Crypto Mining Farm at Apartment | January 2020 Update

but let's check out my GPU mining farm
at my apartment now this is a January update video and I'm gonna go remind
mining rigs my CP rigged the temperature electricity and the sound as well now I
highly recommend you to watch this from the very beginning through the very end
in order to get the full picture of a mining farm at an apartment well thanks
for tuning in this is the lack of a miner okay so this is my mining farm at my
apartment now I have six mining rigs here as you can see and four of them is
in this hydroponic tent now I do want to mention that I do have a fixed
electricity cost here and if you've been following my channel I had this setup
for over two years we are in the month of January in this winter so it's
freezing outside my setup will be different in the summer but I'll have
another update video at that time so let's check this out okay so first check out the temperature
it averages around 87 degrees Fahrenheit and if you did want to convert that it
will be around 30 degrees Celsius but the temperature does range from 85 to 90
degrees Fahrenheit depending on the temperature outside so checking out my
mining farm I do have six mining rigs here now this first mining rig up here is my
H GPU 1080 mining rig and as of today it's mining Greenpoint down here is a six GPU rx 570 mining
rate and this mining rig is mining at the area now swinging over here this is my six
GPU Vega mining rig and this mining rig is mining Iberia and down here is a 60 PU Nix mining rig
it has a 1070 at 1080 a 1080p I to Star Wars Titan X piece and a r-tx 2080 in
this mining rig is my name Greenpoint now over here is a five GPU mining rig
but I'll swap in and out GPUs for testings that if needed but as of right
now this mining rig has 210 70s a 1070 TI a Radeon seven and the RX 5700 XT
anniversary edition and this mining rig is mining ethereum and last but not least this is my eighth
GPU 1070 mining rig and this mining rig is also mining ethereum now I do have this small setup right
here if I need to access my mining rigs physically but I do access all my mining
rigs remotely with Google remote desktop but when useful to will I have is this
KVM switch that allows me to connect for mining rigs to a monitor so let's check
this out now check out my fans I do have four
fans blowing the hot air into the living room I did remove the exhaust because
it's winter but I'll install the exhaust back singing this summer and down here is my Ethernet switch or
my mining leads now check out the power
I do have 50 amps I can use at my apartment so I did hit on my electrician
and he did check everything out and he said I'm safe and good to go so I always
recommend to hit up a professional to check things out well let's go ahead and
remove the electrical panel cover to measure the power okay so if you measure the power I'm
gonna go ahead and use this clamp meter now this is extremely dangerous so do
not do this at all if you are not training so measuring this first water
I'm averaging around 32 amps now measuring this second wire I'm
averaging around 38 amps so I'm well below using 80% of my power now let's check out how loud my mining
farm is so right next to my mining farm I'm averaging around 72 decibels
but let's check this out so pulling up the decibel scale at 72
decibels it's in between a conversation in city traffic now about five feet away
from my mining farm the sound is not too bad I'm averaging around 60 decibels so
let's check this out so pulling back up the decibel scale at
60 decibels it's as loud as in air-conditioned unit okay so now let's
check out the temperature of my mining farm in the GPS with this heat gun okay so I do also have my gaming
computer my cpu rig and my test bench at my apartment so first check out my
gaming computer the GPU is a RT X 28 Ti now for the CPU rig I do have a rise in
9 3900 ex mining Manero and for the GPU this is a gtx 1660 super and this is my
test bench and the GPU in here is a rx 580 and last but not least I did bring a
mining rig from my other mining farm location I just brought this rig to do
some maintenance and some cleanup but it's going to go back to my other of
mining farm for location and this is a 6 GPU rx 580 mining rig and this mining
rig is going to mine at their you all right so thanks for checking out my
January update of my mining farm at my apartment and check out my previous
video of my other mining farm at my condo I'll have an update video soon of
my other mining farm location so stay tuned ok so hope you enjoyed this video
thumbs if you enjoyed it sub if study see what's next but of course thanks for
watching and always happy mine

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