Generating Passive Income with Crypto: A Modern Investment Approach

passive income with crypto

Introduction to Buybit’s Cryptocurrency Trading Platform

If you have been seeking a cryptocurrency trading platform that makes buying, selling and trading cryptos as easy as A, B, C, then you are right where you ought to be. Sponsored by, this platform has you covered, and you can get started in no time.

With BuyBit, crypto mining enthusiasts now have a user-friendly, fast and reliable platform to transfer their mined crypto to and liquidate it quickly, effectively, and on the go. So, in any situation where you need to purchase cryptocurrency with a credit card or debit card, BuyBit is at your service.

Catering to Cryptocurrency Traders

Where are my crypto traders at? BuyBit has a range of features for spot trading, margin trading, copy trading, and trading bots. With these offerings, your trading will be far more manageable and efficient, thereby making your trading experience seamless and profitable.

So here’s the deal, if you deposit one hundred dollars with BuyBit, you stand a chance of receiving an extra 20 USDT. So why not check out BuyBit today via the link in the video description and start on this journey of cryptocurrency trading.

Guest Star Appearance – 2nd TL Mining

In today’s session, we are excited to feature a great mind in the crypto mining world, wealth of knowledge, and Flux node connoisseur, commonly known as 2nd TL Mining. He is not just a content creator, but a home crypto miner who is very familiar with Flux nodes and is passionate about the project.

Today, 2nd TL Mining will share insights on Flux nodes and the key pain points, benefits, best practices and provide everyone with the opportunity to learn about crypto mining.

Introduction to Flux Nodes

Flux Nodes are a fantastic opportunity to earn returns on your crypto wallet investments. Just imagine having as little as 1,000 Flux in your wallet either mine or acquired, sitting there not generating anything for you. But by setting up a flux node, you can easily turn your wallet’s balance into a working tool, thereby earning you significant returns in no time.

Essentially, Flux Nodes allows you to use the mining hardware you have available and your mining skills to achieve high returns on your investment. This is particularly true if you choose to host your Flux Nodes from home, reaping the best returns on your wallet balance.

Flux Nodes Provides High Returns on Investments

With Flux Nodes, you are investing in an avenue to continuously generate a return on your investment. If you are a Hodler, then setting up a Flux node will mean more for you. One unique aspect is that you can turn up a Flux Node today and then retrieve your Flux back instantly if decided otherwise one week later. This quick and easy accessibility to your funds make Flux a unique and beneficial project to consider.

Running a Flux Node at Home

Running a Flux Node from your home does not necessarily mean you need to host it from your place physically. Instead, you can host your node from a VPS, a standard Windows computer, a server, or even a Raspberry Pi.

Having tried all these options, 2nd TL Mining asserts that there isn’t any one better than the other. It all depends on your specific situation and the kind of server you prefer to use.

Challenges of Running Home Flux Nodes

Flux Nodes are not all sweet; they come with their fair share of challenges too. Upkeep time is a significant hurdle to contend with while managing Flux Nodes. This is because Flux nodes do not work like typical mining activities that payout as soon as block gets hit. Flux works with a queue system, so payments are only made when you reach the front of the queue.

So, considering you have to ensure your node’s uptime and remain online 24/7, you can imagine the downside when there is a power outage or when your site goes off due to network hitches. In such an event, you risk going to the back of the queue and have to start all over, which can be really frustrating.

Additionally, running a home Flux Node has a considerably high skill ceiling. It’s not just a plug-and-play system. Hence, if you lack the technical know-how, setting up and running a Flux Node at home can be pretty cumbersome.

Alternatives to Home Flux Node Hosting

Yes, setting up Flux Nodes at home can be a significant task to handle, but alternatives can offer a reprieve. For example, Titan nodes simplify things as they are hosted nodes that provide a staking mechanism for the Flux project.

Another viable option is setting up your flux nodes on a Virtual Private Server (VPS). This offers you the flexibility to host nodes anywhere without the pain of physically managing the system 24/7. The only task here is to maintain the server, and with various options like Host My Flux, they can handle that for you, thereby reducing the stress and increasing the returns.

Finally, remember that the goal isn’t to make the process complex but to find ways to turn your crypto wallet balance into a money-machine for you. Through Buybit and by setting up Flux Nodes, you can make that possible. So, take your time, go through the video and website links provided, and give it a shot!


While the cryptocurrency world presents numerous financial opportunities, BuyBit and Flux nodes offer a simplified and effective system to maximize profits. Thanks to 2nd TL Mining for shedding light on running and managing Flux nodes and navigating the challenges that come with it.

Remember, it’s all about finding the best strategies to let your crypto investments work best for you. Happy crypto trading and mining, everyone!

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  1. Is anyone aware of a bug when trying to access Titan Share Node and getting the Error "Titan is currently in Maintenance Mode as we are updating the database."? I haven't seen anything to indicate maintenance or an expected timeline for completion and it has been about a week since I noticed this message.

  2. @2NDTL Mining, thank you so much for creating the website to monitor Flux nodes. I use it everyday and love it. Had no idea you created it. Great video!

  3. Unfortunately my internet does not have fast upload speeds so I have to host all my nodes, you do need to account for your hardware/electric or hosting cost to do a fair comparison between tiers.

  4. I had three Flux nodes up and running at home and something would always happen right before I would get a payout. The power would flicker or my Spectrum internet would go down for long enough to lose my spot in line and it was infuriating.

  5. A ssomeone who runs 8 nodes for nearly a year now, I find after electric costs and stuff its not really worth it 13-15 days is way too long to get payouts, like yesterday windows decided to do a darn update and lost 8 days worth of progress in que. The idea is sound but way too punishing for home users, with the halfing and price I'm basicially being hosting at a loss for a few months now.

  6. I've built 3. I can keep one online. I was able to keep 2 online for a while. But when adding the 3rd I ran into issues. In short UPNP sucks. It's the main reason home fluxnode operators have when running more than one. It's a requirement for running multiple flux nodes.

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