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Building a Budget Crypto Mining Rig for $500: A Comprehensive Guide

In the booming world of cryptocurrency, having a foothold in the mining industry can be a lucrative prospect. And with a budget of $500, it’s possible to build a starter crypto mining rig that can potentially grow to accommodate multiple GPUs. This guide will walk you through how to shop for hardware, plan your build, and eventually follow along with your rig’s profitability. Keep in mind that this article is tailored for those just stepping into crypto mining and unsure if they’re fully committed. So let’s dive into the world of budget crypto mining.

The Hardware Shopping List

Before we go shopping, let’s outline the components we’ll need to purchase for our mining rig. These include:

  • GPU Mining Frame
  • Motherboard
  • CPU
  • Memory
  • Power Supply
  • USB Drive or Solid-State Drive (for the Hive OS operating system)
  • GPU Risers
  • Graphics Card

Where to Shop for Hardware

When it comes to shopping, we’re going to be looking at various retailers such as Newegg, Amazon, Best Buy, Micro Center, eBay, Newegg Refurbished, Alibaba, Facebook Marketplace, and OfferUp. The goal is to find the best deals on new or used components, keeping in mind our budget of $500.

Building the $500 Crypto Mining Rig

Mining Frame

The first item on our list is the mining frame. A simple, budget-friendly GPU mining frame found on Amazon should suffice for this build. Priced at $39.99, it can fit six to eight GPUs – perfect for a beginner crypto mining rig.

Motherboard, CPU, and Memory

Next, we need a motherboard, CPU, and memory. After some local searching on Facebook Marketplace, we found a great deal: an ASRock Z97X motherboard, an Intel Core i5 4690K CPU, and a PNY 8GB DDR3 1600 MHz memory stick – all for $150. Keep in mind the compatibility (LGA socket 1150) when purchasing these components together.

CPU Cooler

For the CPU cooler, the Arctic Alpine 12 is a budget-friendly choice at $12.99 on Amazon. This small cooler will keep the CPU cool while not breaking the bank.

Operating System Storage

To cut costs, we’re going to use a 16GB USB drive for Hive OS installation instead of a solid-state drive. A SanDisk 16GB USB drive can be purchased on Amazon for $6.80, bringing the total price of the rig components so far to $210.

GPU Risers and Graphics Card

For the GPU risers, head to Amazon and find a single riser that fits your needs. Look for one with multiple capacitors, LED indicators, a reinforced PCI slot, and a PCI power input. We found one for approximately $9.

Now, for the graphics card, we secured an MSI GTX 1660 Ti Overclock (6GB) off Facebook Marketplace. This card is powerful enough to mine Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies with large DAG file algorithms. The price of this card may vary, but we were able to get it within our budget to bring the total cost of the rig components to just under $500.

Power Supply

Finally, for powering our rig, we chose an EVGA 460W power supply from Amazon for $43. This should provide enough power for our single GPU rig as we start our crypto mining journey.

Preparing for Future Expansion

The hardware chosen for this budget rig not only allows us to begin crypto mining but also leaves room for potential expansion. If we plan to add more GPUs in the future, we have prepared by purchasing a motherboard with multiple PCI slots, a frame that can accommodate multiple GPUs, and a power supply with enough wattage to support additional GPUs.


With a $500 budget, one can indeed build a starter crypto mining rig. This rig is perfect for those just stepping into the crypto mining scene, unsure if they’re ready to fully commit. By collecting the right components and keeping future expansion in mind, it’s possible to enter the crypto mining space without breaking the bank. Happy mining!

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    🔸GPU Mining Frame: https://geni.us/MS8wYJ

    🔸Motherboard: https://geni.us/MotherboardSearch

    (Originally found on Facebook Marketplace)

    🔸CPU: https://geni.us/CPUSearch

    (Originally found on Facebook Marketplace)

    🔸Memory: https://geni.us/MemorySearch1600

    (Originally found on Facebook Marketplace)

    🔸CPU Cooler: https://geni.us/ArcticAirCPUCooler

    🔸Power Supply: https://geni.us/EVGA460PSU

    🔸USB ThumbDrive: https://geni.us/USBThumbDrive

    🔸GPU Riser: https://geni.us/SingleGPURiser

    🔸Graphics Card: https://geni.us/GTX1660TISearch

    (Originally found on Facebook Marketplace)

    🔸Voltage Meter for Checking Watt Consumption: https://geni.us/KillaWattMeter

    🔸Kuman 7 Inch Touch Screen: https://geni.us/Kuman7InchScreen

  2. Hi. I really appreciate this video. I'm very new to mining and consider my self tech literate but definitely not techy. This video series is exactly what I needed to reduce the intimidation factor I feel in trying to go through the learning curve and see if I can actually become a minor. My question to you is how much time do you spend weekly on maintenance, checking on power usage, profitability, making changes…etc.? I have a family and other demands in my life so I want to get an idea of how much time this mining adventure will demand of me. Thank you again. You have helped a lot of people like me though these videos.

  3. Your a champion HM, I know a fair bit or enough lol but I am useless at tying it all together in one organized structured format. You my man, are the secret ingredient. You even use the word structure. I stopped asking you questions because the more videos I watch of your builds the more they get answered anyway. Previously I've said before my inability to get into mining sooner was actually a good thing, especially budget wise. You did a tremendous job on showing people how to enter into something with minimal cost and risk, Kudos bro, keep up the good work. I'll still continue to comment from the family farm downunder in what I hope to be the beginnings of bigger build, but because there is few people out here, I speak overly frequently on here! I think all the time learning was well spent last couple years, from machines to sheds to solar you fellas have all bases covered. Time for Part 2 and 3 😉

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