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Staking 2000 Flux in a Flux Titan Node: A Five-Months Update

Ever wondered how much you can earn by staking Flux in a Titan node? In this article, we will discuss my experience with staking 2000 Flux in a Flux Titan node for five months and the rewards I earned from it.

What is a Flux Titan Node?

For those of you who are not familiar with Flux nodes, they are essentially a way for individuals or groups to contribute to the Flux ecosystem, help secure the network, and earn rewards for doing so. You can set up your own Flux node using a Raspberry Pi, a mini PC, a server, or a VPS. However, not everyone has the infrastructure or resources to run their own Flux node at home.

Flux Titan nodes were introduced as a solution for individuals who may not have the upload capacity or resources available to host their own Flux node. Instead of hosting and managing your own node, you can stake your Flux with a Titan node, which is essentially a shared node setup and managed by the Flux team. This guarantees you a certain return on your investment (in the form of Flux rewards) depending on the length of your staking commitment.

My 2000 Flux Staking Journey with a Titan Node

I initially staked 2000 Flux in a Titan node back in July, when Titan nodes were first introduced. The nodes were very popular, leading to a swift increase in the number of Flux staked in Titan nodes. As of writing, there are 105 Titan nodes available for staking, and 4.2 million Flux has been staked into them.

When I first started, I chose a 12-month staking commitment, which guaranteed an 8.82% APR on my investment. This has since decreased to 6.71%, so I was fortunate to start my staking journey when the returns were higher. In the five months since I started staking, I have earned 63.36 Flux, which was higher than the 55.9 Flux I expected based on the 11.18 Flux per month estimation.

Breaking Down My Staking Rewards

To better understand my earnings, let’s break down my staking rewards per day. I earned 63.36 Flux over 162 days, which amounts to roughly 0.39 Flux earned per day. If we multiply this daily earnings rate by 365 days, we get a total expected return of 142 Flux by the end of the year.

Using Flux Titan Nodes for Passive Income

Staking Flux in a Titan node is an excellent way to earn passive income while supporting the Flux ecosystem. Instead of letting your Flux sit idle in your wallet, you can put it to work by staking it with a Flux Titan node. You also have the option to redeem your rewards at any time, so your Flux is not locked away from you for the entire staking period.

However, keep in mind that the amount of Flux available for staking is limited. Sometimes, you may find that too much Flux has been staked, and you have to wait for more nodes to be made available before you can stake your Flux.

Final Thoughts and Future Plans

Staking 2000 Flux in a Titan node has been a rewarding venture for me, but I now face some decisions. Do I stake more Flux now, despite the lower APR? Do I wait until my current staking commitment ends and reinvest then? Or do I simply enjoy the passive income provided by my current investment?

Regardless of my future decisions, I am pleased with the returns I have earned so far and believe that Flux Titan nodes offer a great opportunity for passive income and supporting the Flux ecosystem. If you are interested in staking Flux in a Titan node, do your research and be prepared for a limited staking capacity that may require some patience. Good luck on your staking journey!

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About the Author: Mike Izzo


  1. I have been running a cumulus for about 4 months now, just used an old computer to run it. It's pretty much set it and forget it, probably one of the easiest nodes to run on your own.

  2. OMG – Hey man stop being such a FLUX FANBOY. FLUX is a good project – no doubt – but when it comes to make more FLUX out of the FLUX you have, better look into trading bots. Even the K$$$in BOT makes more flux in 3 month than a titan a year. And if FLUX pumps you press Exit and sell within seconds for FLUX/USDT/or both 🙂 The truth is that the Flux rewards suck compared to what you invest … especially if you decide to run your own hardware … other than that keep up the good work. 🙂

  3. Some facts: You can stake in titan from as litte as 50 flux. The rewards are changing each time a new Stratus node is deployed, because a titan node is a Stratus node, hence the 40000 flux/node. And of course, the rewards will follow the halving.

  4. A cumulus node is making $8 a month right now and is completely unprofitable unless you run it and manage it yourself and even then barely depending on power and internet fees. Let’s not even get into how unprofitable mining flux is. Flux is in the dumper which is sad because flux is the one coin I am most excited about for the future.

  5. I have three Titan stakes. They expire at the end of January and I should have enough to keep running my cumulous on a RasPi at home (comcast barely meets the upload) and fire up a nimbus on Hostnodes (most likely). It would be nice if the PA snapshot drops by then too

  6. I have only one cumulus node that is paying me 11.45 Flux per month. Seems like it is more profitable to set up your own node than to stake flux on a titan node.

  7. For some reason I'm not getting 5%+ for my titan node. I staked 1000 flux and got 16.38 flux. 1100 flux got me 18.09 flux. I only go 90 days with my stake and I'm currently waiting for the next stake to expire in January. For this one I staked 1300 flux and it currently looks like I will get 48 flux which is closer to 5% but still not impressive when you think that a cumulus node yields roughly 11 flux per month for 33 flux for the same time frame. I'm going to give this one more stake period of 30 days but right now I don't see why I would stake vs. node considering one locks your flux and the other requires hardwire.

  8. Doesn't it make sense to run a titan now halving is coming up? If Stratus is at 12% return now that will change to 6% so staking now would give a better return than running a Stratus. Am I missing something here?

  9. On my second cumulus node now, 1000 flux generates around 20 flux income. Goal is to upgrade to next tier.
    I run both on cheap mini pcs from eBay

  10. i have around 3000 flux now since merge been on and off mining it. i thought of doing this node but didnt gave me enough earings to me to lock my flux in there. Realistically i wont sell my flux untill i see the last years all time high figure as i dont need the money, but the only problem with this staking system is the VALUE OF FLUX. if flux is around the similar value as Ergo then you are talking this is a good investment to lock your flux there, but for me for now i dont really know if i would. i guess the more people stake the little the rewards will be. The question is would you earn more if you do your own flux node? or the same with titan note.

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