components

Along with the robust miner unit, you also receive a warranty guide and a power cable with a unique end. However, the unit can work fine with a conventional power cable. On the miner, the model and input details are mentioned – Jazz Miner X4, with an input of 200-240 Volt 50 by 60 Hertz.

Examining the Inner Workings of The Miner

On opening up this robust machine, we find a large heatsink covering the internal components. There are several ASIC chips under the heatsink, the real powerhouse behind this impressive miner. There are multiple fans in the front taking in air, which is then driven across the chips and exhausted out from the back. Even with this seemingly simple design, it is evident that the miner houses a lot of power.

Supported Coins and Algorithms

The versatility of the Jazz Miner X4 presents another outstanding advantage – its multi-coin support. Besides Ethereum and Ethereum Classic, the miner supports at least 12 more coins, making it a multifaceted tool in your mining arsenal. Furthermore, it delivers an incredible hash rate of 520 MegaHash, +/-10, consuming only 240 watts’ power, which sets a new standard in efficiency.

Performance: An Impressive Hash Rate with Low Power Consumption

One of the most significant advantages of the Jingle Mining Jazz Miner X4 is its efficiency. At 573 MegaHash for 292 watts, it arguably becomes one of the most efficient Ethereum miners in the market. This level of efficiency results in impressive profitability.

For Ethereum, the Jazz Miner X4 claims a daily profitability of approximately $26.08, while for Ethereum Classic, it’s around $17.99. The difference between Ethereum and Ethereum Classic profitability can make a decision between the two challenging. However, with Ethereum’s upcoming transition to proof of stake, Ethereum Classic offers a more sustainable option.

Final Conclusion: A Worthy Investment?

The Jingle Mining Jazz Miner X4 undeniably offers immense potential and efficiency. It provides one of the highest hash rates among Ethereum miners with minimal power consumption. This miner gives you the versatility to switch between multiple supported coins, opening more opportunities for profitability.

Although it’s a hefty investment, the unit might just prove itself as a worthy one to those committed to crypto mining. In the rapidly evolving world of cryptocurrency mining, Jingle Mining Jazz Miner X4 could very well become a potent tool, especially for those looking to mine Ethereum Classic.

Whether the miner is the right choice for you ultimately depends on your individual mining goals and strategies. However, this review should provide some valuable insights to help you make an informed decision. Special thanks, once again, to Jingle Mining for providing this amazing miner for review.

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  1. Man idk how slow people are but man no one has Logic and common sense.
    It's so many holes in this.
    Let's just let fools buy it and go from their
    But still good review

  2. The only thing is: do you believe it can run 16 months (the time of pay-back at the moment) without issue ? It only cover "6 months non-human faults".

  3. In America its 6997$ in europe its $12000 😀 its not even made in USA, china really love to milk Europeans. Also its 5gb, so by august it can not mine ETH, if the merge delayed to december.

  4. The reason there’s only four fans in the front and five in the back is for slower cold intake and fast exhaust. How must ASICS work. But good video buddy. They must not of been able to limit the speed of the fans for some reason

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