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Welcome to Hobbyist Miner Channel

Hello, all miners out there and welcome back to the Hobbyist Miner Channel. Today, we are introducing not just a simple upgrade but a complete revamp of our brand image with a new logo. This new design is replete with computer and Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) parts, paying homage to our authentic mining roots.

A Fun Event for Crypto Content Creators

We are excitingly taking part in a fun event in the crypto mining community: the Community Tuber 500 Community t-shirt event. This event has garnered the participation of around ten different content creators within the YouTube space for mining. Working together, we’ve put together 500 t-shirts accessible for purchase for this morning.

Custom T-shirt Designs

Notably, these are not ordinary designs. All shirts are custom designs, including this brand new limited-edition “Rambo” style hobbyist miner design. These designs were a collaborative effort by Django and his brother, and feature many unique and jazzed-up logos of different YouTubers.

Massive Hardware Giveaways

As the fun event isn’t just about selling t-shirts, we have also planned to give away a wealth of hardware gear. Think GPU’s, frames, motherboards, revtech boards, and much more. These rewards are thanks to our collective efforts to make this event even more thrilling for our viewers.

How to Participate

Anyone can enter this event entirely free, and purchasing t-shirts is not obligatory. The benefit of purchasing one of our t-shirts is that it gives you 50 additional entries via a secret code. Whether you’re interested in the t-shirts or just the chance at winning the grand prize, you’re sure to gain something by participating.

Event Details

This massive event will be running only until the end of November, so make sure to hop on our website and check out all the cool designs we have to offer. The prizes are vast and the odds are in your favor.

Browse our T-shirts Collection

Our collection, available on crypte.com, includes t-shirts from different YouTubers including Django’s t-shirt, GPU risers t-shirt, Hawk’s crypto mining t-shirt, Serpent X’s t-shirt, Red Panda’s mining t-shirt, and many more. Hobbyist fans will appreciate the Hobbyist Miner t-shirt, armed with computer parts and fans mimicking an AK and a bazooka, courtesy of Django’s astonishing designs.

The 500 Community Giveaway

As only a limited number are available, make sure to place an order for your favorite YouTuber’s shirts as soon as possible. You can also enter our giveaway entirely for free. Buying a t-shirt will get you a secret code that unlocks many more entries. Each t-shirt purchase will be worth 50 entries.

How to Enter the Community Giveaway

Entering the giveaway is straightforward. Once you have a secret code from a t-shirt purchase, you use it on the gleam.io, where you will unlock your additional entries. The giveaway runs from November 1st through November 29th.

Join Now

Whether you decide to buy a t-shirt for the additional entries or join for free, we encourage you to enter. It’s an excellent opportunity to win cool hardware equipment or show off your favorite crypto t-shirt. Visit our website today for a chance to participate in the Community Crypto Tuber 500 Giveaway. All links are provided below for easy access. Good luck to all participants!

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  1. Before doing a bs promo you should learn what you're trying to schill. So since the merge you're not making any loot so now you guys are running a raffle!?!? Lmfao

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